Weekly Mashup: The Flash Found, New Indy March, Indy 5 Prediction & A Real Ghost?

Updated: Jun 26

In our weekly mashup we discuss Ezra Miller, actor in "The Flash" and what he's been up to. We talk about NEW merchandise for Indiana Jones 5. Brian gives his exclusive plot prediction for Indy 5. And Brian and Julie B review two videos of unexplained phenomena. One video of a disturbing noise in the woods. And a young ghost wants to play VR? Check it out and decide for yourself?

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03:12 The Flash Found

09:25 Club 33 turns 55

18:16 New Indy 5 March

21:26 Indy 5 Plot Prediction

28:10 A Disturbing Sound In The Woods

31:01 A Ghost Playing Games?

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hello everyone and welcome to the gab and the crab paranormal podcast the gab and crab paranormal podcast is a

show that is dedicated to paranormal phenomena we explore the unexplained in an attempt

to make sense of events stories and incidents that defy logic and reason

we cover a wide range of topics from the supernatural to the metaphysical

please follow along with us on our journey into the unknown some of the stories you may recognize

others you'll be hearing for the first time we have a range of interviews and guests for you to meet along our way is it real

or is it all made up they'll let you decide welcome


hello everyone welcome to the cabin the crab my name is brian my name is julie b and this is the gavin the crab

paranormal podcast and uh today's episode is kind of our mashup episode we are doing three a week now we

have our main topic which we do earlier in the week we have our mashup episode which we kind of scour the interwebs and find things that

find us and um kind of go over that stuff for you guys uh various topics things current events

and uh some even some ghost stories so today we're gonna have what happened to ezra miller yes that they found him

finally okay good oh they they did yeah it's the uh 55th anniversary of club 33

so we'll look at what that looks like perfect and that's with disney yeah new indiana jones merch dropped perfect

even better yep i'm gonna give you my indiana jones five plot prediction

it's exclusive here and if this is anywhere close to what they're doing

i don't have any insider knowledge but i may be getting a phone call some strange men may visit the house

when they hear this i'm gonna be like i don't know who this person is he just showed up at the helm and we have some ghost videos we do

ghost videos for you guys to decide but uh on top of that and then uh you're gonna have your tarot

reading yeah we're gonna do our tarot reading for tomorrow which is gonna be a lot of fun um and it's gonna be kind of

piggybacked a little bit from our main topic about the summer solstice yeah so that's the plan guys we're going to be doing a main a main episode topic and

early in the week we're going to be doing a mashup towards the end of the week and then over the weekend we're going to be

doing julie b's exclusive tarot read it's going to kind of piggyback off of the main topic for the week absolutely

so to catch all of that please check us out on youtube facebook and instagram go ahead and like and subscribe for us that

we're that way you can always get updated with what we uh have going on and then also make sure to subscribe for

us on uh or to us on apple podcast spotify and iheartradio

that way you can get updated as soon as the new episodes come out so without further ado we talked last

week about ezra miller not a good person

not a good person and as you remember ezra miller is the um actor who played

the flash yes in the justice league correct the knockoff

then knock off uh super friends it's yeah it's like the the b rated version

um yeah ezra miller is he's been in other movies in other films the knockoff avengers

that's what i meant to say um and he this person has gotten in

themselves in quite a bunch of trouble and posting things and you know was in a

i don't want to say a relationship but almost cordially was talking to a girl who was

what was she 13 years old or 15 years old yeah so the story goes that this i mean apparently it happened twice so

let's try and summarize it so apparently this character uh ezra

miller apparently he at the pipeline the dakota pipeline

protest he was there met a 13 year old girl started a friendship with her some kind

of relationship with her he was flying all over the country she ended up disappearing with him a

couple times but by the time she was 18 she completely disappeared but by tribal law she was still

under guardianship of her parents and they couldn't find her and then later on in massachusetts another

girl's mom yeah um young girl's mom like 13 or 14 or even younger than 11 at the time um according

to last up it's on the last episode they got another protection order against him uh because he was

brandishing a weapon and threatening people at these people's house while she was there and also like touching her inappropriately and stuff i mean the

guy's just completely gone yes he is now i guess they finally found him

i don't know if the girl is there uh from the dakota

uh indian reservation but i think she might be so according to the new york post here it says ezra miller

uh housing three kids their mom at gun-filled vermont vermont farm so so

this just got updated yesterday yeah um it says according to the article says ezra miller was allegedly been hosting

three children aged one to five and their 25 year old mother wow at the reportedly drug and gun-filled vermont

farm since mid-april um they talked to the girl's fat or the children's father

who was worried about their safety and claimed that there are unattended firearms laying around miller's 96 acre property video from april that was

reviewed by rolling stone showed at least eight assault weapons rifles and handguns lying around the living room

with some weapons propped up next to a pile of stuffed animals according to the publication gosh so two other sources backed up the

father's claim and one claimed an instance where the one-year-old child allegedly picked up a loose bullet and put it in their mouth

oh heaven so this is anybody i mean i don't care who you are

you got to know better than that you know that's that's not a safe environment well um i mean honestly it's the point where

they're guns that are lying against a stuffed animal so you know out in the open not secure bullets everywhere you

know drugs and everything else it's why is this how is this allowed i this this drives

me insane well the mom is there while the mom is there so she's there she's seeing it probably you know allowing it

maybe in a state that's not coherent well it says here that um speaking to the post earlier this month

uh sarah jumping eagle the one the first girl's mom the one from the dakota pipeline

says that miller's brainwashed her child that he's not letting takata and the other girls bathe or wear makeup

and they have to ask his permission it's an r kelly type situation so the parents got a protection order against miller

claiming their child is facing mental health struggles being groomed by the actor with high doses of lsd and other

chemicals and issues so not a good situation but apparently they found ezra they found uh the first girl

from the pipeline and now he's holed up with another lady and her kid so this guy

is he is he arrested is he just is he kind of out in the oven i don't think he's technically doing anything that's illegal at this point i mean they got

people checking on them i mean i'm sure they're looking into it but at this at this point

you know if the kids are there with the mom and she's the rightful you know their

rightful guardian right they're all adults nothing's happened yet i mean there's probably just nothing that they

can do but i mean god forbid we gotta wait for something bad to happen before somebody can do anything yeah just the

fact that they're involved in the situation to begin with it's terrible no it absolutely is i mean and how is child endangerment not coming into play here

when there are weapons and guns that are out in the open you know and then there's a photos you

know it's well i mean for i hope for that family whatever they're going through they can get out of there and get whatever help

that they need because honestly there's something that's going on that there's children involved and that's not okay no most definitely

i i honestly you know whatever ezra miller is going through just you know

i don't know it's one of those things where i just um oh i don't want to wish you know

i yeah sorry these things keep coming up and they keep coming up with people who are

in hollywood and like i keep saying anybody who's been paying attention knows that

you know this kind of cult-like activity yeah is not just common it's kind of um

promoted and the i mean so all these things those coincidences keep lining up with each other and this is the exact

kind of behavior and it's like this weird dude and he's surrounded by women and he's got kids around him too

and it's like when is enough of this stuff going to be enough so hopefully they'll get it sorted out um i'm glad

they found him glad everybody's okay but that's about i've been i've had a full belly i'm talking about as remember i

don't ever want to talk about that nonsense i'm done throw away the key get those kids out of there

whatever help that they need help that they need right so uh next topic so honestly a little bit

a little bit happy let's just shake that off uh we talked not too long ago too about uh club 33 at disneyland yes so

without even realizing it club 33 had their 55 year anniversary this year oh

how fantastic so we found out a couple things about that i just want to do a little bit of

a rehash for it so disneyland's club 33 this is according to laughingplace.com undergoes a month-long refurbishment

ahead of the 55th anniversary of the members only club um according to disneyland's the oc register the

exclusive club is undergoing a month-long refurbishment uh so it'll sparkle and shine in new york new orleans square ahead of their 55th

anniversary uh so the club is getting uh we'll keep salon nouveau open this is just kind of

just reading some stuff that's going to be open or not open but i wanted to go into

a little bit more about club 33 so you guys can get a feel for what you can expect if you

try and get in if you try to get in so club 33 is this exclusive members only

club that you have to first off pay to become a member and then

pay to eat there so what they do is that as soon as you become a member they chip you under your

skin stop it they do not oh my gosh and then if you if you get close to the door

and you like knock i want to go to club 33 one day you can't say this and you're not chipped then it's like

like dart in your neck and that's it and then they dude yeah you got a dart

dart in your neck and then they drag you away they throw you in the pond uh no

[Laughter] so according to mickeyvisit.com this is everything you want to know about

disneyland's club and so if the book actually we have this book called disneyland secrets a grand

tour of disneyland's hidden details but apparently there's a lot of these details in that book but they sum it up

for us here perfect so what do you get when you're a club member uh apparently you get a discount on

disneyland tickets because you're gonna need it because you're gonna spend all your money on the membership you have no more money left over to get into

disneyland yep um well here we go so dispelling and confirming club 33 rumors here we go

so true or false club 33 is the only place inside disneyland that serves alcohol true or false

um i'm not looking um false or no it's true because you can actually drink over

in california adventure but you can't drink over in disneyland in disneyland that's false what it was true but uh now

you can get alcohol inside of oga's cantina and star wars galaxy's edge okay i'm gonna be right back yeah well the

next time we go we're definitely doing that because i was not aware that you could get alcohol there would be good but there was like a massive line in the

waiting list and there was only so many things we could do yes but now i know which one we're gonna do now we know where we can okay perfect so when we're

at star wars you're just gonna see us there so true or false you can only get in if you are a member well that's

oh so okay so true unless you're invited

uh it says mostly true but you can get in without a membership if you know someone that has one or who is willing

to personally book a table and attend with you okay perfect so if anybody wants to take us invite us over we're

more than welcome to we're accepting invitations out there listen yeah i mean [Laughter]

we're nice people we're good people so true or false you can pay for a club 33 membership you can buy one

yes so true true okay so this is true and false what the membership does cost

money lots have it members will pay around 25 000 for an initiation fee and then 10 000 a year to retain their

membership depending on their level of membership the food inside the club also costs a pretty penny with five course dinners

priced above a hundred dollars but even if you have the money you can't just buy a membership there are only about 500

memberships at any given time and retain to retain exclusivity and the only way to get your own is by invitation only

and with an invitation you can be put in a waiting list almost 15 years before spot opens up wow so if you are a member

you want to make sure to check under your car before you start it um that kind of thing because people are probably

this is probably getting pretty competitive people want to get in your can your conspiracy your conspiracy

had this showing today it might be dart neck start in the next well do you know how disney is i mean they are so true or

false if you look hard enough you'll be able to find the secret door to club 33 no because it's pretty out in the open

well that's because you know yeah it's true yeah so it's out in the open it's not the one that people think it is though it's a big glass door

um not the door that you can knock on with the handle on it yeah you always go over there and you're like let me well

everybody does everybody else yeah true or false there's a dress code to get into club 33

yes because okay it has to be because if i'm paying that much money to get in there i don't want to be seeing anybody's like

stinky feet yeah flip-flops yeah right i i tell you what like i see people at disneyland with flip-flops on and first

off it grosses me out kind of in the second i'm just like you are a bad yeah mama jamma to be walking around that

much in flip-flops i saw people in high heels yes sandals

crocs well that's the one thing i mean like i'm in a bunch of slide sandals and socks i'm like wow wow no i'm in a bunch

of like disney mom groups and they're like the best kind of shoes to wear are crocs and everybody's just like

what are you on like how how does that happen yeah we're like oh yeah we're like buying like brand new

like expensive running shoes before yeah yeah like actually just like having it like competitive itself uh so anyways

you were wrong it's false there is no dress code it says come as you are no i'm just kidding uh it says no i just want to say it was wrong

no sweatpants take tank tops shorts flip-flops or crop tops perfect well that's how it should be i mean like

we should if you're going to go somewhere that's going to be what is it 25 000 to be a member yeah

like listen i paid 25 000 i don't want to be seeing any of that no make it nice make

it fancy because there is a little bit of class that i think is pretty fantastic about it yeah see this is the picture that's one of the doors you're

gonna find the next picture of the actual door that everybody likes that's so amazing yeah it's a nice place so how

did club 33 get their name is it a tribute to uh freeman freemasons

the highest order because walt disney is rumored to have been or something else

i'm going to say it's something else something else okay so i'm not even looking at the screen guys uh walt

disney was the grand master of his local no i'm just kidding it says hop it

club 33 got its name because there were 33 original investors in disneyland who wanted to place to entertain okay uh the

33 gay votes received voting to continue building the club after walt's death uh

if you turn 33 to the side you get m m for mickey mouse i like it and there were 33 leases of disneyland while the

club was being built so unfortunately conspiracy nuts i guess he was not the 33rd degree

uh grand master of the local uh freemason sect it was because you

know there's 33 people that were investing in this whole thing and you want to have a nice place to entertain which makes way more sense well okay so

can you imagine if you're one of the people that said nay you're like no this is dumb i don't want to do this could have been club 34 it came in club 34

except for you except for you so now like that's your legacy in life just like no i could have done it but i said no 33 and not me

so that's the bar it's amazing and then

dining room yes it's a nice shot of a window

it's a very it's a very clean window but uh miriam jean very nicely done it's a very nice article so thank you for that

article uh club 33 those are some of the secrets terms 55 this year and i guess it's going to be

fresh and new for all of the members who already have a membership and if you can get one save up 25 grand have a 10 grand a year

initiation fee and then also hope that um you have a chance to get one because you might be waiting 15 years yeah or

longer apparently apparently and honestly like if anybody has like been to club 33 let us know in the comments

let us know like tell us what it's like i want to know what it's like what what

what did you order i'm that kind of person what did you order what did you like but i do not like to order you know is it really all

that hyped up that it's meant to be because it's worth it yeah like honestly because i mean sure if you have like an extra fifty thousand dollars laying

around that you can just invest into club 33 for the membership and the initiation fee and then buying the

tickets and everything to get in there i would want to be like okay so like give it to me straight let's figure it

out let's hear it so yeah send us comments or questions or anything that you have in the comments because we want to know all about it

exactly next all righty what you got indiana jones yes coming in i think next june

year from now yes and someone was nice enough

i wonder who to send me it wasn't a hint

apparently there is new merch that is coming in yes it is

and looks like we have the fertility god we have the uh the alien school and we have the replica grail holy grail wait

so what's this that's a fertility god the fertility guide you don't see the little guy coming out here

at the bottom i just thought it was like an idol i didn't think it was like a fertility god

i thought it was just like a shiny angry face person oh that's like is that his hands on the

side of his face um i don't know let's just call it a fertility guy right now it's family friendly right disney made

it he's given a piggy back ride grail

cup of the carpenter right an alien skull pretty cool that's very cool sorry guys

but we are excited about this we are indiana jones five coming out this is legit i cannot wait

uh if you go to shopdisney.com you can get the grail there it's only 50 bucks gotta pre-order it's not been out yet

an authentic indiana jones jacket yes that actually says indiana jones on the

tag pretty legit i would love that 400 bucks it's a bargain it's a steal it's a steal

at 400 you know what and just the fact that you would have something like that and they're not going to make any more like that would be pretty cool yeah that

would be pretty cool to have i i know one kid that would absolutely love it oh go crazy oh yeah fertility god 130 bucks

all right your skull would be 250. man you know what and i loved that movie

how big do you think that thing is i want to give you uh check the view details

um oh it takes batteries so it's six so six and a quarter inches long so it's not even that

no it's 13 inches long where did you see that approximately that's there you go yeah

okay so it is pretty big yeah it's like a foot i mean that sound that looks pretty good so does it light up yeah i'm

assuming it lights up because it takes batteries oh there it is awesome that's pretty good that's very cool maybe it uh

you plug the batteries in and it just forces disney thoughts into your brain like in the movie

buy tickets buy our merchandise oh we gotta get one of these because

this lights up that's really neat one of the hearthstones or whatever that thing was from uh the second movie

yes i remember that oh the the san carlo stone with light effect

it's way better than your himalayan sea salt no it's not i was just going to say like call that a selenite lamp and i'm all

over it and then of course if you want to feel really old uh your indiana jones 40 year anniversary

raider's a lost art shirt so yeah i know right i know so but that was pretty awesome but on

that note indiana jones 5 is coming out next summer okay in june

and nobody knows what's going to be out or what it's going to be about yet and there's been some artwork about it they

have you know just like we showed they have some merchandise and stuff but it's been pretty hush-hush about what the plot is

yeah but i think i've got it figured out i think it would be pretty awesome and i'm going to share it here what you got

exclusively so here we go and i want to know what you guys think about

my version of the plot so uh top right okay this is the artwork

that came out for indiana jones i mean minus the picture that's from the second movie in the top right corner but it

came up with indiana jones crossing a bridge looks like he's in the cave he's got flashlights carrying all his tools

and stuff and that's all that's all that they would show okay okay but indiana jones five so he is

in real life and in the movies it'll be he'll be about 70 years old maybe a little older than that yeah and you know

it got to thinking like okay where is he what's he up to you know and

what's he already found and what could possibly be left all right so

first movie he found the ark right second one they took a totally different direction he went and found the stones

over in india got him back but that didn't really go anywhere okay third one um they kind of did a rehash

of the first movie which was brilliant and it was great um found the holy grail okay okay fourth

one they had to do something different so they went and found alien skulls sure why not yeah so

which makes me ask what's next what's left right like what could they possibly do okay and that made me think like well

if they went back and forth so the first movie and the third movie the raiders of lost ark and

the uh last crusade are the best movies okay so it makes in my opinion anyway a

lot of people too like if so it would make sense if they went back to the beginning now if you remember and i'm sure

everybody who's watching this does that

this was a great scene they're all great scenes it's indiana jones

so if we all remember indy goes to the temple

and he finds a fertility god and his buddy there mr tarantula it's

all super upset about it

i'm gonna say that's a solid gold statue that he's gonna need more sand not less sand right [Music]

the music is fantastic all right so here's where my theory

comes in okay boom

so at right here at this point this is just a great start to one of the greatest movies ever made but what he

doesn't realize is that by removing the idol is that he is uh unwittingly set off a

mayan doomsday device whoa okay and

the world and remember the timeline for this is still makes sense because the mayans didn't intend for the world to

end until uh december 12th 2020 or 2012.

so now indy has to go through raiders of the lost ark does this whole thing he goes and

finds us he does the second one right um he goes the third one that's in world war ii he does

the fourth one which is the skulls in the 50s during the cold war okay so my

theory is that now it's been 20 years there's been nothing going on it's probably the 60s or the 70s right and

all of a sudden like it's an old indiana jones he's probably like a you know like a lead professor like a dean of his

college now of archaeology and he kind of just mills around and does stuff he doesn't really do much at all

um and then he's visited one day by someone who says hey you know

you yeah i have to talk to you about something you need to get the idol back to the temple okay because

we never found out what happened at the idol right right yeah because when you remove the idol

you're the only one that can do it when you remove the idol you set off a mayan doomsday time a mayan dooms a mayan

doomsday device that's set to end the world december 12 2012. okay so then the

movie becomes that indiana jones has to run around tracking down this idol and then figure out how to get it back in

the temple and to stop the doomsday device from destroying the world that is my official

indiana jones 5 plot theory i oh i absolutely love that i think it's

really smart and i'm now even more interested to go see with the movie and exactly what it

comes out with i love that though it makes total sense you know where they're at the whole thing

you know setting it off and maybe that's why they're like why are you taking this off the thing do you know what you just did to

everybody right and that would be great because the whole series would end where it started exactly and the timeline

would still fit because the world was supposed to end until 2012 and then all of us could feel good knowing that we made it through

the uh mayan doomsday calendar because indiana jones put the idol back on the pedestal where it belonged exactly and

you can say whatever you want like oh the boulder came out and ruined the temple on the way and there's other ways into the temple there's other ways yeah

it's a temple it's i mean there's all kinds of ways and that would be part of the fun was that he he would have to find the whole network of temples and

how to get in there and get back to the place to actually put it in its resting place again i

really like that i'm hoping that's it that would be something that would be maybe a little biased i think that would

be awesome that'd be a lot of fun and you'd have to have the same pilot though with a snake in the plane who knows that guy's even alive anymore i know that's

you know that was the same thing i thought was you know like maybe there's a scene in the movie where like you know he has to get back in like the same kind of plane

to go on the ambulance maybe it's like it's his son or something it has like a blizzard or an alligator let's just say

it's a totally different pilot right right and he's like hey get in let's go and you know indy like kind of like jumps up and like looks in the planes

like what are you doing he's like i'm looking for snakes and the guy's like what are you talking about what i mean like it would be so funny that would be

hilarious that'd be great i hope they do that i hope i also get dragged away by studio executives who

they're like what do you know how do you know this but yeah they're i mean but everybody remembers well i hope you do anyway that there was

the mayan uh calendar and everything was supposed to end on 2012 so yeah maybe that's how we got out of it old indy

saved us i think so i mean if indiana jones can't save us then who can't i mean truthfully all

right i haven't showed you this one so this is going to be raw you haven't showed this one to me oh okay hold on i

need a crystal i'm not kidding i literally have them in my pocket okay so hematite

kyanite and black obsidian all right so in our mashup okay

episode we like to try and find scour the uh internet for videos and i like to try and put the best ones on last one

was the ghost on the roller coaster so this one uh we're just gonna play and we're gonna let you know or we'll let

you see what you think might be going on okay okay i have an idea okay are there

any clowns uh it's all clowns 100 clowns okay all right you ready no okay yes that

means good okay okay this is a bow hunter okay you can see

his bow and arrow up here so he's up in a tree stand okay and he is waiting for game to cross his path

and then he then something happens and he busts out his phone okay and go



okay so when the kids come to bed tonight i'm going to send them to your side of the bed

what do you think um what would you do if you were uh if you

were up in your tree stand i'd climb up higher i would immediately start climbing up

higher up in that tree i um wow that's

terrifying i have no explanation uh really angry

animal sound i get i mean you would have to assume you would have to assume but i mean

an angry cat that got thrown in water like what makes that sound and well i

think that um foxes or raccoons i can't remember which

one it is but they scream and they scream their rear ends off they scream their little red butts off

and i think that that's my that might be what it is but i'll tell you what i wouldn't want it honestly i wouldn't

want to hang out to figure it out i'd be like you know what hunting day is over and besides anything making a noise like that's going to scare off any deer or

elk that i'm trying to shoot so you know what i'm going to go with the salad yeah i'm going to eat a salad

i've already turned into a vegan we're done this i'm i'm giving back do i watch it again no

did you see my face i'm going to need botox for that i'll post that later for you guys so you guys can see

and then we have our second video this one's crazy so this is the back

story on this one is that this guy is maybe is oh what's he like this isn't his house no so this there he's a

paranormal investigator and they're in i believe it's a school or ho or a school or high school and

they always have this sort of activity and so they're staying overnight and he was kind of bored but he wasn't there

just for one night he was there for like two or three nights so he's hanging out and he's like you know what i'm gonna

pass some time i'm going to play some well you know what maybe maybe two since this is school he thought he would bust out like a toy or something that might

get the uh younger type ghost excited yeah yeah yeah okay that sounds that sounds

absolutely valid all right so here we go okay whoops

so there he goes playing as we oculus oculus oh yeah

oh no what's

yeah it looks like the top of the screen right where that door frame is just came

out and just moved towards the middle of the screen almost like a like looks like a head of hair on top of a little

transparent body it moved very very quick

oh and it disappears all right so one more time so it's up here you can see it just comes out from behind the wall

oh makes a little quick move right there makes me so sad

he's kind of watching him it looks like yeah i think you can kind of see an arm right there oop make something

he looks around he looks quick i'm wondering if he was having any sort of like interference with his video game

during this i'll tell you what i mean if you bust these things out and there's kids around doesn't matter if they're dead or alive they're going to come out

and see what's going on oh gosh yeah and it's kind of watching me up then it just takes something and he goes

so that's still of it i can't explain it um to me very very plausible very possible

uh i don't have any you know solid obviously any solid evidence one way or the other but to me

i mean the whole thing looks very plausible and i don't know how they would even fake that because everything in this guy's looks

like he's doing is pretty smooth and then the other thing just comes out and

very very possible i think it's very possible i'm very intrigued to see where this investigation was at the school and

if there's any sort of history it looks like there's like a tag at the bottom of that name that's what they were saying was that there was a history at this

school and that's why they're actually this was a um paranormal investigation yeah

so that is just that's pretty spooky that one on a video afterwards like hey you you

know you had a ghost in here you had something in here with you yeah you didn't even see it so pretty crazy

that's pretty crazy i'd be like okay good i'm um okay we're good we're good we're good so that's what we have for

you guys um we have we found ezra miller we're glad hopefully everybody's okay there and i

think we're done talking about him for a while i'm kind of tired of the flash uh club 33 um if you have like we talked

about in that other video if you've got about 50 grand and 15 years to wait then you can be a member too yeah exactly um

indiana jones 5 coming out got some sweet merch i think i have a pretty solid plot uh prediction i'm hoping that

comes true i like it and then it's on the internet so everybody has to give me props when they go and see it

yes they do everybody has to tell me everybody has to come be like hey listen yeah exactly a you were right and b you

ruined the movie thanks thanks a lot which one would you be morgan excited about hearing you are right

and then uh let us know what you think if you know what that was in the woods what that sound was let us know uh i'd

love to hear it let us know what you think it was let us know what you think about the ghost video with the vr we'll

post all that stuff uh on our website and on all of our social media too so you guys can have a look at it but we appreciate you guys you

appreciate you guys dropping by and tomorrow or over the weekend anyway julie is going to be doing her tarot

card reading for you guys i will be exclusive julie b episode so definitely subscribe and um yeah

definitely subscribe so to make sure that you are watching it because i definitely feel like it's going to be some really great information that's

going to kind of help propel everybody into this next season where we're going most definitely so

please make sure to like and subscribe on youtube facebook and instagram make sure to subscribe on

apple podcast as well as spotify and iheartradio and that way you'll get notified as soon as our new content

comes out and you can see all the clips from the shows that we put out there too and you guys let us know what you think perfect but until next time thank you

for stopping by and we will see you real soon thanks guys take care have a good night bye

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