What Is Demonic Oppression? -The Bridge Between Haunting And Possession.

What Is Demonic Oppression? In this episode we discuss the three major stages of possession. Are you hearing bumps in the night or voices that aren't there? Are you besieged by tragedy and a string of unfortunate events? It could be a Demonic Oppression... And we tell you what you can do about it. Check it out! #demonic#possession#ouijaboard

- What are the 3 stages of Demonic Activity?

- What are the doorways for Demonic Activity?

- What are the signs of a Demonic Infestation?

- What are the signs of Demonic Oppression?

- How can you fight back?

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hello everyone and welcome to the gab and the crab paranormal podcast the gab in the crab paranormal podcastis a show that is dedicated to paranormal phenomena we explore the unexplained in an attemptto make sense of events stories and incidents that defy logic and reasonwe cover a wide range of topics from the supernatural to the metaphysicalplease follow along with us on our journey into the unknown some of the stories you may recognizeothers you'll be hearing for the first time we have a range of interviews and guests for you to meet along our way is it realor is it all made up we'll let you decide welcome[Music]hello everyone welcome to the gab and the crab paranormal podcast my name is brian my name is julie b and we are thegab and the crab and uh today we are going to talk about something that kind of branches off of last week'sepisode about ouija boards yes uh we're going to be talking about demonic oppression yep so i had never heard ofsuch a thing until we asked reddit some scary stories about uh ouija boardsand a person was nice enough to write in their story and they then they mentioned demonic oppression which really kind ofcaught my attention so we decided to do an episode about it today yes but before we get started i'd invite you guys tocheck us out on all of our social media you can check us out on our facebook page please makesure to like and share uh check us out on our youtube channel where we upload all of our videos makesure to like share and subscribe there to uh our podcast you can find us on apple podcast you can find us on spotifyplease make sure to um subscribe and then um as of course my favorite isinstagram it's my favorite place to go you're an instagram guy i'm trying to get into instagramyeah it's it's hard to have too many hardcore political opinions with just a picture of a carthat's very true very very true i don't want to hear about you i don't want to hear it just show me your your 1974pickup truck all right is that your christmas list this year that's it that's all that's on it okay guys let'sget this going so we can get him a ford so demonic oppression um was a term likei said that came up in last week's episode talking about ouija boards and the story went that umthis lady was using a ouija board she came under some duress uh discovered demonic oppression and then um ended upkicking it but um so let's go ahead and start there we'll read the storybut read the story about what happened so according tothis reddit user um the story goes that over 10 years ago she was in a bad place mentally she's afirm believer in the occult and believe in a higher power ghost in the supernatural says at the time she collected a fewouija boards and was really into trying to speak with the dead after several months of feeling like she was a mediumshe was starting to feel a little bit off uh she was having horrendous thoughts that were very out of characterfor her thoughts of suicide rape murder torture to name some of the tamer imaginings she was having wowit got so bad that her hands were bleeding because she couldn't stop washing them the guilt she felt from these thoughtswas taking her over and she thought she was going insane it was at this point she knew she knew she needed to have aconversation about what was happening so she told her mom about everything that was going on and she went to see adoctor they began to start researching ocd and the effects of it soa week or so after she confided in her mom and the family doctor she was she was really scared of beingum labeled mentally ill so she nervously told the doctor everything that had happened and he gave her aprescription for prozac and recommended for her to see a shrink umso she tells her mom that she's on her her road to recovery so she is into theoccult she's into spiritualism um she's into talking to the afterlifeand she starts collecting and using ouija boards and she's been using these things for a while to speak with who shepresumes are you know not evil spirits but just spirits in generalshe's convinced she can talk to the dead well so here's kind of what i'm wondering is where is she picking up these bg boards from well getting themfrom you know um like secondhand stores please don't do that you know what i meanis it because i mean now you're opening up someone else's portal that they were using and now it's you know it's likehey here here's my open doorway it's like hey how about no so right and then but that's where we'rekind of at the story is that she is has been playing with these ouija boards and using them and all of a sudden all ofthese you know kind of terrible things start to befaller and she's guarding she's getting diagnosed with ocd andschizophrenia and stuff like that and being given medications soum she says that after a few days later though she received her diagnosiswhile researching some stuff about ouija boards and trying to take her mind off the things um that were going on she came across anarticle about something called demonic oppression and holy cow she says that's not what she says butshe says that was her that was the definition of what was happening to her her symptoms were all on par with what the article wasreferencing basically it is the idea of not being possessed um and having a demon in you but the idea of one beingaround and trying to bring you down as much as possible it can lead to it and that can lead to demonic possessionand the number one route uh cause believe to entice a negative energy to harass you is playing withouija boards so she began to research how to get rid of the hypothetical oppression uh andfirst it says get rid of your ouija boards and make sure to dispose of them correctly yeah so she began to do so shebroke the board and separated all the pieces making sure the pieces never touched and disposed uh of the planchetthe hand and that's actually yep uh in a different areaso she put all the separate bags and sat in the garbage for a day or so um and this is where it gets reallyinteresting again so garbage day rolls around and i hear the truck outside uh around the corner making it stopsso she forgot that she had to take out the cat box to empty the cat box with the kitty litter so she run downstairsand heads for the door and her she says my dad stops me at the bottom of the stairs and proceeds to mock me forhaving to clean up cat poop i ignore him not making eye contact as he was annoying me and full on laughing at meat this point wow i dart past and throw the poop into our bin to see the ouija board bags puttingbeing put into the garbage truck when i enter the house again it's quiet i yelled at my dad and no one answers 15seconds go by my mom comes comes home from work she says hi and i ask her where dad went she tells me he hasn'tbeen home yet from work and that he's had something to pick up on the way home from the grocery from the grocery storei tell her she he must have forgot to stop on the way home because i just spoke with him like two minutes agoshe said that's impossible because she was just talking to him on the phone oh so she says i run to the phone to callhim and sure enough he's still at the amp and he is totally confused with what i'm talking about i hang up in complete shock uh no oneelse was home and 100 looked and sounded like my dad soyes so according to the story umsomebody that looked like her dad was there mocking her so i had some interaction with her on umthe board okay and you're able to talk to her a little bit more and kind of get some moreinformation from her yeah so this is like an actual so this is an actual person yes it's not just some like random likenot an ai bot i hope if this is what's coming out ofai bots we got a whole nother i think this is cheap yeah this is pretty spot-on so uh very valid i asked her isaid so tell me a little bit more about you know what you your dad and what happened yeahand you know was anything out of the ordinary you know did it look like him and all the rest of it and she said um when i walked past himhe was saying something along the lines of always cleaning up after that stupid effing cat always having to be a slaveto it he was also laughing and i asked her if that was normal and she said it was totally out of characterfor my dad because he would have jumped in front of a moving car to save that cat oh my gosh sothat's what really kind of piqued my my interest or our interest about this and decided to find out okay so whatexactly is a demonic oppression not really you don't really hear that too much no you don't and soand i'm even kind of curious to see how the cat was acting towards whatever entity or energy was in that housebecause animals and cats are usually pretty spot on that if the cat was near it if it wasaway from it or kind of behavior this is literally just my brain kind of wondering what's going on yeah i mean maybe the cat wasfreaking out i would maybe it was pooping its brains out in the kitty box that's why [Laughter]oh man but uh in doing some research so the best kindof ways to do this is when it's something somebody's already done this before and this is a movie uh called theconjuring i'm not sure if you guys have ever seen it but it's actually pretty scary it's absolutely terrifying and ed and lorraine warren our actualum real life i believe lorraine had already passed um but they arereal life um or they were um exorcisms or they were specializing inremoving this sort of demonic activity so they were very very well known for the profession and they were like theywere sought after yeah like the original rock star paranormal investigators exactly yep so they describe in themovie what um it's the uh st different stages ofpossession and here we go here make sure this is turned upjust to the three stages of demonic activity infestation oppression and possession infestation that's that's thewhispering the footsteps the feeling of another presence which ultimately grows into oppression the second stageand this is where the victim and it's usually the one who's the most psychologically vulnerable is targeted specifically by an external force breaksthe victim down crushes their will and once in a weakened state leads themto the third and final stage possession whoa soyou know even though it's a movie um that's exactly as described rightso you know and if you remember back to thestory that the lady wrote in on reddit that she started playing with these ouija boards right and then um all of asudden she started in with these you know really um horrible thoughts right you know thatwere bringing her down and then it was starting to have horrible dreams of just like the worst type of stuff which thenstarted to manifest itself into her you know just chronically washing her hands you know and rubbing them wrought andthen so that is that ties right in line with the infestation and the um oppressionpart of it i mean there it is i mean you can't you know and when she was getting thesebg boards she had the intent to speak with the dead with those in spiritso and to kind of illustrate a little more we have some articles here that so according tonewport ri.com i'm assuming that means newport rhode island i'm hoping so there are four degrees of demonicpossession and uh so it says possession doesn't happen overnight it's a process and italways requires an open door like playing with ouija boards attending or conducting seances evengoing on a ghost hunt with friends so no matter how innocent one's intentions dark spirits can take advantage of suchopportunities so and according to father gabriel gabriel amorth the chief exorcist ofrome uh he identified the following stages of demonic activity okayso stage one is infestation and this is the haunted house type stuff footsteps voices apparitions furnitureother objects moving without human agency odors with no discernible source rather than directly affecting peopleinfestations affect only property objects or even animals stage two is oppression and the activitysteps up with physical attacks sleep disturbances including regular nightmares frequent and severe illnessmajor depression or anxiety severe financial or employment problems and relationship troublesit says while these things happen in the normal course of life all of them happening at once or in rapid successioncould be a sign of a demonic presence stage three obsession and as the nameimplies at this stage the afflicted person has a hard time functioning being constantly preoccupied with thoughts ofthe demonic activity commandeering his or her life and frequently with thoughts of suicideas well sleep becomes nearly impossible so the good news is all three of those stages can be addressed by a competentdeliverance minister however the last stage is reserved for an official exorcist i think that's really importantto know i don't think a lot of people realize that there's still hope even if you feel like there's something like this going onum if you know you just need what i'd say what kind of minister deliverance a deliverance and actually i spoke with umthe archdiocese over here in phoenix today and that was something that they were saying that i need to get a hold of with the work is to find someone thatdoes practice deliverance and then also um with exorcism so you can certainly go to your church andfind out if that is something that you feel is necessary well if you feel like you're going through this i would highlyrecommend it i would so the fourth is possession okay and this is contrary to popular beliefpossession is not demons entering a person's body and taking over his or her soul a person's free will is never removedonly severely compromised in possession a person is so physically emotionally mentally and spiritually broken down bygoing through the other three stages that demonic spirits are able to seize occasional control over that person'sactivities so and it says that the telltale signs are superhuman strengthspeaking in a language the victim doesn't know inordinate aversion to holy objectsknowledge of events or facts the victim could not possibly know and according to theexorcist gary thomas it says changes in facial features as well so some things to look out for thatis um yeah i like that it says telltale signsdo not include 360 head spins and a lot of what you know and this is true i would i would i would argue that pointyou would if somebody's head spins around and p sub starts coming out that is probably a definite sign of positionyes i mean well it says does not include so it could include it oh so it's not okay iget you yeah so you know but but when we look in hollywood all it's showing is you knowcrawling up the wall again things i don't want to seeso and then another article here kind of gives up another really good description of what's goingon is this is the madisoncatholicherold.orgso again we start with infestation the most common level so infestation the most common level isdefined as the presence of demonic activity in a certain location or or upon a certain objectfor example in a given room or house one might hear laughter or screams smell the stench of rotting garbage feel thetemperature of the room drop or see the appearance of blood or urine on the walls whoa this might be accompanied bythe movement of objects such as pictures that fall off the walls or books that fly around the room this is depicted in the us as depictedin the film so and yeah and this is the film of the right the right which actually was pretty good that's actually so the thepriest that you just mentioned um he was actually he wrote a whole bunch of stuff for the movieoh wow so they were actually like affiliated yep and then says the second stage obsession so it's the attack on the mind of thevictim so obsession the second level of extraordinary demonic activity is an intense and persistent attack on themind of the victim it is the pr is the presence of absurd random and obsessive thoughts from which the victim isincapable of freeing himself so that ties right in with what that lady wrote in on that reddit yeah youknow absolutely having these chronic constant thoughts of these like horrible things you know and overwhelming guiltright and you can definitely tell you know if you're not someone that thinks like that and then all of a sudden these things start kind of occurringyou know it's kind of wondering like where is this kind of coming from well when he brought that up so the victim may have thoughts of harming himself orothers and profane profaning the eucharist or other sacred objectsum or of forming a pact of satan to obtain worldly power and successso the most common cause of obsession is usually the victim's own participation in the occult or interaction with thedemonic realm in these situations the victim and those close to him may think he's becoming insane and thus true prudence isnecessary so and then the second another stage of oppression is the actual physical attackum so they go on to talk about the physical attack and the effective i'm sorry afflicted individualless common than the previous two the type of demonic activity will always entail some kind of visible manifestation such as bruises scratchesor markings then we go on to possession which is control over thebody so possession the final level of demonic activity occurs when a demon takes temporary control over a person'sphysical body uh as can be seen it says throughout the film this happens not perpetually but during moments of crisis when the demonmanifests itself through the person and sometimes through the appearances of additional creatures such as insects or reptilesso yeah so i guess the the whole process herewith demonic oppression and i thought this was really good because it's like um everybody talks about infect you knowinfestation but they don't know by the other term that it's called which iscalled a haunting like a haunted house you know it's like you know oh i hear footsteps on the on the hallway down thehallway i hear knocking on the doors you know something keeps knocking the pictures off the wall you know butthey're not making the connection that you know this is an infestation right you know and then everybody everybodyknows about possessions everybody's seen the exorcist everybody's seen these other movies and they know about youknow how a demon supposedly takes over a person's body right but there's a whole middlepart in there that gets completely glossed over and i think has a lot of merit umin everyday life you know it's just maybe called a different name it's understood as being something thatum we haven't really put our finger on yet or haven't really identified you know it's like if you're having you knoweverybody can everybody knows somebody who's had like just like a cascade of events thatbrought him down like this really negative you know downward spiral i mean i'm sure a lot of everybody listening tothis has probably had something like that happen to him like they just you just don't seem like you can catch a break yeahand it's just you know one thing after another and that kind of thing um and am i saying all of it's demonicoppression no but i'm saying that it's like it's you start reading this stuff and it's like this is what they're talking aboutyou know yeah i definitely think that there is a correlation with it you know and there are things that are haunted you know there are places in hotelswe've heard stories i've seen them like we know we've experienced them um you know but i think there's alsokind of a little bit of a fine line of you know what isa haunt from an actual you know dark demonologyversus um you know and i might be kind ofon the opposite side of this but almost you know to where yeah it's an old person who lived in this home forever and this is kind of just the residualactivity because we've heard those terms of like was it you know i mean those kind of bumps and everything else but i think when there's an actualphysical attack or a spiritual attack on the person then you know that you're kind of crossing that line fromyeah this is just not a normal house or haunted house but this is actual demonic possession oppression theinfestation all of those stages yeah i think we're going to get into here in the next couple of sectionsthey really talk about how a haunting versus an infestation i guessthat's the that's a good line of delineation when you talk about like you know somebody's spirit's just left overhere you know you might hear footsteps and it's always like the maybe i think the telltale sign would be if it's like the same kind of activity you know it'slike you always hear footsteps going down the hallway or music coming from a room and it's like well it was this person and this is whatthey did and it's just like kind of keeps replaying itself it's almost like they're um it is it's like a recordplayer that just keeps going and going and going so those are those are those kind of residual activities thatum you know old homes and old museums and everything else does or maybe it's a spirit who just can't leave but it'sstuck in its own pattern and a lot of times they're actually um i've i've been reading and speaking with other onesthat they're saying that they don't really want to leave they're just pretty happy content with their home and what they've built so i mean all in all it'smy stuff it's my like literally that's how they are so they couldn't take it with me so i'm staying you're like youknow what i built this place and my blood sweat and tears is in it so here we are so i guess i'm gonna stay yeahthere are there are some telltale signs of demonic though and i think the umi think one of them is that you know it seems like the activity that they're experiencingis more intentional it's more um focused on one person and it's more aggressiveyeah it's harmful and that's yeahit might not just happen in one room of the house it's it kind of follows you around where you go so okay so inspeaking of that demonology okay there is the bookcalled demonology the devil and the spirits of darkness are the devil and the spirits of darkness and this is theevil spirits section uh by michael freeze andin this book we're gonna and the first part we're gonna talk about so how does this happen so what causes aninfestation and in the booklet me move our little thing out of the way hereand in the book they talk about uh invitation and infestation souh infiltration also known as infestation involves the diabolic invasion of one who has given permissionfor the unclean spirit to enter his or her life in order for infiltration to take place a victim usually attracts the demonicspirit through some sort of invitation this law of attraction is usually found with those who have an excessivecuriosity about inhuman spirits or those who dabble with the occult in turn this invitation comes about inone of two ways through the breakdown of the human will consciously or unconsciously or the direct anddeliberate permission for the evil spirit to enter one's life through packs spells charmscommunications or conjurations wow so this period of diabolical infestationis usually associated with demonic infiltration of a home or particular environment perhaps one can think of this phase asan experience of a haunting so kind of like we were just talking about yep so it says as we've seen before the doormust be open for the negative spirit to make itself known perhaps a number of families have lived in a particular house that is infestedbut never experienced a diabolical assault um and it says why is that it says the family may have a strong faith or eachmember has well-balanced personality and strong psychological or emotional characteristics uh powerful factors thatkeep the demonic world at bay and it says demonic spirits seem to beattracted to certain types of personalities more readily than others those with mental problems such asstress depression compulsions or obsessions fears phobias suicidal tendencies etca negative aura seems to follow some individuals during a critical period of their lives likewise the family is probably a closeunit and the marriage is strong with these positive factors the diabolical spirit has a greater difficulty in overtaking anyone in the environmentrather it preys on weak sensitive and vulnerable targets so that's kind of um what i was alludingto before we got into this was that you know there's a lot of things that happen in people's lives um like i said it justhave you ever noticed that when things are going wrong for someone they tend to continue to go wrong right you knowum well that's kind of just you know almost i want to say not the law of attraction but you're you knowwhat else is going to happen you know those kind of words that you're saying you're you're almost inviting more negativity to come your way yeah italways seems like it's a downward spiral yeah um and especially people who haveyou know a lot of stress depression you know it's like these people don't always seem like they're just going outthere and and crushing it and like it always seems like there's like like the next thing is just the next anvil isgoing to drop on their head yeah you know absolutely well i mean these are people that have like a low you knowthat's what i would call it they have like a low uh frequency of energy you know it's very low it's very negativeit's very like okay what else is going to happen you know and it's almost like oh youknow and demonic spirits are literally preying on them going okay let's see what else can let's see whatelse we can do you know just kind of stoke in that fire and says during the infestation phase the negative spiritoften finds the open door through the psychological and emotional weaknesses or imbalances of the individualsuch things as hatred anger rage despair misery drunkenness and suicidal tendencies are personal impediments thatdraw the evil spirit to the one who experiences themso yeah it's and i think as we're gonna you know i'm gonna go into the next book here that wethat we looked at um it tends to say that like that vibration that low-level vibration um thatlow-level frequency is what tends to attract these kinds of beings if you're going to attract them no absolutely anda lot of times it's um you don't even know that you know a lot of times people don't even realize thatthey're doing this you know they don't understand like what's going on they're just kind of in this lull ofyou know okay here comes despair here's this is what else is going to happen it's if you guys hear me kind of mumbling you're kind of falling over mywords like i physically have a hard time saying these things because i try to steer clear of all of it especiallybecause of what i do so it's always high frequency high energy positivity you know and when i goon clients like these just recently you can definitely tell that there's just you can feel what's going on and againit is truly an open gateway of it and that's why it's really important if you are in the spiritual work if you doparanormal activity to really to its free will and it said it very in the very beginning of ourtalk was that you know we have free will i can't read anybody i'm not reading him right now um but we all have free willto allow in what we don't allow in so that's really important to know like make it known of what you will and willnot allow in your life because you do have that um you do have that availability sorry ididn't mean to go on no you're fine um that's i mean and that's exactly right is you knowthat becomes the open door i think is that you know things happen to people outside of theircontrol you know it's life and they are subject to these circumstances you know but it's all about how it's notabout you know what happens to you it's how you respond to it right and if youare chronically down about whatever's going on then it's only going to attract in more things that are of that samefrequency you know and then it just drags you further down and further down it literally just kind of piles on untilyou're not to be dark but literally six feet underbecause you know it just that's just it just it paralyzes people soum this this book looks okay so i like the idea of this book this i'm like hey we got we got some solutions here whatdo we got so this is demons behind doors uh by viola ram cassoonthat's my grandma's name viola and thenso we're talking about who attracts these things in okay and according to her it says all evil spirits of theuniverse are low vibrational beings low vibrational spirits lack love and light they don't care about other senior lifeforms they are filled with a great deal of negative feelings like fear hate lust greed envy prideuh selfishness and anger and they're driven by all these feelings so it's just like we talked about you knowit's it's if this is a real thing um you know and we talked about it too it'slike you know like attracts light and light attracts light and you're you'reattracting things at the same uh vibrational frequency that you are right so high frequency attracts highfrequency low frequency attracts low frequency and they're saying that these um dark spirits are all super lowvibrational super hateful super angry jealous spiteful all that stuff and they actually want to hurt you right oranything that they can get their hands on so anything that's that's vibrating at that frequency you know it's like alike a tracks like it's like it's like a beacon forum it is it is and i had a shaman once who i spoke with and she wassaying that white light and she does this all the time which i thought was really fascinating um white light can always gointo dark light but dark light can never go into white light because it has to raise its frequency upversus come down if that makes sense so she says in the work that she does she actually goes into the dark side to kindof see what's going on and then jumps back out into the light into the white area which i was like that'sthat's some like tom cruise mission impossible stuff that i'm like you're like suspending down and then coming right back up i'm like no we're goodso it says uh demons enjoy oppressing other beings and can oppress only those who are spiritually low vibrational likethem they can oppress those who are hateful angry statistic sadistic sociopathic psychopathic uh pedophilicselfish slanderous envious narcissistic angry lustful thieving parasiticvengeful negative slothful unforgiving uh overall restless as well as those whoworry too much and those who are compulsive liars so just like we were saying you know it's like they're kind of attracted touh that kind of energy because that's the kind of energy that they that they exude and they feed off of that rightso and one of these that really caught my eye was people who worry too muchso every everything else on that list i agree with you know if you're hateful angry sadistic if you're a pedophile uhif you're narcissistic angry parasitic all i mean i i get it you know those areall things but it's like if you worry too much um nobody ever sees that aslike a negative you know nobody ever sees that as like a real negative trait like anger or slander or sociopathy orpsychopathy right but i never really thought about the fact that if you're worrying if you're chronically worryinglike most people do if you're always under like a general like baseline of stress right that umthat's a that's a low frequency vibration that's sending a signal out there that you are under duress fromsomething and you're only going to attract that level of frequency back to yourself absolutely you know well that's kind ofthat same thing where you're going okay this is happening to me what else is going to happen to me you know it'sand that's where i tell a lot of people like you have to change change the language that you're speaking to yourself because it's not just youthat's hearing it you know it's about raising that vibration up it's like if you worry too much okay then what solutions are gonnacome up with how are you gonna get out of this one what does your next day look like um you know and even those two liststhat brian read off i thought from the previous page in this page um i'm again you guys know that i'ma horrible catholic um but you know the seven deadly sins i mean how ironic is some of thoseeverything that we read off i would even kind of compare them to those seven deadly sins of you knowum those kind of attributes of what people look for you know of theall of the you know sins that they that they listed there all the negative traits i would say the most low-key onethat um it almost gets passed off as a virtue because like if you're if you're notworried about stuff it's like oh they just don't care right oh he's not worried about nothing you know like you're not worried aboutthe economy no you're not worried about the war no you're not worried about you know you'renot worried about where your kids are i mean within reason yeah you're not worried about you know this you're not worried about right you don't want toget a full body scan check to see everything in your body to see what's going on it's like no i really don't like but not right nowoh my gosh you had you know you had to put a new transmission on your credit card aren't you worried about that nobecause no and that's but you know what i mean it's almost like a virtue to be like oh my gosh thishappened and that happened i don't know what i'm gonna do about you know what's gonna happen with my job what's gonna happen with tomorrow what about whatabout oil prices you know and granted these are things that are concerning and you should probably address butgive them their time and let it go well exactly and that's kind of why i tell a lot of my um you know i'll have someclients that will talk about this and i'll be like hey i'm like quit being a martyr you know and i don't mean tosound like that but i kind of do and i'm like you're quit laying on the sword you know being like oh i mean if you're openlaying on a sword i'm going to let you know right now a whole bunch of other things are going to be coming your way because you know all of this negativeenergy all this low frequency nonsense is going to be like ooh we got one there's a door open let's goover there and check it out let's see what else we can make this person do let's see what other things that we can createso that it all spreads around um but yeah absolutelyum yeah so be careful about those negative thoughts i guess it is but yeah that was the one that struck me was wasthe fact that worry was one of those things it's a big open door for i mean she to the point that she made a point of mentioning itso i guess uh don't indulge and worry yeah if you get to work late because you lefttoo late then there's probably a reason for it don't worry be happy you know there's there'sit can everything can always turn around so that's what kind of causes it it'sthis um either so there's there's two things that cause it uh first is an open invitation for people that actually wantto communicate with spirits so whether you're just dabbling in ouija boardismum or you are actively looking to um have some kind of a blood cult with a darkbeing then you are actively calling these things into your life um you know what might be a good episode too what iwas thinking about was doing this was um to start to relay some of these you knowmetaphysical paranormal type um explanations into the things that we seeevery day yeah things that happen to us every day it's like you know talk about stress and worry and all therest of it and open doors to dark energy you know it's like you turn on the news and it's just like an hour of straightstress you know all the things that are going to happen to you yep you know and you watch the super bowl and it's nothing but likesome kind of weird fallen angel satanic ritual you know yeah and i mean there's so much you know you findout that you know yeah jeffrey epstein is like hanging out with the mostimportant people in the world it's like what is going on what is going on here you know and i know people that do themy work and something that brian tapped in on um you know when you when youasked to speak in and i was in a um a reading with chip coffee who's verywell known and he's like people have names you know so he can he connects with those in spirit but he asks fortheir name specifically and i'm like that's actually really really smart because you're asking to speak with this specific person you knowversus you're on a ouija board and you're like hey guys who's coming through you don't know who you're contacting with and my mentor um whotaught me what i know was connects with a specific people and you know and evengoes to that so i don't believe it nope okay because it'll say right in here that the demonsare liars they'll tell you anything you want to hear very true and they mix lies with the truthi don't believe it i'm i'm against it 100 yep all rightno offense to chip coffee none at all so that's the first way is an openinvitation to these things which for some reason people are doing uh the second is through some kind oftraumatic experience in your life that just becomes a downward spiral like say like a divorce a death in the family loss ofa job you know all these things you know you start to send out this message chronic worry maybe you've justdone it for enough times and all of a sudden enough thing you know it's enough of a signal that these things start to become attracted to youand then they start to torment you so those are the two routes okay eitheryou're direct wanting contact or indirectly from something happening just the energy you're putting out you've attractedthese things into your life but there are doors and we'll talk about those doors umright now so this is back in the demonology book and it says one of the most common waysoops one of the most common ways in which demonic spirits infest a person or ahome is through the use of a ouija board although the simple game may appear to be relatively harmless it has been theopen door for diabolical infiltration in dozens of cases this is exactly what happened with the true story behind the movie the exorcistsays a 13 year old boy was using the ouija board and he became possessed so he said thatsuddenly various manifestations occurred scratching and wrapping sounds on the walls and doors bodily levitationssqueaky sounds and footsteps foul odors etc it said the ouija board began adiabolical assault that lasted for months the results being a perfect diabolical possessionsays it took 10 weeks of exorcism for before the boy was freed wow soit says here that there's nothing magical or special about the game itself actually it's just a board with an alphabet and sliding three-leggedpointer like we talked about in last episode right uh the game is used to seek messages ofspiritualistic or telepathic origin however these innocent attempts to communicate with the departed spiritsopens the doors for diabolical infestation games such as these produce the laws of attraction uh necessary forinteraction with the evil spirit once the door is open it is often difficult to stop the infiltration it sayspermission is needed only once to lead an innocent life down the path of ruinyou need only open the door once and say come on in somehow either through the thing just wearing you down or for thefact that you're saying you know you've given some kind of consent yeah so some other doorways that they say areautomatic writing yeah what's this oneit says is another activity that often invites the presence of an evil spirit a phenomenon involves a subject whowillingly allows a cooperating spirit to write messages on a piece of paper so you think that means that like you holda pen yeah and you know you say like you know give me a sign whatever and then you just start moving your hand and then itwrites a message wow you know red rum or something uma seance so this one's pretty obvious i mean a seance where you're actively trying tocall evil spirits or spirits in general that's definitely a doorway yeah and then even if you're not like the leaderof a sans if you're just like a passive participator it might get you well yeah and they caneven try and bring them in as well which is incredibly dangerousso and that's what can start to lead towards the infestation these are the more known or uh overtways to um that you're inviting these things into your life okay and then some fun factsooh so you'll know that you have opened adoorway to darkness okay so in fact the process of infestation occurs most oftenin the hours of darkness specifically between sundown and sunrise the activity is most prevalent between midnight and 3a.m the later time is especially demonic for its symbolism for it symbolizes theopposite time of 3 a.m in which our lord died on the cross i'm sorry 3 p.m i should say uh thus many involved withthe occult refer to 3 am as the high noon of demonic activity ohyeah wow so the invading spirit begins to infest a home during this particular phase of infiltration in the beginninghe deliberately chooses to hide his tracks and carry on his diabolical activity uh unsuspected this anonymityis preferred so that the evil spirit may produce fear or panic in the victim there we go again with that fear andpain causing the will to gradually break down once weakened by the diabolical assaultthe spirit of darkness increases his attacks both physically and psychologically both in duration andintensity so think about that next time you're gonna have a ouija board partyuh or don't have a ouija board party please don'tyou know this i mean this is there's so much you know there's so much that we don'tknow you guys about what's out there and what's beyond and everything else and it's justwhen you start using doorways like this i mean it's just it gets to you knowlike brian said you don't know you don't know what is coming through on the other endyeah i mean um and again it's it's expresses the bigdeal between fear and panic right you know so that's a big part of attractingnegative experience into your life you know they look for that fear and panic you know i never really thought of thatbefore and again it kind of ties back to most people i would say it's a virtue nowadays is to constantly be worryingabout everything and it's like all you're doing is inducing a low level of fear and panic all the time sobut i digress so uh back in the demon behind closed doors book so that was kind of the overtthe first part was the overt openings like ouija boards um seances automatic writing that kind ofthing um inviting a demon blood pact whatever so now we're gonna get into some of theyou know less overt uh just how you're attracting them in so um it says here that all the doors soall persons on earth experience negative thoughts feelings and desires that sometimes lead to harmful actions itsays holding on to one or more negative thoughts feelings or desires is what makes a person low vibrationalspiritually and is how persons create doors for demons to come into their lives and oppress themthere is no need to physically act uh on any negative thoughts feelings or desires for these doorways to be createdone can therefore quite easily make themselves spiritually low vibrational and vulnerable to demonsso demon enters the life of persons to the doors of uh hatred envy fear vanity lust greed pride angerlust again it says and then uh desire to steal be selfish sloth grudges beingvengeful uh spite parasitic there's that one again um harm another person for pleasure thedesire to control or manipulate other persons uh desire to have sex with animals or children which i woulddefinitely agree with and the desire to be demon-possessed or to have the company or assistance of one or moredemons wow so just like we were talking about before i mean it's it'sthe first doorways are really really obvious right you know the next ones it's like these are the ones that affect people passively they don't really thinkabout yeah well i mean and this is you know when we were talking about the hellfirecaves or um or the yeah the secret the secret club cult you know they wantedthey were inviting the devil to come in to their party you know i mean they were being hurtful to each other you know imean like all this stuff it kind of now that i me i read all this stuff after we did that episodekind of you know putting the two to two together it doesn't take that much to realize like yeah you know what there'sprobably some sort of infestation possession that was going on over there for this sort of behavior to happen well yeah i mean it definitely isdefinitely a low vibe a low negative vibe yeah you know when you're lighting servants on fire for fun exactly yepso about the last door it says that it might seem surprising and this is kind of what you were talking about it mightseem surprising that a human being would want to be possessed by a demon or to have one around there are persons whothrough rituals like blood packs or by simple invitation allow evil spirits to possess them so they can havesupernatural abilities or be mediums for these evil spirits so it says it would be foolish anddangerous to invite demons to possess you could lead to insanity and death but this last part really got me so thereare persons who through rituals like blood packs or by simple invitation allow evilspirits to possess them so they can have supernatural abilities or be mediums for these evil spirits wow and we talkedabout in one of our other episodes umit was in hoodoo in the who do magic you talk i mean once you understand what you're looking at yeah blood rituals andthe power of blood and blood magic and it's easy to laugh these things off it's really easy to laugh these things offbut it's like why were some of the most powerful people hanging out with a known witchdoing known ritual activities yeahand again maybe this is something we have to get into in another episode but i'll pull that up real quickso everybody remembers marina abramovicabramovic yes umand the stuff that she was up to spirit cooking yeahso you guys she's um you know she considers herself an artistum which fine call it as you will but you know what she was doing here on the wallsum she wrote on the walls with blood and that's a spell um and when we had researched aboutblood rituals and everything else there's a lot of umthings that go back to the very beginning of time to where this is justyeah i mean uh this is on newyorktimes.com i mean depending on whatever you think imean it's no surprise that they're defending her but um so this talks about bodily fluidsum it talks about with eucalyptus leaves which is used forherbs this is written in blood you know all the rest of it and it's like the only the thing that really makes this overtlyinteresting i mean you could call this art you know and everybody's got their own preferences and whatever you're pro you know that's fine it's up to you butthe fact that she was doing this she was talking about these and this stuff in emails to very uh powerful very powerfulum political people very wealthy political people yeah like why are they engagingin this stuff you know what and it goes back to the book like you talked about like you know it might besurprising to a lot of people to know that there are individuals who want to have contact with spirits yes they don't have contactwith dark spirits so they can channel some of that negative energy you know or they can be a medium forthem so it's just you know like i said maybe we'll have to do an episode down the road where we kind of connect the dots betweendemonic activity and the stuff that you see in everyday life you know and and people you know there'salmost this phenomenon of people wanting to connect with you know those who passed away and thosein spirit and everything else well you know i'm gonna let you know guys like it's it's pretty heavy it's really reallyheavy to do it and it's also you know like brian says you don't know who you're talking to you don't know who's on the other end andeverything else and that's why i do my work completely different umyou know and it's just there is no um there is no glamour inwhat we do the the joy that i have with my clients is giving them peace whatever it is whatever they need tohear it's that so when people are going and they want to deliberately open a channel to speak with this lowvibrational energetic beings because i'm not going to call them any more than that i meanit's just so wrong and there's there's no reason for it at all well it can't get tochurch literally can't lead to anything good no but speaking of low vibration yeah solet's look at some traits uhthat low vibe that you'll find a little bit vibrational people doing okay all right so we want to read all 51 of thembut this is subconscious servant.com and based on law of attraction an individual's vibrational frequencyrepresents everything in their life um a person's ability to live the life they want to and the overall quality ofit comes from their frequency so what they're saying there is that you know law of attraction what you put outyou get back right so these are some low vibrational traits okay low low vibrational so badnot good not positive human attracting traits yes there we go and i'm sure anybody listening you canthink of people who fit the bill on this you'd be like yeah they definitely attracted demonsthat's why that's why so much stuff is going on to them because of this energetic that they're putting out there so number one they get annoyed by happypeople uh they feel lost in life they don't tolerate anything okay umthis is one of my favorite ones they find five things to complain about each morning oh goshuh they don't think they're good at anything uh they're waiting for a turning point they don't anticipate thefuture they do well in the past um just read some of the more yeah uh butthe more interesting ones they see everything in dark tinted eyes mean they just you know they're just chronically negativenothing's gonna turn out for them right uh they're very judgmental judge people for a hobby that was kind of fun theypanic when uh good things happen to others and they panic when good things happen to them oh yeah we're not used toit absolutely the thing people don't like them umthey lose people they have bad habits um nobody gets them yeah they'reclose-minded they assume they're smarter than everyone i don't agree with that you guysi think that's a good happening they hate people who want to get richthey enjoy debates they just like arguing about nothing all the time why are you looking at mei mean it's like it's so exhausting to other people who just want to argue oh my god okay yeah you win yeahum they love gossip that's another one oh yeah they always have something bad to comment they suppress their toxictraits um they doubt their own success they have a lot of insecuritiesthey have they feel everyone has more fun without them and they probably do they probably do i don't like i don'twant to hang out with you they always feel like life is handing the wrong cards uh they're always defensive alwaysthe victim yeah they can't celebrate the success of others uh they only like being around otherpeople who are struggling ew most definitely that's kind of gross uh they can be self-absorbed okay uh they'reagainst everything they self-sabotage they don't like plans or goals umsee they're always they always watch the news there's one right there i like the top one uh they feel the world owes themyeah that's a big one wow that's a huge one so it says uh they feel unlucky in this department and theworld owes them for the miserable and sad lives so wow yeah they always watch the news low vibrate low vibrational peoplealways watch the news and get their daily dose of doom and gloom it just feeds into that scene yeah did you writethis are you are you a writer now well i meanthis is literally from your when was the last time we watched we don't watch the news last time weeven turned on the tv i'm like a like a regular channel never yeah last time forfootball and that was like okay and that was it and then like and then yeah and then turn the commercials off and mutethem yeah we're gonna end up watching only college this year too um they hold grudges they're needythey're always exhausted that's a big one right there yep they have a bad mindset and they'reconstantly overwhelmed with negativity i think that's kind of an oxymoron so yeah if you guys notice yourself experiencingum i don't know a few of these any of them and it's it's the way that you basicallydescribe yourself yeah you probably have a low low vibration yeah and something also umthat just kind of intuitively came to me is that you know it'swe think we talk about like you know generational curses family curses you know if you were taught this way as aparent as you know if your parent was always this way and then you picked up this behavior it's something that you're actuallytrained or taught how to do you know a lot of people are like well this is how my mom was or this is my mom or my aunt or mygrandmother or this so everybody was around me they were this way becausethey've never been able to learn anything other than low vibrational so you know it's always like this isjust what we do we're always panicking we're always worrying this is what our family does but you guys just because this is lowvibrational doesn't mean that you can't you can always raise your vibration you can always raise that energy of yourselfand you can do by doing so you can actually break that family curse that you have or you feel that is thereum and break that repetition because just because everyone else has suffered doesn't mean that you have to suffer eitherand thank you for coming to my ted talk sorrybut wouldn't you agree that it's kind of like something that's kind of like family taught or or taught you where it's you know if youhave a parent that's always this way and you're raised that way yeah most definitely i mean ifyou you know it's it's the same i've given this analogy before it's like if you grow up in a family full of drunks andif or a family full of doctors yeah you're probably going to become a drunk or a doctor right absolutely you know ifyour parents were constantly struggling and you know life was always giving them a you know a bad a bad head in cards andthey're always whining about stuff you know it's like that's probably that's probably the attitude you're gonna pick up about life you knowso that is the how you attract these things inwhich according to these books again um and this is the demonology bookso that's what begins the infestation um and the infestation is a warning tothose who are present that a premeditated plan of takeover is in the making the goal being to eventually dominateand possess the marked targets of choice so as the in fact as the infestation progressesa variety of pre phenomena may occur phantom footsteps are heard walking through the homeknocks to the door are investigated but nobody is there the phone rings but nobody's on the line cold spots might befelt in particular locations within the home scratches or poundings within the walls appear to have no knownsource eerie figures are seen through the corner of the eye whispers or heavy breathing are heardbut their source is nowhere to be found icy hold icy cold hands are felt upon one's body but nobody is thereobjects may move electrical and other appliances come on and start up all by themselves and so onso these acts may begin sporadically occurring at random during this early phase of diabolical infiltration lateron they take on a regular pattern uh an increase in frequency soit's just like we talked about you know first off from the last podcast we didon ouija boards we told the story about the guy who wrote the exorcist right and how he was using a ouija board duringthat movie and he thought he was talking to his dad he was convinced of it he was using it all the time and then that'sthe thing that surprised me is how quickly this can according to that story can progress okay so because remember hewas saying that this only he was only doing it for like three months but by the end of that three months what scared him was the fact that it was like youknow the phone would ring and no one would be there and one time it jumped off the receiver he said yeah and thenall electricians came to figure out what was going on yeah they're like that is totally impossible yeah and said thatthe typewriter would just all of a sudden just write gibberish on the page by itself phantom writing yeah you knowexactly you know he would hear footsteps and stuff like that and he was like that scared him enough but it's like i guesshe didn't realize that he was actually progressing all of this stuff along you know like it happened that quickly no itis and um so he's right sorry so he's writing a book called the exorcistabout exorcism and demons which obviously you know attracts that kind of negative energy and then uses a ouijaboard on top of it well i mean i know i was just talking about that this morning but we were talking about kind ofhollywood in these horror movies and and you guys have heard it love that you know all this darkness that comes with it andthen despair and things that just happen it's like okay what are youwe can write a movie where we can write a book without having to go totally into detail and almost having to break out aouija board you know what i mean like i wouldn't like you know if i was writing a movie about a ouija board belike listen i need i need to go to some like secondhand stores and go buy some ouija boards and just see what happensit's like no use your imagination yeah well talk to an expert yeah well i think he found out the hardway though he did because he was just researching it and then found out that it was um and then he thought he wastalking to his dad and that only drew him in deeper and deeper and deeper so it's kind of a classic story about getting caught up inthis stuff you know absolutely but and then just like we talked about before the difference between a hauntingand an infestation so uh at first these phenomena are often attributed to strange circumstances orproducts of the imagination as time progresses the diabolical activities are seen for what they are deliberatecalculated and intelligent acts that are purposeful and direct one common experience is the awarenessthat these frightening phenomena often occur in patterns of three there may be exactly three knocks on thedoor or three rings on the telephone perhaps three footsteps are heard and then they stop three scratches soundfrom the ceiling and a particular activity occurs precisely at three o'clock in the morning wowand that's what they're saying also is that that was the time that uh jesus died so all those threes kind of comingtogether is just it's just oh so i'm you guys i'm gonnahave to watch a cartoon like comment below like what funny movie that you guys loveif i'm not kidding like i'm gonna go watch the simpsons or something friendly or mickey mouse clubhouseum you know but but hearing all these knocks and everything else you know it's it'sit's really um it's pretty heavy it's super super heavyyeah i mean um and remember we're only at the infestation phase okay we haven't even gotten to theposition full blown well not even that well i guess that's that's the big thing is that one of the articles that theytalked about how oppression is like a wide super wide range of activity all right and it includes a lotof these this different stuff but this is the infestation part but it's also meant to induce stress okay and fearum and then we talk about how the oppression umcan turn into can start to break people that the real oppression starts the the direct overt attack from a dark entityand says um here in the demonology book that there are two recognizableexperiences that occur during this phase the internal oppression and the external oppression it says internal oppressioninvolves the psychological attack upon the victim external expression deals with the physical attacks upon the bodyand the senses so it says now that frightening phenomena are now experienced through the activities of the evil spirit suchas things as materializations dematerializations teleportations apparitions threatening voicesand exploding objects may begin to take place a peculiar sign of diabolical obsession isthe foul odor of excrement ozone or some other stench of the vicinity of the infestationfrequently pools of urine may appear throughout the infected environment foul or sacrilegious writings may suddenlyappear on the walls or ceilings words that threaten the victim not christ or ridicule god if the offensivelanguage is cleaned off the wall it is often reappears suddenly in the exact form it was beforeand it says that one of the most frightening experiences that occurred during the phase of oppression is the physical manifestation of the evilentity the most commonly reported uh apparition involves a black mass thatgradually takes the form of a human shape so a telltale sign of a demonicapparition is the eerie and naturalness of the form there is always something missing or strange about the vision perhaps theentity looks like a normal human in every aspect except that it has no eyes in other cases the eyes glow or shine ina threatening and piercing manner or a fully human-like figure may be missing its headmost reports indicate that the victim senses something inhuman about the appearance even though it may not always be grotesqueso another thing to look out for so yeah so watch out for thatuh watch out for eyeless creatures and headless creaturesalways okay so and here's some fun facts uh unusualphenomena involving the left side of the senses are common in stages of oppression for example there may be onlyleft footprints found outside the home in the snow nope sometimes a bird is heard singing to the left of one'swindow but when investigated there is no bird to be found people have reported seeing demonic images out of the corner of their lefteye but when facing the image straight on it disappears finally others claim to be hit pulled scratched or tugged from the left sideof their body while the right side remains untouched and then like you talked about animalsare known to be particularly sensitive during the oppression of a home dogs and cats may begin to hiss or growluh something that humans can't see their hair stands on end and even when the animals are sleeping uh farm animalshave been known to move around nervously for no apparent reason so so and that's actually umyou know when i go to a client's home and i do a reading you know all i'm doing is just raising my energy up soanimals are very sensitive to that you know they say that they can sense when like a storm is coming or anything else like thatso a lot of times as i begin i'll actually have like dogs or cats kind of just like being nervousand then as soon as i'm into that space to where i need to be i'll have like cats sitting on my lapand i'm like what did okay you're hanging out here or like dogs like at my feet and the owners will be like ohyou know they're never they're never like this they they don't like people and i'm like it's okay it justit happens it's fine and then when i come out of it and i lo lower my energy they're literally like what am i doinghere and they like scatter off so they can even do it with high energypeople too not just negative so now we've reached the phasewhere we can start to see if our demon's the problem so how to determine whether or notdemons are responsible for the issue okay okay so signs of demonic oppression so to tell if a humanis being under demonic oppression or not look for one or more of the following signs okay uh hatred of the holyscriptures the name of the lord jesus christ and archangel or any other being of love and light okayuh the presence of spiritually high vibrational persons uh anointing oil holy water blessed salt or holy incenseor sacred herbs wow uh the ability to speak in demonic tongues uh there are only there are holy tongues and thereare demonic tongues when someone is speaking in sacred tongues they look peaceful when a person is speaking demonic they look aggressive or eviluh violence with supernatural strength complete voice change while speaking uh uncontrolled animal sounds with vilebehavior uh one or more episodes of sleep paralysis in which evil entities areseen felt or heard so be on the lookout for that stuff huhi mean this is um yeahyou know where i'm going with this one well then there's signs of a place haunted by demons soi went yeah let's let's get limp so residents fighting very often okay uhthings that weren't created to move or operate automatically moving or operating on their own okay uh things malfunctioning for no apparent reasonokay uh baffling people who uh even those who have a thorough understanding of their components and how they work uhitems strangely disappearing and reappearing uh furniture even the entire building shaking or vibratingsudden temperature drops sightings of evil spirits shadows uh black braid blackbrown gray or smoky orbs uh clear sound of footsteps and the voice of an entity that didn't come froma human being bad odors like something to come from nowhere animals behaving very strangelypeople in the place having uneasy feelings of being watched residents experiencing chronic nightmares and sleep paralysisthings mysteriously catching on fire small children saying they see they see talk spirits with ghosts in theplace so i can tell you that in my line of normal work that i meanthis describes about 80 of the apartment complexes that we've gone toand no all joking aside like i can think honestly of about three places right off the top of my head that this honestlyfits the bill for 100 the people are always fighting uh things are always malfunctioning umthings are always disappearing and reappearing okay um any set in temperature dropsonly if it's on fire but the yeah bad odors that's definitelyone animal's behaving strangely and attacking people um people in the place have an uneasy feelingso yeah i mean it's like and you know all joking aside it's like you can sometimes walk into a place and just you you canfeel the heaviness you know and it's it's something i've said 100 times it's like you know you walk in some place and someone's like i don't feel good andit's like man i've been here two minutes and i don't feel good like get outside and get some fresh air get out of thisplace yes yeah i'd be surprised how many times that solves people's problems no it really does you know so yeah go for itoh sorry and then uh yeah signs so this i thought was interesting too because no i don't think a lot of people think about this you think about people beingpossessed and places but not about objects so signs revealing that there are demonsin or attached to an object so the object moves or operates on its own the object malfunctions for no apparentreason again causing those people who understand it how it makes and works that they don't understand what's going on with it um and the object strangelydisappears and reappears so something to definitely be on the lookout for yeah that's for sure umyou know there's um man i mean you see the movies andeverything else and you hear the stories but you know there's parts we're just like okay here we are so i'm kind of curious to see this ispretty um so self-deliverance and so that's kind of just going to be the cleansing of it umum yeah so those are all the things to be on the lookout for so you know if you're wondering if a personor place if there's all this strange phenomena going on i mean i guess there are some some markers you know one is a strangephenomena right that a person or place might be experiencing and then you need to find out the history you know it'slike um was this person in the occult were there are cold practices being done here did something get trapped in thishouse exactly you know is that phenomena happening now like how does it feel in the place how does that person feel arethey chronically negative and down right you know when you walk into a place is it just feel heavy um and toxicbut those are some definite markers to to look out for not only you know in somebody else but also maybe on your ownyou know it just seems like bad things are happening to you all the time exactly you know and something that umyou know as ryan was just saying like you know he'll go into apartment call like you know homes and apartments and you know you could just feel it sowhenever we actually leave i used to um when i first started practicing i would actually practice and do kind ofan energy around me when i would go to walmart you guys like i used to hate going to walmart because of i'm notkidding you i it's i would and i'm not sure if i've ever told you this before but i would hate to go there because ofjust you could just feel this just low vibrational just energy was always offand i also kind of wanted to practice and protect mine so i would always practice and raising my vibration and myenergy before we would go into walmart or like disneyland or anything where there's like a lot of people with likehigh energy that i would just practice it i'm like okay and then now it's the part where i'm like okay turn on turn offthat way for the record i love walmartif they're if they're listening right now um yeah i love walmart toojust throw some sage through like literally just like sage through the vents uh no what i will say is that whenyou i mean you always end up going to walmart because it's like that's that's who has what you need you're just likei know they're gonna have it we gotta go they're gonna have it and it's all fine until you get to the front to check outand there's 18 checkout lanes and one of them is man exactly and like everyone's there for the same thing it's just likeyou could just feel this just like energy you're just like okay like just everyone just steer back sothat's what i do i love walmart i love target i love disneyland obviously but i also like keeping myenergy sane and normal ish as normal as this can get right now you guysso an interesting story about that so just like we were talking about with the lady who wrote in the reddit story was anarticle called demonic oppression is real and there's something you can do about it this is on catholic.comso um it says serious sufferings a few years ago i herniated two discs in my lower back despite trying every remedyexcept surgery my back pain got worse and worse until last year i began to jeopardize my ability my ability to provide for my familysays my spine doctor recommended surgery um and prognosticated that it had a highchance of success in my case he got ready for it but the day he before his surgery his insurance company denied theprocedure the spine doctor did a doctor at a doctor conference appeal immediately and the insurance company overrode hisdecision so he just had to slog on continued turning um to the lord for help but it did not happen so he saidshortly after his four-year-old daughter josephine came down with a bump on her face and you know they went to the thedoctor to look at uh to check it out it ended up being leukemia and then on the way home from thehospital with his son they were stopped at a light and he glanced in the rearview mirror and saw a car coming up awfully fast andhe said the car plowed into into their car causing major damage he said fortunately my son and i did not receive anyinjuries so he says we face other challenges too enough to where we began to feel like wejust couldn't catch a break and the words of saint teresa of avila uh seemed appropriate to us and says if this isthe way you treat your friends lord no wonder you have so few um he says his wife proposed to him thathe needs to consider whether or not they might be under some kind of demonic oppression wow the idea had not crossed his mind and heremember reading a couple books about it and in his book dr driscoll explains that demonicpossession but uh talks about demonic possession but also the lesser-known types of demonic attack uh between temptation andpossession there was a broad middle ground that he labels obsession and oppression he explains that thesebeliefs are not catholic dogma but are acceptable opinions for catholics to hold and he talks about um you know howjob in the bible had all of his challenges and so so what what can he do about it you know right so he's nottalking in this article about um you know strange footsteps at night orthe blender suddenly turning on or you know foul odors and vulgar writing in blood on the wall imean he's talking about you know his back went out and then his daughter got you knowcancer yeah and then they got the car totaled on their way home from the hospital right that's you know then they had some more uh more and more problemsthat just kept kind of piling on so this one really resonated with what wewere talking about before i mean obviously this guy's a catholic he's not playing with ouija boards he's not having seances or hopefully invitingthis stuff but it's like something was the trigger point you know and i can imagine um as a father and a husbandthat if he hurt his back and that's a that's a chronic painful injury rightyou know not only is it super painful but it's debilitating you know it does something to you psychologically veryvery negative you know and then you start to worry constantly um about not being able to provide forhis family anymore you know so it's like how are you how are you buying groceries and paying the bills when you're laid upon the couch with your back you know what what's the future going to look like exactly and then what i mean his insurance company then denied the claimand then the doctor well i'm just saying that like that maybe was the open door yeah he was eager and excited for it andthen all of a sudden the insurance said no you can't have it well i mean that before he even got tothat point just his chronic like the the traumatic instinct um yeah the chronic injury the chronicpain the the you know just the the heavy down umfeeling you know the heavy feeling of just being under that kind of stress constantly right mata had a lot to dowith opening the door to a demonic attack you know it attracted that kind of thing into his lifeyou know and then it's like all of a sudden things really started to go off the rails one after the other you know all of a sudden his surgery is is i meanimagine how if you were an evil spirit want to taunt somebody you would say i tell you what we're going to tell youthat your surgery is approved and like you're going to find a way out of this you're going to be fine and then hahaha it's it's denied yeahand then and then the car accident and then his daughter yeah and then a car accident oh my gosh yeah soum he says that in his case he knew what not to do and that was to go hand-to-hand combat against demons umhe found a association of faithful called axillumchristianorum that was founded specifically to pray for priests who battle against demonic forces and to pray for the protectionof laity against demons so the church approved association has a simple set of daily prayers that oneprays including the rosary he says up until that time he had to pray the rosary of the day but they gave him like aprescription to go after like of prayers and stuff like that yeah so he says uhafter three months of that he says the results were dramatic within three months he was able to get his back surgery approved and the surgery was acomplete success uh relieving him of the pain they had enduring for enduring for three yearshis daughter's leukemia had also gone to her mission uh she began to grow stronger in her fir in her fight againstit through her ongoing treatment and the other adversaries we were experiencing also eased and were completely resolvedso definitely something to think about you know no it is you know and when i go you know whenwhen i do and i practice what i do i mean it's i you know i have the the prayer to sayarchangel michael memorized you know and all that so it's you know it isyou gotta have god with you gotta have god with you with what you do or a belief of highhigh high power of love and light and and and to do that umthat's really great that everything for him was able to turn around oh absolutely that was absolutely amazing imean that's that's especially for the daughter oh my gosh and especially i can't even imagine as a parent and that's that's three years he saidthat it went on for yeah wow so well there's the number three yeah that's crazy i never even put thattogether yeah um but yeah i mean as far as the religious aspect of this is concerned i mean ifwe're talking about actual demons then the opposite has to be true then you have to do the prayer st michael and allthat stuff right oh you have to well and i do i do this yeah i do this prayer st michael archangel and you actually gotme a great book the manual it's uh the manual of spiritual warfare and i got it on amazonum and i carry it with me everywhere and people are like oh i'm not religious i'm like um well i am so if you want me todo this me and the book are coming with you because i work with white light and energy andyou know god and angels like i talk to angels all the time so um you have to have that especially withwhat i do and and the people that i talk with um exactly absolutely but we don't want tobe all doom and gloom here no we're on the gab in the crab parlor no podcast so what do you do if you find yourselfinfested with demons please tell me something goodso uh and this is behind close demons behind closed doors and this is how to conduct self-deliverance so if you findyourself suffering from demonic oppression to be free of demons you need to raise your vibration yes as discussedearlier meditation chanting certain mantras and listening to music with beneficial frequencies help us to raiseour vibrations so really quick on that you guys for those high frequencies you can actually find those on amazon or onyoutube and just do a search for high frequency positive frequencypositive love and light i listen to them a lot when i do meditations and you can even listen to them for frequencies tohelp you sleep at night and it just raises your frequency before you go to bed or meditation so really quick tothrow that in there absolutely it says you also need to find out which doors you might have opened to let thedemons into your life and close those doors so if you made any ties agreements orcontracts with any evil spirits they must be cancelled or terminated so that would be the first place to lookif you have a contract and blood in your desk with a doubt with a dark entityyou definitely want to go start there first if you're just not sure so if you own any evil symbols or itemsthey must be destroyed by methods such as burning and smashing they should never be buried or thrown away whole okay and don't put anything sorry reallyquick with that one if you have um like a ouija board or anything like that do not bury it on your land i do not you'regonna want to bury it literally far away from you as possible especially by a river and you want to actually do theriver flowing away from your home and not towards your homethere's a lot of things i know yeah kind of um or the other lady said she just broke it into five pieces and stepped backso uh and the demons must be ordered to leave immediately and never return yesit's free will you guys and that says they have to have permissionand i thought this was interesting this is just me on a personal level so it says 13 powerful tools i mean some of them they're gonna won't go through allof them but the first one on the list was um powerful tools for routing out demons isfasting you know fasting in the sense of um not eating like aactual fast okay so it says here fasting isn't abstaining from television or alcohol like somebelieve fasting is going without food for a period of time uh you can drink liquids while you're on the fast and it has a lot of healthbenefits it cleanses the body of toxins and rests the body as well the energy used in digesting food can then be usedfor physical self-healing rejuvenation and fighting a great number of diseases uh when we're working on raising ourvibration fasting helps greatly and this is why deliverance ministers who fast are able to easily drive out demons frompersons things and places fasting gives very powerful results and this is why many spiritual masterspractice it and encourage others to do the same there are many things in the christian bible that she doesn't accept just butshe does believe that jesus went on to fast for 40 days and 40 nights before he began his ministryand this is another interesting thing that came up so uh i'm a big believer in fasting butthat's for a different topic um very very much soand uh directly seen all of the uh benefits from it i never really thought i was um being attacked by demons oranything like that but it definitely um gets rid of the demon of high blood pressureit definitely gets rid of that one but when she mentioned that it brought up another uh it it jogged something forme and there's the story of jesus in the temptation the temptation of christ okayin the desert um and the story is that so jesus fasted for 40 days and 40nights and then he went out to the desert to be tempted by the devil and that was kind of his test to see if he was worthy of the ministry and all therest of it so i'm sure you know the story uh the devil met jesus in the desert and said hey you know i know you're hungry proveto me that you're the son of god turn these stones into bread and jesus denied him and then he saidyou know brought out to the highest mountaintop and said you know i will give you everything that you see you know you saw the cities and stuff likethat if you'll just kneel down and worship me you know jesus said no and so anyways there's some other temptations and jesus kept telling him nobut it occurred to me after doing all this research that jesus was having his own demonicoppression the the bible actually tells a live story about an actual demonic oppressionthat jesus was going through he was chronically being stressed and tempted by the devil to give himself over and hedenied it so i mean if you're a believer in these thingshuh then that might actually explain why these things are happening even in real time you know becausei mean they gave it to the original guy you know they already tried it on him so of course he's going to try it on youso anyway um something to consider that was really i i would have umi would have never put the two and two of those together um but yeah so first thing you need to do if you aresuffering from this is raise your vibration yes if you've made any packs for the devilbreak them uh and then try some fasting and some other stuff but you can read here in the book but uh we wanted to go oversome higher vibrations yeah let's get there good vibration i want some i want somegood vibrations right now so here are 21 um isn't it interesting that there's 51for negative vibrations there's only 21 signs of high vibration i know i just realized i'm like really all right uhwell they say it takes like it doesn't take 78 muscles to smile but only like three to frown maybe that'swhy it's easier to be negative i guess wow so here's how to tell so vibrationalfreaking this is again on this is on subconscious servant dot com so vibrational frequency is one of the keyfactors that determine our fate if you're on a high vibration you will attract amazing things into your life and in contrast if you're in lowvibration you will only attract painful and unpleasant experiences or demonsor demons or demons which is which is that's i'll be that'll be it so 21 signsof high vibrational people all right number one they achieve their goals got it yeah like it they have amazingintuition i'm pretty good creativity is highthey are magnetic for other people uh they are physically attractive i would say of all of these traits thatnumber five is probably my strongest that's i mean holy humblei was just gonna be like thanks for this list all about me and then you had to come in with that they are reliable okayuh they have a good spiritual routine yes they're compassionate uh they have high empathyuh common most situations people seek their advice random strangers tell them secrets like i get the most randomthings that people tell me and i'm like i don't want to know that now i need to go to confession like nouh they enjoy life a lot more okay uh they have their third eye open that means intuition so yeah that your thirdeye is you're in your forehead they're a magnet for abundance yep uh they don'tenjoy processed foods anymore i'll tell you that right now like nothing drags me down worse than ai mean it's so good but like yeah i mean every now and then a double bacon cheeseburger i was like oh my god noyeah but i mean if you can give me a steak and baked potato and some asparagus yeah that's the way to go yeahso they have amazing manifestation abilities uh they have strong boundaries um amazing opportunities find them everyday uh their house is clean and clutter free i agree with this one 100 yeah so you can tell what's going on ina person's mind by what goes around with their surroundings yeah um and they never getsick i disagree with this one yeah i disagree with this one well because we all just got sick we all got sick i'mjust getting over it finally you know but it's also when you have a high vibration and when you're in that levelyou know i had a very active weekend of justbusy work and i'm not gonna yesterday morning i was exhaustedum to where i almost felt like you're getting sick so when you do a lot of work it's your energy you have to bereally cautious of what you do so you can't totally deplete it or you will get sick it's almost like an immune systemum yeah i think that was a really really great list and umyou know there's you can always raise your vibration you can always come out of it and you know i love the fact thatthey said you know keep a clean and clutter free home because that matters you know i was just tellinga client um honestly just yesterday and they were had some worries and i'm like just cleanout your room make it your space make it yours so that when you walk into your space it's yoursand you you know it's a self it's you're feeling accomplished you feel proud of yourself you feel all these things thatmake you kind of just feel really really good um yeah i mean any advice that i would giveyou know it's they talk about you know well bad things happen to people all the time yeah theyhappen to all of us we can't control it right and bad things happen to good people all the timeum victim of circumstance that kind of thing so one of the things that also that kind ofstruck me about this they talk about coping mechanisms coping mechanisms sowhen you're dealing with a stressful situation i mean everybody has a coping mechanism and um have you ever heard ofthe the term you know he's he's feeding the demon he's feeding the demon um that's a real thing and you know it'sit sounds kind of like a funny thing to say but it's actually one of the things that you know you have to be really really careful about so when somethingbad happens to you and it causes a lot of stress i mean you're going to have a coping mechanism whether you overtlythink about it or not and you have to make sure that your coping mechanisms are positive you know you don't want to feed thedemon you know you don't want to get into coping mechanisms that are only going to drag you further down thedownward spiral you know become more negative so it's like um you know we all know somebody that'sgone down that negative path somebody who was seemed like they had it all put together and everything was going good and then that one thing happens and thenyou know two weeks two years later they're on skid row you know addicted todrugs and i would i've seen it happen to people i'm sure a lot of people have and iwould attune that to that they're they're feeding the demon you know all their coping mechanisms come through youknow they're drinking too much yeah and that only makes things worse they're depressed and then the drinking causestheir depression they eat the bad foods they start to gain weight that causes more depression more drinking then itstarts to their job starts to suffer you know that kind of thing so and then before you know it they're jobless andyou know and the whole thing might have started because their wife left him in the first place you know right now like the whole thing is just completelyspiraled out of control and you know that might be a demonic attack and in that case you're feedingthe demon you're giving it what it wants until you're completely just giving yourself over to you know the dark sidemore or less and you end up homeless and drug addicted on the street with nowhere to turn you know well and a lot of timespeople i don't even think that you realize what's happening to them until you knowif there's a chance where they can see what's happening moment of clarity that moment of like wait this isn't like meyou know and i've heard before people go like you know what this isn't this doesn't sound like me there's something going on this isn't happening in our home youknow all these things you know makes you kind of go okay there's something more that's going on here you know and something one ofthe articles they talked about and something i tell my clients is you know when you're sick or something like that you go to the doctor they're going togive you a prescription for prozac or another you know and there might be some sort of mental health issue on therebut you know i think a lot of times our energy of what we do and how we feel gets um categorized asyou're just having a bad day it's okay life is hard here's some pills see you in six months versus you know i mightyou know this might be someone who's under you know demonic duress well always remember toothat it's it's a voluntary thing yeah you're you are allowing this if if thisis the case you're allowing this dark entity into your life right whether you overtly did it through using a ouijaboard or the fact that you know something tragic has happened to you and you're coping with it bydrinking you know right which only feeds the demons so you you continue to allow this spiral to happen you know at somepoint you got to make the conscious decision like okay we i have to find a coping mechanism that's different something that's positive and start tomake you know what it regardless of the situation um you got to make your way backto something positive one step at a time versus going all the way down the spiral so absolutely you know and it's exactlythat you know it's called free will for a reason you know it's we all have the free will demonic it even says that youknow demons can't enter take over our body because if we will so you know ifyou're listening to this podcast or whatever it is you know just flat out just be like you know what i'm not gonnaallow any energy that doesn't come into my life that doesn't serve me to my highest good and that right there is a statement thatyou're saying out loud that is vocal for any thing that's around you to understand that and to know thatum or just start taking a positive step instead of whatever it is that you're reaching for or you're doing that's thenegative coping mechanism that you know is causing you harm you know it right do something else yeah absolutelyand so that's all i mean wow that's all the advice i havestay positive people uh do not play with ouija boards don't play with ouija boards uh do not have a seancestay positive and um that was kids yeah that was kidsso but that's yeah so that was really that was the really interesting thing that came out of last week's episodetalking to um someone on reddit who came in with a story they talked about demonic oppression and they gave a livestory about how you know they were already depressed they already had a couple of things going on they wereavid believers in the supernatural um they started to useouija boards yeah and they started to actively communicate and that's when they gave the invitation and theystarted to have an infestation and then an oppression um all the way up to you know afull-blown apparition of this thing acting like it was her dad you know her dad who is at work yeah and the mom wastalking to him in the vehicle coming home yeah super scary that's so terrifying you know it's i mean andthese things you know i bet there's a lot more stories like these that actually happen i know oneperson who i follow um and they even looked to as a mentor he lived in a haunted homeum and he was you know reading his book and everything else i mean these it's very similar to kind of what we're talkingabout here to where it makes me wonder like okay i wonder what this was going on butyeah so yeah i mean absolutely and again you got to be careful about you know thestuff that went on there maybe before they got there you know what they were doing and you know something could have got leftbehind but you know like they said in the in the book i mean if you're generally an upbeat positive personespecially if you're religious um it's it's hard you know it's basically a no-go for dark entities because it'slike they can't get with your frequency but so you got to be real careful about where you leave your your energy levels yeah and yep and on that real quick whati always tell people is that it sounds silly at the end of the day call back your own energy so when i go to bedagain i never really tell anybody this but i'd say i call back my own energy from everypeople place time and realm being you call your own energy back and then you release any energy that doesn't serveyou at your highest good because again it's like you know what these are some dust bunnies i don't need them this isn't going to serve me youcan go back and i'm calling my own back in because you do leave your energy everywhere that you go that's excellentadvice yeah so that is our episode for this week hope you guys uh enjoyedlearning about uh demonic oppression something that i don't think anybody nobody talks about that that much it'salways the first part the haunting and then the actual possession but yeah keep your mindalert be on guard for the negative energies in life that might be coming for you keep it highfrequency you guys we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna post those links for the 21 um high vibration and theneven the 51 because sometimes you need to know what's going on but um keep the high vibration keep theenergy up love light protect your home protect your mind protect yourself and your family andif you're not someone who is into church and everything else pray or just have a moment of just meditation of justseeing yourself the higher good um and law of attraction it'll it's it's right there waiting for you keep high energyhigh frequency there you go so again uh please subscribe on itunes apple itunesand our apple podcast i'm sorry and spotify you can also check us out please like and share us on facebook youtubesubscribe and on our instagram page and we'll be doing another episode thisweek when the shorter ones go into julie's uh card polls yeah for tarot card polls and maybe she'll tell us alittle bit about the interesting experience you got in the house clearing yeah speaking of infestations it was iwas i mean it was not what i was expecting um and i'm actually going to go ahead and contact the family and seeif i have permission to share their story um but it was everything thatwhat we went over the list as we were talking ironically enough i'm like check check check all right gonna go prayso so all right and then uh we appreciate you guys stopping by and checking it out and we will see you next time all rightbye guys thanks bye


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