The Summer Solstice Special- What is it? What does it mean for you?

Updated: Jun 26

Tuesday June, 21 2022 is the official summer solstice. We discuss what it is, the solstice in ancient culture, and what it means for you. Julie B tells you what to expect and how you can make the most of this transitional time. Check it out now!


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hello everyone welcome back to the in the crab my name is brian my name is julie b and this is the gab

in the crab paranormal podcast and uh today we're gonna be talking about the summer solstice yes we are

which is today june 21st tuesday 2022.

so now that we've got that figured out but we're going to talk about what the summer solstice is what it means to

us here in the old united states what it means for you and what it means metaphysically and how can it affect your life absolutely but before we do

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our videos are coming out so without further ado let's talk about summer solstice yes so what is the summer

solstice look up here talk about it so according to

uh what is it the summer solstice uh the june solstice marks the sun's northernmost point in our sky for the

year and uh the next one is today uh it will fall on 9 14 a.m on tuesday june 21 2022

and on the solstice the sun will be directly overhead at noon as viewed from the tropic of cancer for us in the north

northern hemisphere the june solstice marks the shortest nights and longest day of the year for the southern

hemisphere it marks the longest nights and the shortest days after the solstice the sun will be moving southward in the

sky again and if you remember from a couple episodes ago we talked about pluto's

return into the tropic of cancer and what that meant right so now we are in pluto's return

viewing down on the earth from the tropic of cancer and that is where the sun is falling into the summer solstice

and we'll talk about what that might mean pluto's return and the summer solstice

and why there's so much energy and why it's so hot [Laughter] it's so hot because of where we live but

yeah same thing yeah so that is uh the astrological part of the summer solstice

what does it mean metaphysically what can people expect what should we be doing um

to better ourselves in our lives during the summer solstice i can definitely tell you that so the first thing i tell you to do is don't run around screaming

not gonna help um but definitely what the summer solstice is going to be about it's about finding balance in your life

and mustering up the courage to be the boldest version of yourself that's a whole bunch of buzzwords i know it

sounds all flighty and wonderful and makes you feel warm and tingly inside but really it's about doing something

that you love all day long for the day it's about setting an intention setting that sort of um

forward momentum that you want to go into the summer into the fall into the winter because when you think about it

back in ancient times people were getting ready they're getting their fields ready in the summertime they're pulling all their crops they're getting

everything ready to store for fall and for winter i want you guys to be able to do that same mentality right now it's

the longest it is the the day where the sun is at the highest point we're gonna get the absolute most sunlight so

it's about being out in the open and either in your home if you live where we

live with air conditioning but being open to the setting this intention of what you want for yourself

so the summer solstice is an energetically charged day an important one to set intentions

so when i say that it's about the sun is actually the most is considered the divine masculine energy

so our we have our divine feminine energy which is within ourselves which is our chakras so we have seven chakras

going from your crown all the way down to your sacral and it's about aligning all of those so when you're able to sit

in an alignment basically meditate push everything together where everything is coming to

you um with the sun it really can kind of create this sort of powerful um intentional

movement for yourself and for your soul i just got like all warm and tingly um so that's what that's about so it's

about directing your intentions on the theme and the themes of this phase um it's gonna be patience it's gonna be

nourishment and trust so giving yourself to what you need giving yourself that time of

rest or if it's to be outdoors to go hiking whatever it is that you need to go ahead and to move forward that's what

this is all about um you know this is also create powerful i am statements if you guys haven't done

any sort of mirror work writing i am this i am not talking to yourself that way

right now even for the remainder of the week because you might get this on a thursday or friday or even later in the week it doesn't matter when you watch

this video if you get this message it's definitely for you so setting those intentions it's about i am powerful i am capable of

doing all of these things um i'm open to one example that says i am open to receiving nourishment and

growth um so it's about setting the intentions for what you want all summer long

um because we do have you know when you're a kid you can play out all day long when the sun's up and when the

street lights go on what do you have to do brian when you're a kid gotta come home you gotta come home so that's the same thing it's about doing the same

thing right now also expressing gratitude um we're talking about astronomy we're talking about the moon

we're talking about planets and everything else if you're not able to express gratitude

the same way that the farmers were to give gratitude and gifts to their gods that they believed in for

a prosperous crop we have to do the same thing now i'm not saying to go take a go and go put on your neighbors and your

front porch nothing like that but it's about taking time to thank them and say you know what thank you for this

um it's about you know doing these sorts of expressing gratitude for everything that you have

and when you're able to set the intention and then set the gratitude it's going to be able to come full circle and this is exactly what they did

they've been doing for thousands of years from every time from you know pagan to

the mayans to stonehenge it was it was a celebration it was a ritual

so that's kind of what the whole metaphysical meaning of it is um it's really to create

an intention and to carry through what you you know what you say you're

gonna do do it and then do it again and then do it again and then when you go to bed at night or when you wake up in the morning

be grateful for what you have be grateful for the next steps moving towards it and removing any sort of

negative talk that pushes you back because that doesn't serve anybody any purpose

uh love it love it and i agree 100 and you know when you talk about

the ancients you know and people civilizations much older than our civilization our current civilization

right now um and their commitment to understanding the

solstice not just the summer solstice but all the solstices the the soul style

understanding what those were when they were and uh erecting large temples to these um

to the solstice and also having big celebrations and these people took this stuff really

really seriously and um so it's easy in our modern life you know

especially with as much science and information and everything that's out there right now and everybody's so sure of everything to kind of write this

stuff off as woowoo and yada yada yada but the same time it's like i really appreciate the commitment that it took

um the commitment to celestial events that came around the same time every year and

the fact that these people had to figure that out and where they were going to be and then erect a temple so you could

witness it and everybody could come around and witness it because you know for these people especially then there was there might not be a

tomorrow it was a struggle and they had to believe they had to stay positive they had to believe that it was going to be better tomorrow no matter what was

going on today because there was no guarantees and you know as they say in the in game of thrones winter is coming you

know the solstice hits you know and they say that the sun is going back down in the um

in the sky so they know that winter's coming it might be all it's sunny and warm and nice now but you know hey

fall is going to be here and then winter so there's so you've got to believe you've got to stay positive it's time to set that that positive intention so it

might not just be about wu-wu stuff it might be about survival and keeping a good survival mindset and staying

positive and thinking that you know hey good things are possible we just got to keep forging ahead absolutely absolutely

so one of the things that real quick what i did and or what i do is i actually follow my own astrology my own

birth chart this is really cool there's an app that you guys can find the one that i use is called sanctuary and it's

astrology and psychic i use it of course for the strategy side i don't need to use it for the psychic side um but it's

really really cool so if you were to see here on like the purple screen with the circle the one that ryan has a mouse

over that one is it'll show you your birth chart so it'll show you what it is

in i believe it's sun moon and it's arising so those different types of

houses that you're in can actually help calculate exactly what you need and that birth chart so it's sun moon

and then rising and then it'll give you a definition of exactly what you need for the time that we're in

for whichever time period for the day and help kind of make sense for it so and this again isn't it's technology as

brian was just saying i mean we have things that are so easy to us but they didn't really have that back then they had okay the sun's up cool oh

we got some clouds coming in all right we're gonna get some rain okay we're going to give an offering we're going to give thanks we're going to give gratitude

so the same things that we say now in modern days it's saying gratitude and saying thankful it's the same thing that they did but it was more of you know

here's not a sacrifice but you know kind of like hey here's all this it's an offering

you know they believed in the fact of the the power of tomorrow and the fact that like summer came again and they were they were here for it and they were

alive and well uh yeah oh so anyways the sanctuary astrology and sanctuary

astrology and psychic app this is just on the uh the apple it's on apple store we don't get anything for this it's free

anyway it's free it's a i really like it um the one thing you are going to want to know is the time you were born

so i had to go and find my i literally went and found my birth certificate and like oh it's

better than this exact time you have to know the exact time it's pretty accurate like mine is really really accurate i

have mine up right here so it's really really cool the other really great thing about

this the importance of the summer solstice is we just got done with the strawberry moon so that was about two weeks ago

and the strawberry moon it's about positive and optimistic energy um it has the power to transmit any or

doubt um or doubt that may have been lingering the blood moon yeah that was it was super like we could see it really

great from our house it was red you can see it on our facebook page or instagram just yeah from a couple weeks ago but yeah we took pictures of it outside it

was really bright it was cool it was really really cool so again now you're now you're having a moon of the

strawberry moon or the blood moon and that was fantastic and so this is just

from my it says it is positive and really optimistic energy it has the power to transmit any negative

or doubt that it may have been lingering i don't like to say transmit i like to say transmute so we're going to transmit

we're going to quiet down that negative energy and we're going to go ahead and push it more towards things that are more positive and uplifting

so there's a lot of forward momentum coming towards us with

coming into the summer solstice and i don't believe we've had this much

um planetary and spiritual like literally i feel like we're being like shoved forward and people are like

i don't want to go it's like no come on let's go let's go jump in the pit and see what happens so

i told like you guys this is so my jam i absolutely love this well you are not alone um around the

world there have been people who have celebrated the summer solstice um different in many different ways

so according to i'm sorry we'll go to so here's some of the ancient

civilizations and how they celebrated uh the summer solstice the ancient greeks um according to the greek calendar

different iterations of it anyway they varied wildly or widely and the summer solstice was the first

day of the year according to the ancient greeks and several festivals were held around this time including cronia which

celebrated the agricultural god cronus which would make sense because that's probably when they're pulling their crops at least when they're in the middle of growing season

the strict social code was temporarily turned on its head during cronia with slaves participating in the merry men as

equals or being served by their masters whoa so they must have really looked forward to this that's i would have waited if i was a

slave i would wait all year for that like you know what this is my black friday this is it yep this is it here we

go then like cronie is coming or black thursday cronia is coming yeah getting shirts made

summer solstice also marked the one month countdown to the opening of the olympic games i love that

the ancient romans in the days leading up to the summer solstice the ancient romans celebrated the vestalia festival

which paid tribute to vesta the goddess of the hearth rituals included the sacrifice of an

unborn calf removed from its mother's womb that sounds pleasant that sorry this is the only time of the year

when uh married women were allowed to enter the sacred temple of the vestal virgins and make offerings to vesta

there so this got really weird really quick what do you think that entailed

the only time a year a married woman you don't have to read the twitter come to the sacred temple of the vestal virgins and make offerings to the best of there

like honey i'm just making an offer to vesta yeah you come home and i'm gonna have it yeah

the vikings uh mid-summer was a crucial time of the year for the nordic seafarers who would meet to discuss

legal matters and resolve disputes around the summer solstice that sounds exactly like something that northern like nordic people would do like

everybody else is going to the vestal temple to make an offering and running around and these guys are

talking about uh legal matters and resolve disputes but like okay so that's kind of funny though because that would be you know

we've we've seen the shows for the vikings and this and that they're not really lovey-dovey so it's like listen we're

gonna be this is the one day of the year we're gonna be really calm and cool we're not gonna go ahead and do what those other guys did with the unborn calf from the

cow but we're gonna go ahead and cool the jets of everything yeah it got pretty rotten in rome

around those areas from the stuff that they were doing um but i guess it would make sense too because you would be snowed in probably

a lot of the time um as a viking and you just kind of have to stew on old grudges

you know so the summer comes around it's like hey we got to get this worked out we got to figure out where where raiding

season is going to be they're going to be like it's going to be the place where the vesta is so we can go there and go to the sacred temple yes definitely and

then it says they would also uh visit wells start to have healing powers and build huge bonfires which doesn't sound

bad that sounds amazing today viking summer solstice celebrations are popular among both residents and tourists in

iceland so if it's in iceland yeah it was they were getting they were getting snowed in most of the year oh gosh yeah

native americans uh took part in centuries old mid-summer rituals some of them were still practiced today the

sioux for instance performed a ceremonial sundance around a tree while wearing symbolic colors some scholars

believe that wyoming's bighorn medicine wheel and arrangement of stones built several hundred years ago by the plains

indians aligns with the sultan sunrise and sunset and was therefore the site of

the culture's annual sundance huh i never knew that maya and aztecs while not much is known

of exactly how the mighty pre-columbian civilizations of central america celebrated mid-summer the ruins of their

once great cities indicate the great significance of that day temples public buildings and other structures were

often precisely aligned with the shadows cast by major astrological phenomena particularly the summer and winter

solstices wow and then last but not least the druids over by stonehenge it

says that contrary to popular belief it is unlikely that the celebrations took place at stonehenge

but people who identify as modern druids they still get there and party every time uh summer solstice comes around so

i don't know how they know that but that's what they're saying that's what they're saying you know especially these kind of places that are so you know

hush-hush are very secretive i'm i'm almost wondering like okay how much of this is actually true versus how much

are they just kind of talking about stories but you know i absolutely i really really love that and

knowing that you know they're doing this all over the country they're doing this in you know from different from tons of different

places all over the world so here we have uh stonehenge this is in england

beautiful nobody knows how those stones get on top of each other well one of the stories i was reading was at um fairy elements actually lifted

them up and put them on there sounds about right that sounds about right i totally believe it

um it says the temple of karnak in egypt okay so the temple of karnak in luxor is the

modern day name for the ancient site of the temple of amun in what was formerly known as thebes

ancient egyptians believed that thebes was the first city founded on the primordial mound that rose from the

waters when the world was created well the temple of karnak was built in the site where the mound was thought to have been located so that is an entire temple

built in reverence to the summer solstice and then the aztec ruins national

monument new mexico oh um one of my favorites the pyramid of

chichen itza in mexico i always wanted to go there yeah me too so built between 800 900 ce the pyramid

of chichen itza was designed to be aligned with the summer solstice over the course of five hours on the longest

day of the year a combination of light and shadows creates seven triangles on the side of the staircase and for 45

minutes it appears as though a serpent is crawling down the side of the temple the pyramid is dedicated to kukla khan

or quetzalcoatl i guess depending on which are what you like the feathered feathered serpent god and according to

legend it was designed so that it appears as though the serpent visits the monument during the summer and winter

solstice i think we got some video with that do you have a video of that i was just gonna ask so this is that's chichen itza

that is look it up here it's so amazing how they're able to

you know if you guys if you think about it like building these pyramids they added this

stone so that it would actually act as a shadow that would go down a giant pyramid well imagine the power

that you would have had as like a priest you know oh my gosh if you told everybody like hey on this day everybody

get up here and you're gonna see the snake shadow show up and it's gonna you know

um show himself wow quetzalcoatl is gonna show himself with his snake back whatever they want to call

that crawling up the temple i mean people would have freaked out oh my gosh yeah

but that is really cool and you know all sleight of hand aside or whatever you

want to call it i mean for an ancient civilization to create a temple to create that kind of a shadow

for that specific effect it's incredible it's absolutely incredible it really is to where you know it makes you really

wonder like okay what's how did this happen yeah you know i mean did i have some kind of help like what

kind of help i mean that's a heck of a lot of manpower you know honestly um

no i think it's absolutely fantastic i think that's so incredibly cool and like i said i've always wanted to go

there um and then we also have the temple of the sun in machu picchu

yeah and all these places are going to be like sun oriented which i love like hey plants crops the whole nine

so it says archaeologists hypothesize that the inca may have used information garnered by the movement of the sun from

the temple to help their decisions about when to plant and harvest crops um the

menadra temple in malta how do you do that just making a wild stab [Laughter]

and then the jantar montar in india what so built in 1724

the series of giant sundials in new delhi isn't quite as ancient as the other monuments on the list uh finding

the existent astronomical instruments too small to take correct measurements uh jai singh

uh built john tarmantar as a way as a way of making more accurate observations unfortunately the tall buildings that

surrounded the sundials today mean that their measurements are no longer correct so yeah they built this specifically to

measure the um the move in the sky and around these summer winter solstices so that's that's that's incredible i've

truthfully i've never even seen that that um building before no i've never never heard of it yeah i've heard of it

but this is chichen itza

and machu picchu

and then if you look over here too like to the left you can see that there are there's another temple or there's a

there's another structure whoa and one of the things

that i had read about this is that down in south america they haven't even found like

i think maybe they're saying the rest of me they haven't even found half of the the amounts of structures that are out

here because they're so spread uh they're so spread out there's so many of them and they're so overgrown by the

jungle but they're saying that there's like a massive um network of temples like this

and cities and all the rest of it that they can't even like they can see them but they can't even get to them and then then they're hypothesizing that if we

can see that one all the way out there then there's probably then there's more than we that we know that they're more that they're connected absolutely

and where did all these people go who knows yeah i mean look that's just you know

you can definitely see you know obviously erosion but it's still standing

like that stands i mean it's really incredible if you

look at it you know the structure of it everything else and with the other ones it's like how

just the amount of work and time yeah you know and then the amount of manpower and of course you know with manpower

coming well supplies and then i'm sure lives were lost i'm sure many lives were lost yeah you

know they weren't shy about just sacrificing people throwing someone over hey we need some stone we need some water

i'm gonna just eat you over this you over the ledge there and then we also have um

in we said the egyptian temple was

find that again the temple of karnak in egypt so in karnak in egypt what they did was

they create there was actually two separate um

places where you could witness the summer solstice uh there was two features the first one was outside the

next one was inside it's called the inner sanctum and then uh during summer solstice apparently the

sunlight would the sun would would line up perfectly with this hole in the summer in the uh inner sanctum and it

would shine like a bright ray of light down into the room just like that's like a movie that we're

very familiar jones right indiana jones how crazy the well of souls but that's

what they said in the and then the the second one was outside and this is some video of it but you're

supposed to be able to witness this come up at the summer solstice

you know again guys they're literally thinking of this way ahead you know they've planted all their crops

they're hoping for you know probably an easy winter and easy fall you know and they can just go and

gather as much water as they can or whatever they were doing but they had all this stuff going on and they're like hey by the way we need to

go ahead and create this really cool structure building and make sure that this sun falls perfectly into this area oh yeah i

mean astrology was their

more or less their religion it was it was right on with their religion because they're they're building temples not

only to their gods but they're building temples and giant structures based around the movement of stars and

and based around the changing of seasons yeah so they know a really big deal these people i mean look at that moment

right there that's really powerful i love it so that is

the uh egyptian the winter soldiers at carnac i really like that

you know and all these different cultures were able to do things on their own you know they had their own rituals they had their own things

of what they were able to do to kind of give things to it and i found this article from we moon

and they're talking about simple simple summer solstice rituals so um you can do bonfires because we know

that some of the rituals that they did before they would do bagel fire so they said this is a tradition as ancient as a

son herself as long as it's safe where you are definitely be safe where you are with it make sure that it's allowed all

that good stuff if you're in the regional southwest of the united states do not have a don't have a bonfire do

not have a bonfire um do not have a bonfire um but sequins is a quintessential way

to hail in the summer if you can't have a bonfire go ahead and just

light one up on youtube and just watch your friend there um and then you know

allow thoughts words and images to path pass through your consciousness you know ideas that you can go ahead and think of

are you know what's coming up what do you want to release in the upcoming months and then burn it um focus on a question

what are you burning so if you're burning limiting thoughts burn that if you're burning um relationships that

you've had with people and you want to cut those ties you want to go ahead and burn those two they say to gaze through the fire but

then also kind of see it through the end that what kind of life do you want to have with with that intention being

passed through um and then just immerse yourself in that moment with it the other thing they're

doing is potlucks i mean we all love food i'm actually thinking what's for dinner right now probably take out so

summer solstice is traditionally a time of being out in the world being social interacting with the community again we

were talking that the nor the nordics were actually being friendly with each other you know they're like listen we

need to talk about some sort of legal problems um it's basically like the hoa of their community at least they were amiable yes

i don't know if they're friends it's like an hoa meeting they're at least amiable friendly

so they talk about you know get it get it gather as formal and formal as you want the important ingredient for this

tradition is celebrating your companionship as we move together in another season listen like hey you're you're still here

with me we didn't throw you into the fire so you can stick around for another season song circles we will not be singing on

this podcast you guys um so in they're talking about doing a song circle they usually someone starts

singing and then other people kind of join in you're more than welcome to um but that's what this brothers do they're

making preserves so i really like that this one this one was really about um

you know gathering the fruits that you had from your spring because they didn't make anything go to waste so even farmers that they have now i mean it's

like you see them they're like oh we got like a tomato like good jams like to preserves and everything else

and go ahead and be able to use all of your ingredients that you have in so i

just thought that was kind of a cool little way of like hey how can we go ahead and participate in these sort of things

there you go well it sounds like it's a lot about um being together and being ready for the next season yeah absolutely you know

fall into winter so that is the summer solstice we know it's today

we know how the ancients celebrated it we know what it means for you metaphysically yep

so what does it mean in your life specifically and we got some

a couple of things you can look at this is uh at and um

according to summer solstice is set to heat up your emotions here's what to expect for your sign

so we're not going to read all of them but we'll read ours you guys can go to this it's at we'll put all the links to all these articles and

everything in the description too so you can get to them so you are a cancer i am and according

to well and good uh with the sun moving into your sign happy birthday yay happy 29th birthday

coming up soon yeah 29 again uh you could feel as if luck is on your side and the solstice hits this is your

yearly opportunity to set new goals and create new habits to support them and the person you are becoming yes i will

because that's certainly a tall order it's also important to have some patience she adds you can feel all the

feel uh feels and plan for all the things without rushing to make them all happen immediately i like that

and i am a sagittarius you are a sagittarian

ever the adventurer uh-huh huh you'll actually find the most alignment by slowing down during the solstice

yes i love this the high-intensity energy of the moon in fellow fire sign aries uh you may want

to spend more time carefully refining the give and take in your closest relationships uh making adjustments to your intimate

bonds can help unleash a new way for you to see the world around you so sounds like it got some work to do a little bit

yeah you get to just like slow down and like have it happen yeah listen they're like hey you got work to do well like

summer solstice yeah this this is all the good stuff that's coming up and this is everything that we've been talking about doing which i love

um you know with you know we're talking about this with with energy you know it's right now

is the time to clear any blocks that you have in your chakras to raise our consciousness to strengthen the light in our light body

um raise our frequency if you guys go back to a couple episodes we did on demonic oppression we talked about low

frequency energy and then high frequency so you know go ahead and read through that list and even if you're feeling funky

you guys will know um check out some different ways that you can go ahead and raise your vibration raise your energy

um it's also talking about you know supporting your heart where our soul and wisdom and love power energy resides and anchor

the divine light into the earth for the planet's benefit one thing i really want to talk real quick is that if you guys

aren't doing any sort if you're super sensitive like i am and i know other people are um

one of the really great things that you can do is grounding so grounding is about releasing your energy back into

the earth and you can actually have protective stones so i wear obsidian on my bracelet or i'm sorry this is um jet

on my wrist and this one is obsidian on my heart and i literally have another one here

next to me so keeping stones with you that go ahead and promote sort of grounding is really really good

especially if you feel like you're just all over the place but another really great grounding exercise is getting your

feet in the soil in the soil and the dirt and the ocean in the sand when we go on our vacation i'm just i literally just sit there for

like 10 20 minutes to just ground into the earth into the earth but it's really about resetting your energy releasing

any negativity any sort of self-limiting thoughts and doubts that you have putting them back into the earth and

then feeling like a rush of positive energy and love and light coming through you

it's just about recycling the energy and kind of giving back so sorry no absolutely yeah absolutely um but with

all that love and light we might have some bad news or possibly good news depending on how you want to look at it

why going to be like that uh we talked in a couple of episodes ago

about pluto's return okay uh return to the sign of cancer

which is where we are right now pluto returned and then if you remember from the last episode i don't know if you

guys uh watched or not but go ahead and check it out and we

talk about what pluto's return means and it might mean for the u.s might mean for the world the last time

pluto was in our constellation was july 4th

1776 and that was when the declaration of independence was signed

so and what they're saying is that it's a time of massive energy shift it's a

time of renewal um and this is of course or i'm sorry this is on

and according to the article it says in the birth chart pluto shows the area of life where you'll personally face the intense powers of creation and

destruction it's the doorway through which volatile compressed pockets itself spirit and primal energy lies hidden

and are released either by our own efforts or by provocation from the outside world

uh so a lot of energy yeah um a lot of like when pluto comes back comes back

around it it pushes the issue you know what i mean it pushes the action it's like hey we're we're gonna start we're

gonna start mulling things over here you know well it's literally we start mucking it out telling you guys like hey this is something you want now whatever

intention you want now is the time to do it yeah it's almost like hey dad's home you know [Laughter]

yeah and that's wives are like um husband will be home in an hour powerhouse time to clean so uh sheriff's back in town you know

what i mean like that kind of thing so creation and destruction so during its long journey through the constellation the essence of that sign becomes a kind

of wrecking ball reviver and revealer when pluto was trans was transiting sagittarius uh to

a fire sign other fire sign planets were activated there was a burning away of falsehood so that truth could rise and

set us free and indeed we saw in that time the extraordinary rise of the truth seeker who shined a light on darkness

sagittarius is the clear side of visionary and the one who shakes off heavy emotionally or dense physical concerns evolve in a speedy way

um wow but it says pluto transit so transiting pluto brings changes whether you're ready or not and you emerge a

completely new person pluto may be making aspects to other planets in the birth chart as well but even without

affected planets transiting transiting pluto will provoke upheaval and regeneration in the house it passes

through in your birth chart so be wary of that but i thought that was interesting especially since we just

talked about that not too long ago and what pluto's return will mean not only for the country but in your own

personal life but now with the summer solstice coming to pass during pluto's return

it could be a hot summer so you guys be careful and take care of yourselves take

care of your families and uh my advice for all this stuff is to channel all this energy into

something positive but i really do believe that you know whether it's in the stars or not we've got big upheavals

that are coming we've been through some i think we've made it out okay um

i think we're gonna make it out okay again but i think there's gonna be some definite upheaval and it's probably i

think it's a good idea to start focusing all that energy into something positive so start building something positive at

home start contributing um you know at your at your kid's school at

your job at your church start a business i think now is the time to do that i think so too you know it's almost like

um well it's like the summer solstice you know it's like hopefully you've been building and working and now it's time

to really get going so you're oats yeah you know something positive exactly into

something positive you know i really like that and you know coming from you know pluto's return and a summer moon or

strawberry moon blood moon however you want to say it now summer solstice you know coming out of mercury retrograde

you know kind of all those things now with saturn's revenge is coming so there's all this kind of different stuff

that's coming forward and you know it's all about intention it's all about how are you going to

um what is it what is the next part of your life going to look like how are you going to go ahead and come

and serve you know yourself and your family and you know i know brad and i have talked

about tons of times before um but you know when you're in an airplane and the masks them down what

they tell you to do they tell you to go ahead and put a mask on yourself first and then on your family so if you guys aren't taking time

for yourself you know if there's no there's no point right now to be a martyr to be a saint and you know fall on the sword for

everybody they need you so whatever intention you have for yourself right now it's about setting the intention setting the

positivity setting the love and the light that you need within you so that you can serve out so many people

because i'm going to tell you right now that they want you around they want you here to serve your absolute highest good

um and then one of the articles i found they said okay well what are some things that you can you know what's kind of the

fun stuff about summer solstice and it's you know summer's officially arrived which i love it's the longest day of the

year um science because you know the the earth is actually at a 23.4 degree

um tilted axis which i thought was really cool because 234 is going to be you know

numerically so explain that again so that the earth is at a

23.4 degree tilted access toward access towards the sun right so meaning that

it's tilted that way towards the senate 23.4 degrees yes and so it's the only

day that it is this way um and it's from now until so it'll be 23.4

and then it moves excuse me um two uh two meters in either

direction so it'll either go this way or that way but it's always going to be a perfect two um but they say that the

earth orbits the sun and a tilted axis and during the warmer months there's more exposure to direct sunlight during

the earth's orbit the summer solstice technically occurs when the sun is 23.4

degrees north latitude and this year this will take place at 6 34 p.m and then

the significance of 23.4 so 23.4 is going to be an angel number

so angel numbers is kind of just like a sign of that we can hear from our um guides and

what this one means is pull that up really quick so the summer solstice for 234

it's about surrendering to a higher power so you have ascended masters watching over you cheering you on throughout the rise and fall of your

life's journey it's about the connection to universal ideas and concepts you may want to seek out a mentor or teacher for

higher learning so it's about learning and about um becoming a better self

of yourself and that kind of being stuck into where you are so that if you need to go ahead and look in on

yourself and kind of see what's going on go ahead and do that you know if you need to go and talk with somebody or

find like get some guidance that's exactly what this is telling you to do um

so when you have that number when it's 234 it's an angel number um and it's just about

you know letting you know like if you're holding on to something again you know the farmers from spring we're

gonna be holding on to what they're holding on to they're like hey you know what this crap of course didn't yield as much as we wanted so we're gonna go

ahead and get rid of that and do something else this year yeah so i just thought that was really kind of significantly cool with the

astronomical numbers with that one or not astronomical the chronological yeah the angel numbers chronological angel

numbers two three four well as far as the summer solstice goes yeah no i mean

it's uh it is the longest day of the year and it seems like it had a lot of definite

significance in ancient culture it has significance for us now um and

not just in the sense that it's time to like the physical sense of planting

crops or getting ready for harvest and seeing what you know what what fields

are coming you know to yield and ones and which ones are not it has um it seems like a lot of

metaphysical um aspects to it you know it is when especially this time

when the pluto is coming pluto's return also with the most energy in the sun it

just seems like there's a lot of energy right now and there is and that's probably so not to cut you off sorry

that's probably gonna understand why there's so much um i'm gonna use the word chaos in the world right now

because there's so much energy it's like a bunch of just like you you take a box and throw some cats in there and you

shake them up you know what i mean it's like this is just kind of the chaos that's gonna happen right now yeah and my like i said

my advice and my best hope is that we all start to harness this energy um to

the good start bringing order out of chaos in a very good way and um

really go into the next season with a much more positive and a in a better footing absolutely you know

and if you guys have any questions you're like hey how do i go ahead and and do some sort of manifestation how do

i go ahead and write an intention you guys can go ahead and email me it's info at send me an email

and be like hey watch this even comment below on our podca on our youtube podcast if you're watching here or on

facebook wherever you are and we'll be able to go ahead and see it but again right now i mean i would do

this until if you whenever you guys see this write the intention write what you want

for the next part of your life set that intention no more negative talk no more i can't no more i won't

that language doesn't go that language does not work here so when that happens

clear cancel delete it and replace it with three times this positive phrase that you want yeah so that's what we

have for you guys today that is the summer solstice that again is today yeah june 21st 2022

longest day of sunlight for the year correct also um celebrated throughout

ancient cultures who built giant temples for it they had a religions uh for it

and it also marked a lot of their uh celebrations festivals and their planting seasons

they did so uh if we missed anything please let us know guys if you have any questions or comments please go ahead

and type them in or send us a message on any of our social media accounts speed of which we would invite you to check us

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subscribe on apple podcast as well as or wherever we get your podcast from or

from spotify or iheartradio but that's what we have for you guys today uh we'll be doing our next episode

later in the week during during the week which would be more of a fun episode and then we're going to do julie's you're going to do a summer solstice uh card

reading and card poll yeah we're going to do a carpool and it's going to be just about what you know what's going to be coming up for summer solstice for you

so definitely like i said like brian was saying subscribe share this you know share it get it out to as many people as

we can because you know we love doing this and honestly we couldn't be doing this with without you guys watching so we really appreciate that so thank you

very much absolutely and if people are looking for you where can they find you they can find me at

if you're looking for me i am at and we appreciate you guys stopping by and we'll see you next time bye guys happy solstice bye


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