The Montauk Project- How A Secret Military Program Tore A Hole In Space And Other "Stranger Things."

The Montauk Project- A secret military program that tore a hole in space and inspired fiction that wasn't nearly as strange as the truth. In this episode we discuss the WHOLE story behind the Montauk Project from the man who lived it. From clandestine weather modification to mind control and even time travel. The events that occurred on Montauk Island in New York defy belief. But with an impressive amount of evidence we find that these stories just might be true. The Montauk Project is the story that inspired the hit show "Stranger Things." We find out it also inspired another famous movie. We uncover the secrets of The Montauk Project and let you decide, truth or fiction? Check it out now! #Montauk#Montaukproject#StrangerThings



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hello everyone welcome to the gab in the crowd my name is brian my name is julie b and this is the gab and the crab paranormal podcast and today we're goingto be talking about montauk island okay also known as camp hero all right umalso known as the inspiration behind the tv show stranger things oh so on thisepisode this is done before but i think i have a few nuggets that not everybody knows about okay and you're gonna findthem here i like it but before we get started i would invite you guys to uh like share and follow us on youtubefacebook and instagram and also check us out give us a follow and subscribe onuh apple podcast spotify and now i heart radio as well yeah i heart radio guys soyay please subscribe and keep up to date with all of our uh new episodes that are coming out plus we're going to startdoing an extra episode a week where julie is going to do a card poll yeah and we're just going todedicate an episode just to that absolutely so i'm excited about it it's going to be fun all right so talk to meabout montauk island how is this how first off um netflix or sorry strangerthings is an amazing show on netflix and they just released the brand newseason and actually the first episode of stranger things was of this seasonwent back to an episode that we've talked about hellfire club so definitely check out our the podcast and then gowatch stranger things watch us first but i'm really kind of interested to see how these two arecompared together because stranger things isn't about you know butterflies and unicornsyeah it's like most stories that come out you know it's everything's all been done right sothey based this off of apparently a true place a real place and some real eventsokay so before we start let's do a little recap of stranger things as it relates to the stories no spoilersguys we promise you've been watching it then yeah none of this will be new to you butso stranger things we remember is based on a small town in hawkins indianaokay uh and one day a strange girl shows up in a hospital gown and nobody knows where she came where she came from shedoesn't belong to anybody and she doesn't talk very much right soshe also is shown to have some strange powers i like it right so hawkinsindiana strange girl shows up hospital gown strange powerssold yeah and then and within the town of hawkins indiana there's a department of energy facility on siteand as time goes on they find out that the department of energy site iswhere all of this strange activity is coming from and she has a connection to that siteso they find out that they're doing strange experiments in mind power which isactually giving this girl uh supernatural mind powers and then that does not sound nice as theshow progresses you find out that they have torn a hole in space-time okay and then monsters are cut loose on thetown definitely not unicorns and butterflies sothe inspiration for this is a little placecalled montauk island that looks really pretty now mon or i'm not sorry montauk islandit's it's uh it's the end of new york okayand according to messinessie chic.comcamp hero in montauk point it's a point on an island okay in new york is a former military base abandoned in the1980s and the alleged site of sinister government experimentsit's as if uh stranger things the x-files in the twilight zone had all descended in one small picturesqueseaside community at the far end of long island today camp hero is a new york state runpublic park with nearly 800 acres of wild beaches dense forests and wetlands but dotted around the park you will findthe ruins of its past life from its beginning camp hero was built with deception in mind construction in1942 as the home of the montauk air force station camp hero was a coastalartillery base charged with protecting long island sound from german submarine and naval attackscamp hero was the height of subterviews disguised as a fishing village to full nazi reconnaissanceconcrete military buildings were painted with fake wood signs and false windows to resemble cottagesthere's even a downtown although all that remains today are the ruins of a bowling alley and a gymnasiumwhich was disguised as a new england church complete with a steeple oh my gosh yeah so this was all about this isall about setting up a fake town to fool the germans okay but camp heroes ruse daguerrewould soon become overshadowed by whispers of something much more sinister a series ofhighly top-secret government-run experiments known as the montauk projectthe project was rumored to be an extension of the 1943 philadelphia experimenta conspiracy theory centered around the u.s navy's project to manipulate powerful electromagnetic fields aboardthe uss eldridge to render the ship invisible to enemy radarmines and torpedoes much of the philadelphia experiment has been debunked as tall tales but what is true is that towards the end of world war iius intelligence embarked on a fiercely aggressive program to track down as many nazi scientists and technicians aspossible before they fell into the hands of the soviet union a code named operationpaperclip approximately 1600 captured nazi scientists were secretly located to the u.sand put to work on a wide range of government projects wowso it's definitely like a fake town just like as a giantemployee well back in 1942 remember there's probably nothing out there you know this was the tip of the universefor most people in america all right so it wasn't a big deal to put out umit wasn't a big deal to put a military base out there especially at the height of the cold war to be able to have an early warning system for soviet bombersand then as there was always reconnaissance going around they definitely had to dress it up so it looked like a town and not a militarybase okay but they are saying that that wasjust a cover for what was really going on there yep because that so what are we looking at right here so this this isactual the montauk military base so this is the military base right that looks terrifyingso yeah they had a bunch i mean allegedly a bunch of nazi scientists working thereex-nazi scientists there so helping us i'm hoping yesso according to some conspiracy theorists the covert operation paper clip also included german scientists who worked onbiological research and medical treatments such as doctors who experimented on the use of mescaline andlsd with prisoners at dachau which was one of the camps during the holocaust okay they werestationed at camp hero to work on projects based on the philadelphia experiment their mission was to create powerful new weapon for the usdepartment of defense that could control human minds brainwashed participants drive an enemyinsane or induce the symptoms of schizophrenia at the touch of a button most of camp hero's conspiracy theoriescenter around enormous foot radar dish that is perched upon a windowless concrete monolith that towersover the abandoned buildings uh but it built in 1958 during the height of the cold war the radar waspart of the sage defense network designed to detect surprise attack by soviet bombersbut the giant radar at camp hero had a peculiar side effect the antenna would produce a signal ashigh as 425 megahertz a frequency that would routinely disrupt the television and radio in the homes ofmontauk's residents it was also a frequency that was rumored to disrupt disrupt the human brain yeah that's areally high frequency so that is the back story to the montaukproject okay which is the real life inspiration behind stranger things andthat is the massive satellite dish that was rumored where that wasofficially used to detect russian bombersbut as we're going to find out the dish might have been used for something a little more nefarious and according to all of the legends whenthat satellite when they'd fire up that satellite dish uh all the everybody's radio and tv and everythingelse would just go haywire you can like looking at this picture i can almost like feel theit's almost like a vibration that comes off of it especially for that hive of frequency it's like what do youwhat are you using that high frequency for so where did all of these rumors come fromum and all these crazy stories certainly not from the government well the government denies everything ofcourse they do but we are going to meet a man named preston nicholspreston nichols find the right page herethis is mr preston nichols and as we're going to find out about prestonhe was involved with this projector maybe he wasn't but we're gonna look at something here real quick so as she walks in tointerview him i want you to notice all of this uh radio equipment okay this heavyelectrical equipmentso she interviews him about it and he's got a bunch of old whoa radio equipment behind him okay so andthat's going to tie into the story later so this is preston nichols andhe is origin he is the original leader of this story about the nefariousgoings-on and the montauk project decades before stranger things was ever writtenhuh and his relationship to the montauk programor i'm sorry the montauk island and camp hero was that he wasi think he was a scientist who got a grant to studypsychic energy so he wasn't that interested in it but he got a grant to study psychic energythat's very interesting because just kind of watching him did he do anything with the actualthe montauk or or he just did the psychic energy he just studied psychic energy yeah wellso preston nichols like i said he the the gentleman we just saw he is the originator of this story and accordingto his story he was a scientist who he dealt with radio waves okay but hegot a grant from whoever they won't tell you they don't really say who the grant was from to studypsychic energy and psychic brain waves as they related to radio waves and he said that he could he found that therewas a similarity so he wasn't really interested in psychic activity until he got the grant of course everybodystarted studying it yeah and then that is when he started to get involved with uh monta montauk islandcamp hero and after his all of his experiences he wrote a book okay so in that book hedetails what it is that he foundlet's go to the right page here that's really interesting because i i've been hearing more about peoplestudying psychic energy and everything else like that so for the fact for this to get kind of with the story i'mvery intrigued because he definitely i mean looking for the from the picture i mean he's you candefinitely tell he's been through he's been through life you know what i meanlike he has just life written all over himso this is the book that he wrote with another guy it's preston nichols it's called the montauk project experimentsin time and in the bookvery interesting cover yes so in the bookpreston writes that in 1971 he began working for bjm a well-known defensecontractor on long island and through the years he got a degree in electrical engineering and became a specialist in electromagnetic phenomena he was notaware of the philadelphia experiment or its accompanying phenomenon although he was i was not extraordinarily interestedin the paranormal at the time i obtained a grant to study mental telepathy and to determine whether or not it existed isought to disprove it but i was surprised to find out that it did in fact exist so he began his research and found thatthe telepathic communication operated on principles that were strikingly similar to that of radio waves he discoveredthat a wave could be termed telepathic wave in some respects it behaved like a radio waveso he determined that while a telepathic wave behaves like a radio wave it is exactly like the same thing although itpropagates in a similar fashion to that of electromagnetic waves and possesses like properties not all of these and notall of these normal wave functions so what he's saying is that he worked for this private company called bjm which isa fictitious name he writes here in 1971 okay and he was a specialist inelectromagnetic phenomena okay and he got a grant for some reason to studytelepathic phenomena and he found out that they were very similar as they relate toelectromagnetic wavelengths i know this is a lot but this is yeahthis matters no it totally matters so he so it says here silly i found this all very exciting i discovered a whole newbrand uh i'm sorry a whole brand new electromagnetic function that was not in any of the textbooks he'd ever seen hewanted to learn as much as he could and studied all the activities that might be used with this type of functionhis interest in metaphysics had been launched so it says he continued his research in his spare time andcollaborated with many different psychics to test and monitor their various responses and in 1974 he noticedpeculiar phenomena that was common to all the psychics that he worked with every day at the same hour their mindswould be jammed they couldn't think effectively suspecting that the interference was caused by an electric electronic signalhe used his radio equipment and correlated what came on over the airwaves at the times the psychics were non-functionalwhenever a 410 to 420 megahertz cycle appeared on the air they were jammed when the 410 to 420cycle was off the psychics would open back up for about 20 after about 20 minutes it was obviously that the signalwas greatly impeding their ability of their psychic power so he decided to trace a signal he put atv antenna on top of his car with a vhs receiver drove around until he tracked it right to montauk pointit was coming directly from the air force base he says so at first he thought the signal might have been generated accidentally hechecked around and found the base was still active unfortunately security was tight and the guards wouldn't give any useful information they said the radarwas for a project run by the faa i couldn't he said he couldn't press the point any further than that and itdidn't make a lot of sense since the sage radar that was there that massive radar dish was totally antiquated andis not for any reason known why the faa would need such a system because it's a it's not a broadcasting system it's arussian detecting system uh so he continued his psychic researchbut didn't get anywhere on the investigation of the montauk antenna until 1984 when a friend of his called and said theplace was now abandoned and you should go there and check it out so he did and he says it was a deen abandoned withdebris with debris strewn everywhere he said he saw a fire extinguisher left amidst the many scattered papers thegate was open as were the windows and doors of the buildings and he says this is not the way the military normallyleaves a base so this is how preston got involvedthis is literally going to be my face for the entire podcast you guys so it gets a little confusingokay i have no doubt that uh our friend preston is probably a brilliant personoh he's i mean you can definitely tell his mind works not like ours almostalbert einstein or leonardo da vinci or you know i mean those kind of just likethinking well he definitely talks in like a lot of terms of numbers and jumps back and forth okay soto me he's either super smart or he's minorly schizophrenic or maybe both well especially if you're working enough withsome high frequencies a little bit of both maybe attending that way that is insanei mean i don't know if i would want anybody reading my brain waves like nogo look at my junk drawer in my house you guys you can go look in there not up in hereso preston is also a radio buffand he wanted to get his hands on some of the equipment since it had been abandoned okay and then let's we have tokeep those dates in mind too so in 1971 okay he was an electromagneticexpert and then he got a grant to study uh psychic brain waves which hefound were electromagnetically similar to radio waves which he was an expert in okay and thenhe found out close to 1975 that his psychic people were being jammedokay they couldn't think or they couldn't do their psychic stuff and he traced the radio signal that wascausing it to montauk air station and he went to go check it out and there was tight securityand they told him to buzz off okay and then so now we jumped that's 1975. now we jump to 1984and he finds out that the base is abandoned a year after i was born soi think there's a coincidence there i'm kidding there's not maybe you were that were you born therei think i was born there you guys there's a chance so then some strange things start to happenokay even more strange things so he goes on the base and he runs into a homeless manwho recognizes him what yes and the homeless man says thathe didn't know what happened there because he starts to ask because this preston guy starts asking him some questions okay and he talks to thehomeless guy and also the homeless guy's like wait a minute he starts to tell him like uh well first off the homeless guy was like well there was evidently a bigscience program here he's like i'm not really sure what went on he goes but something happened everybody got terrified andeverybody ran out of here and they closed the base there was some sort of experiment gone wrong oh and then as they're talkingthe homeless guy's looking at him you know how it is it's like you're talking to someone like wait a minute like it just came to him he's like i recognizeyou like i know you and preston's like i have no idea who you are and he's like no no i recognize you he's like wait aminute and then all of a sudden his memory started to come back he's like we worked here together and as a matter of fact he's like you were the projectmanager here what yes so why didn't this guy know who he waswell we're gonna get there too so sorry yeah back to the bookyeah it's a crazy story so he says in fact the men recognized me but i had no idea who he was or what hewas talking about i did listen to a story he said he hadbeen a technician at the base and that he'd been awol he had deserved the project just before the base had been abandoned he spoke about a big beastappearing and frightening everybody away nope he told me a lot about the technical details of the machinery and how thingsworked he also said something that was very strange he told me that he remembered him as well in fact he hadbeen his boss on the project of course preston said he thought that was pure nonsense whoabut he said he was sure that something had gone on at the montauk air force base he just didn't know what so his personalinvolvement was evident but he still didn't consider it very seriously he was puzzled by different people recognizinghim and making it his business to investigate montauk prestongets reports of strange things going on and people recognizing him okay okay he's doing his research he's researchingpsychics goes to the base years ago and then uhhe gets thrown off the premise the premises and then years later it's nine years later it's 1984now he goes back to the base and all of a sudden all these people are recognizing him and he has no idea who they arebut he does some he does some research and he goes and talks to the townsfolks and they say yeah there's been a lot of strange stuff you know justit snowed in the middle of july and you know animals would come crashing through the town and teens would just gathertogether and there'd be crime sprees for two hours and then it would stop so he's starting to get really interested nowyeah i'm really interested right now i'm like we need more soaccording to preston um this is when he kind of had a breakin the story the break in his story as it relates to montauk okay sothere is a gentleman named duncan all rightwho shows up suddenly on his doorstep very strangely and oddlyso you look at the picture here this is preston not in the best shape right andthis is duncan the guy in the white shirt on the right okay so duncan shows upand he apparently was a psychic that worked at the air station okayand as they work together president starts to get more of his memories back and he starts to rememberall the stuff that was going on at the base and what his role and what his role in it wasso apparently preston was a programmed split personalitywho worked as a contracted radio professional by day and a top secret project manager of a secret mind controltime travel project by nightwrap your wrap your mind around so are you serious that's so preston thisthis guy this gentleman yes wow remember these people are super scientists and they're brilliant oh my gosh yeah butyeah that this is not the strongest casted group of characters right here oh my gosh i'm like thisis crazy so the government after the project was ending apparently fried their memoriesfried their brains and their memories and actually injected new memories into their brainslike men in black yes like here's your new zap of these app after the project failed and the base was closed theproblem was is that guys like preston who were super psychics uh their brains would kind of workaround it right and he would start to remember this stuff or he'd just be drawn to certain places and certain things and certain people and he wasdrawn to preston and as they worked together and it says in the book you know he was doing some other work on some different antennas and all of asudden his memory started to come back and he started to remember about his role in the project wowso and that's really interesting too because this you're so you're talking about this guy preston who's like a radio buff so he work works withradio frequencies so and a lot of times what you can do or what i do is that i listen to radiofrequencies different megahertz to kind of not heal but more of restore your um thebrain wave so especially if he's around all this all the time he might have been listening to a lower level of a radio frequency that mighthave been able to kind of heal parts of his brain that were kind of zapped that's totally my sure or maybe just theabsence of not having something jamming your brain with radio waves you know this is why you do what you do and i doyou're like you're like i'm all mystical and wonderful and you're just like just not a giant needlein his brain like oh yeah that helps that definitely helps that definitely helps so this is a fantastic story it'sincredible hands down yeah i want to know more well is it really is it really believable no he's not they oh no hepassed away maybe a decade ago maybe not poor guy but do we have any evidence this hashappened because like i said i have no doubt that these guys are probably brilliant but the bookand the story is told and written like someone who's very smart but also possibly schizophrenic and i say like isaid are both or both yeah so are there any bona fides to actuallyback any of this up all right let's see i'm sure you have so yeah i'm sure you havei'm sure you got a bonafide somewhere [Laughter]possibly all right possibly some bona fides okay so the first thing is that when we sawthe video in the house on the first part of the podcast here okay there was a bunchof radio equipment you got you know yeah those like speakers like the inside of a speaker right yeah and then they interviewed him and he's sitting infront of a whole bunch of like transmis transistors or right heavy duty radioequipment yes so let's actually look at that again right there yeah yeah that's all of hisstuff now in the book they talk abouthow the reason he went there in the first place to montauk island was because the island where i'm sorry themontauk point was because it was abandoned by the government and nobody owned the radio equipment and he knowshe's been involved with enough government contracts and stuff that he knows thatif that stuff's abandoned by the government then it's up for grabsthat's so even when radio equipment is shut off it's still emitting radio waves wellno no all right but something there was emitting radio wavesthat's the mystery so something else was turning all the stuff on right okay wow but after it was abandoned all thisstuff was up for grabs so he went back to get it now could anybody be a pack rat but this is kind of the bona fides that i wastalking about okay yeah so he has all this advanced radio equipment and it's like where did he get all this stuff if notfrom montauk island right okay so that's kind of the first thing i will put in his corner okay asfor a bonafide the second part of it that might make a little bitof sense is that one of the people he was working with knew the son of a senator he won't saywho the senator was of course not but the senator uh the the son knew them was workingwith them and they said hey look you got to go tell your dad what's going on he's got to look into it but before they so and hesays in here in the book that he visited montauk many more times often with different people who had been involvedso a small group of us began to realize that we had stumbled across one of the highest security projects the country had ever knownas a group they decided to take that action had to be taken they weren't sure exactly what to doso they sat around discussed it what was the best thing to do publish it then talked about it extensively it saysbut he says in july of 1986 they decided that he should go to the united states psychotronics association in chicago andtalk about it he said he did and created an uproar word got around fast to those who didn'twant the montreal the montauk story to be revealed and he says suddenly he was given an unannounced lecture theinformation went out to hundreds of people and helped our safety considerably so he's saying i wonder ifwe could find this that he went to the united states psychotronics associationmeeting in chicago and gave a speech about the montauk program what was going on thereso there's the first piece of it there's a second piece of evidence that maybe this maybe he's not just making all thisstuff up i don't think he is so it says now he decided to feed the information to the federal government and one of hisassociates knew the nephew of a senator from the southwest the nephew who they called lenny worked for the senator uhthey gave the information to lenny who passed it on to his uncle the information included pictures of the orders given to the different militarypersonnel which they found strewn across the base the senator did a personal investigation and verified that military technicianshad in fact been assigned to the base the senator also discovered that the base was decommissioned derelict andmothballed since 1969. having served his country as an air force general he was particularlyinterested to know why the air force personnel were working on a derelict base and where did the money come fromto open up the base and uh and to run it okay so really quick sorry what does umderelict mean derelict means like uh broken down run down okay not taken care of okay thankyou so after they did their own investigation and saw the pictures and documents supplied to them there was no question that the base had been activethey verified that fort hiro which was the original name of the base in world war one and montauk were indeed derelictand were simply listed as property held by the general service administration since 1970. soremember back to the beginning of the story uh in 1971 he was working with uhpsychics and electromagnetic radio waves right and then he found out thatthere was a frequency coming out from somewhere that was jamming his psychics and by 1975 he figured out that it wascoming from the base and the base had people at it and they told him and they kicked him off the premisesbut this was decommissioned in 1969 officially decommissioned so like twoyears later right this all happens that's that's two yeah between two and four yearslater so when the senator completed his investigation he couldn't find any traits of government funding noappropriations no oversight committees and no payments and then he said he had eventually retired due to advanced ageand these are some pictures of the uh some orders that were given out official air force documents apparentlyapparently that's so and something so of course my brain is always kind of going more tothe spiritual side of it so he goes and gets all of this equipment from this place that wassupposedly doing pretty nefarious things right so he's getting all the equipment allthe stuff in there so i'm like sitting here wondering i'm like because i look at the picture from like you know lifeyou know he definitely looks a little bit you know worn down but you're i'm also kind of curious to see what type of negative energy thatwas there that could have almost affected him especially if he's around all these psychics out there youknow i mean it's almost like this like sort of like osmosis that's literally where my brain's going when you're talking all about this yeah soand what's strange about it is that i mean there's some decent bona fideuh information saying that you know maybe he was actually part of this thing yeah but the part that i couldn't get my mindaround was the fact that so he was acontracted technician electromagnetic specialist right in 1971working with psychics excuse me yeah and in that time according to his story he was a splitpersonality working with this duncan guy on the base for one job yeah who was a psychic andthen he had another job as a project manager because the homeless guy recognized him right rightso the right the homeless guy recognized him said hey you're the project manager here rightbut if he went there in 1971 as a contractedscientists working on electromagnetic specialists working with psychics and he went to the base and they threw him offwhy didn't he recognize the base if he was already working there on the project i'm wondering so was he like splittingthree i'm wondering if the maybe that's why he looks the way he looks well that's what i'm saying was that i know sometimeswhen there's a lot of trauma that comes through you'll split that personality so that you don't actually did a bunch ofresearch before with split personalities so if there's something that will trigger your split personality that the trauma sideof it it'll hide and it won't come through until it can kind of come forward because that's kind of your protection of it so i'm kind ofwondering if that was what he was doing but almost unintentionally because he was under this sort of like splitpersonality that he's fried his brain super hard it literally just fried his brain to where he's like oh scary place don't go here i'm back to being ascientist and not like an overbloated you know um jason bournebut i mean you know that's actually a really good uhthat is a good analogy because that's exactly what they talk about in umthe jason bourne movies is that he was he had his personality split so they could get him to do things and hewouldn't remember what they were they could activate these guys whenever they wanted to and they wouldcarry out a mission and have no idea what had happened i mean if you look at him he doesn't really look like that much of a missionlike i mean go and steal like the diamonds he's like all right you know like he's done yeah yeah hishis hands are not yeah he's he's not a dangerous physical weapon no he's not apparently his mind is very very powerful yes so no it absolutely is welllook it so this is a picture again the lady in the middle is just a radio host but that's preston and that's duncan andduncan is the smaller guy on the right and he is a psychic who worked on thebase under preston's care so huh he's a psychic that worked on thebase i don't like him specifically for the project okay and so what were these guys up tothere's something there's something funny about this guy well it says that according the book isthat the brookhaven group uh went to the military informed them about a fantastic new piece of technology they wereworking on oh wait before we get there so the basethe first part of it was weather experiments and this is all conspiracy too okay but they're saying that thegovernment was able to control the weather and they were using so according to thestories they were using that massive uh radio dish okay to send electromagnetic waves out into the atmosphere or radiowaves or whatever hurts that they vibrate at and it would cause weather to just come out of nowhere so they can manipulate the weather okayand then it turned and then it branched off from from there they found out that itwas having other effects on different things and did more research then it turned into mind controlwhich then branched off into time travel but according to the book it says agroup a private group called the brookhaven group went to the military and informed them about this fantastic new piece of technology they wereworking on they told them about a device that could make the enemy surrender with uh without a battle simply by throwing aswitch the military became enthusiastic and were ready to cooperate they informedthey were informed that they didn't need to get involved in the financing because that was covered by uh the group at brookhaven national labsof particular import on the technology was the list of old say of an old sage radar for this they required a hugeradio song that could operate around 425 to 450 megahertz from earlier researchit was known that this was the window frequencies of getting into the human consciousness a very high powered radiodevice was need that ran 425 to 450 megahertz sothat's apparently how they went to the montauk to montauk point in camp is because they're like hey we have justthe place for you if you want to if you want to start doing mind control experiments we know we have a mothballedum military base that has a massive radar dish on it that can shoot out all the 425 to 450 megahertz radio wavesyou'll ever need so that's how this all got started wow according to the book according to thebook so they experimented by running the transmitter at different pulse widths uhdifferent pulse rates and different frequencies they tried everything that they could think of just plain experimentationthey just wanted to see what would happen to a person uh if they were bombarded by x frequency pulseet cetera they observed that certain changes made by made would make a person sleep cry laugh beagitated and so on there were rumors that whenever the sage radar ran the mood of the whole base would change thiswas very interesting to the project supervisors as they were primarily concerned with the study of human factors they wanted to see how theycould train and change brain waves they did this was done by changing the repetition rates of the pulsewith different biological functions in this way a person's thoughts could be controlled with the 425 to 450 megahertzof radio frequency power they actually had a window into the human mind the next be the next step would be to findout what was inside of it so now we're getting back to preston who is onthe base and now what they're doing is a private group has funded the militaryoff the books to start doing mind control experiments okay and the way that they do thisis using the same frequency 425 to 450 that preston found out was involving his orwas interrupting his psychics and they found out that if they you know shot this stuff at somebody's headdepending on what pulse they used and what exact frequency they use that they could get them to change the person would start to act differently theymight be happy they might be sad they might be sleepy they might get aggravated so that's what they found out what theywere doing that's how they found out um that's the experiment that they were actually doing on peopleand real people on real people and real people like this just like i'll listen to radio frequency liketo go to bed or to release any you know negativity or negative energies or anything likethat's you know or positive i'll listen to that so the fact that they were doing this like on purpose to it's justoh that's insane and it was privately fundedthat means like somebody was like hey this sounds like a really great idea i'm going to give you moneydon't ask questions here you go yes and if you remember that says they went totheir buddy and said hey your dad is a senator you need to go tell him what's going on they did a bunch of research and they couldn't find any fundingand they didn't know who was running it and they didn't know why there was military personnel in the base to beginwith they found nothing so this was if this is true this is all run by a private group who is doing mindcontrol experiments with 420 megahertz waves so they could use it as a military weaponwow against the enemy yeah and please don't go ahead and start using 420 to 450 megahertz as a weapon for anybodygo ahead and throw that little that little warning in there little heads up this is i meanthis is a really incredible story and it's it's yeah i mean you know um you know you'retalking about the this is connected with the stranger things the really popular show sowell and then if if they were shooting radio waves and they were changing people's moods with the radio waves andthey were using that giant tower to do it that would explain the stories that he had gotten from the police chief about animals going crazy and crashingto the town explain why there was you know crime sprees that would lasted two hours andthen be a complete lull and then it would start up again well the weather especially for that one that's a huge one it would explain um why you know allthese teenagers were just grouping up for a couple hours and they would go away it's because they were performing these experiments on these people andanimals without anybody knowing so i wonder if there's any people that are still left from that area or had youknow their grandparents and curious you can actually tell someone who could tell some stories like i wouldlove to find that would be amazing to do all right what else you got well now wemove on to the montauk chair there's a chair yeswhich would allow you to materialize whole objects uh eventually from the ether from just your thoughtsso it says back to the book it says in 1950s itt developed a sensortechnology that could literally display what a person was thinking it was essentially a mind-reading machine itoperated on the principle of picking up electromagnetic functions of human beings and translating those into a discernible form so basicallyyou would sit in this chair you had this thing on your head you know like doc brown from back to the future you would think of something and then itwould come up on the screen it would read your thoughts robot vacuum robot vacuum robot vacuumdidn't work soyou know they're really putting a lot of work into all the stuff to make everything put together um you knowthere's a chair there's a head thing there's the frequencies so it's all it's really kind of terrifying how they'rekind of putting all these pieces together to make it all work really really wellum so or not well depending on if you're in the chair or not yeah i mean it's it'stotally fascinating but it's really scary at the same time terrifying so now the next step was to actuallymaterialize something not just an image so it says once they had a transmitter working it took about another year to work on the programs and says by late1977 the transmitter was reproducing thought forms without glitchings glitches uh with a high degree offidelity at this point they were pulled out all the stops so they had their psychic duncan duncanconcentrate on a solid object object and guess what appeared the solid object actually precipitated out of the etherso this is where this duncan guy comes in remember the thinner guy so they would have him sit in this chair andthey would fire that giant radar right at him right at his head and he wouldconcentrate on something and then whatever he concentrated on say it's a cup or a ball or whatever it is a car itwould just materialize out of thin air soi'm i'm so it says in other words if you were able to hold an object in his hand or visualize it it would appear in thegiven spot they actually had discovered pure creation out of thought with the use of the transmitter uh whatever duncan could think up wouldappear many times it would only be visible and not solid to the touch like a ghost like a ghost uh but sometimes itwas a real object and was stable and would stay other times it was a solid object that would remain as long as thetransmitter was turned on and then fade out as the transmitter was turned off so they also had another uh programafter this called the seeing eye and it says with a lock of a person's hair or other appropriate object in hishand duncan would concentrate on the person and be able to see as if he was seeing through their eyes hearingthrough their ears and feeling through their body he could actually see through other people anywhere on the planet thisstyle of experimentation was extensive but he didn't know how far it was takendon't like that and that kind of began the mind control so that's what they were doing with the mind control and itgoes on the book to say that they actually refined it um fairly well they could they literally made dials to knowthat okay 425 makes people happy 4 30 makes people sad 4 35 makes people youknow angry or whatever it is and they would just dial this thing up and point it at people and get their desired resultsi am highly uncomfortable with this entire story this is insane so the agenda employed was more wassinister said they were interested in controlling how human beings think the next move was to see if they could putthoughts in the head of another person for instance they would have duncan meet a subject individual and subsequent tothe meeting and unbeknownst to the individual duncan would concentrate on the individual and he says 90 of thetime the subject would get thoughts similar to duncan's being able to push his mind so far into the mind of another being he could control what the otherperson and was making them think and also make them do sothrough duncan the equipment and the montauk transmitter scientists could actually load information programs and commands into an individual's mindduncan's thoughts would become an individual's own thoughts and using this process an individual could be made to do something he wouldn't ordinarily dothis was part of the mind control aspect of the montauk project oh my goshso they're really getting dialed in on mind control and it's like i said they they got it all kind of squared awayby putting this psychic guy and they call it the montauk chair okay and they would fire this giantradar right at him and then he would be able to materialize solid objects um he would also be theywould also be able to control people's thoughts first off they can control moods if they just aimed at anybody but if they wentto duncan he could concentrate on a person and start to project his thoughts into their mind that is terrifying andthen as soon as he was gone so like let's say he wanted him to murder someone they'd go murder somebody and then he would they flip the switch offand the guy would just end up there like what what am i doing here what happened so that's what they're saying what's going on hereso like especially like with everything like in my world of what we do it's all about like free will so the fact thatthey're totally throwing out free will and just doing what they want is beyond evilso oh absolutely absolutely you know i mean like everyone has free will so it's like the fact that they're just like nope youdon't have it anymore i mean that's a total violation that's that's justthis isn't crazy so every one of these experiments one thingleads to the next you know it's like first off they find out that the because they're trying to control the weather originally and they're usingthe antenna to control the weather and they're having great success with that but then they find out that the radiowaves or the electromagnetic waves also are the same as radio waves and they control people's moods okay which thenleads to them starting to control people's minds which then they find out if they fire this thing into a psychicperson it's the melding of man and machine and they can force people to do things that they don't want to dobut then they also found out that while they're doing these experiments because it keeps getting more and more refined that there wereglitches in time yeah because you're messing with everything so they're using all these electromagnetic magnetic forces and apsychic and the human factor and the machine factor and advanced technology and apparently there's alien technologyinvolved as well and then what they're finding was is that they were bending time and this is where the time travel aspect comes inso after they had refined their mind control according to the book it says that uhduncan would start out sitting in this chair then the transmitter would be turned on and says mine was blank andclear and then he would be directed to concentrate on an opening in time from say 1980 which was the current time backthen to 1990. and at that point a hole or time portal would appear right in thecenter of the delta t antenna so you're saying that they dug underground this massive antenna underground and it wouldbe and then duncan would sit in between the antenna and the radar dishand you could walk through the portal from 1980 to 1990 and there was an opening that you could look into it looked like a circular corridor with alight at the other end the time door would remain as long as duncan could concentrate on1990 and 1980. so it said essentially the scientists were doing was using uh 1943 63 and 83as a vortex based on the 20-year cycles that they had discovered while they were on theredoing these experimentsso the objective now is to explore time itself it says the crew began to look uh at past history into the future uh justscouting around they would search ahead for a hostile environment through the vortex they could sample the air andterrain and everything without entering the portal those who travel through the vortex describe it as a peculiar spiraltunnel that was lit all the way down as one started to walk down he would suddenly be pulled through it itpropelled one out the other end usually in another place as opposed to montaukit was routine to create a tunnel grab somebody off the street and send them down sothis is the part this is the other part where it comes into stranger things is that they were abducting people off the streetand sending him either forward in time or backwards in timeand just kind of experimenting and seeing what happened to him it also says that they wereusing a lot of kids for some reason they were not that's what it saysso it says it was routine to create a tunnel grab somebody off the street and send them down most of the time these people were winos and derelicts whoseabsence wouldn't create a furor if they returned they would make a full report on what they had encountered most of the winos used the experiments were soberedup for a week before entering the portal but many didn't make it back and he says we don't know how many people are still floating around in timewhenever wherever and however so in addition to derelicts the researchers also use kids for somereason he's not sure exactly what the purpose was but there was one kid at montauk who would go out and get other kids and bring them to the project sayshe was like a tractor beam so he lived in montauk and would circulate around around very effectivelythere was also an entire core of these around the new york metro area that could get away for six hours or sowithout being missed they were specifically trained to go out and bring in other kids some kids returned homeand some didn't the kids were chosen between 10 and 16 or maybe 18 at the oldest and nine at the youngestso according to so that's what they were doing they said that you know they hadkid recruiters that would go out and get other kids and recruit them into this project and anybody who's listening to this ifyou've been paying attention to what's been going on in the news lately with you know some very important powerful people that's exactlywhat these guys were doing too so it's just it's interesting that this stuff comes up and was written uh twodecades ago at least so well and and before the the chapter yousaid beforehand they were due in 1943 19 it was 20 years so now we're 20 years later from thelast time okay yeah well keep your eyes peeled forpreston you might show up uh-uh not here i will black salt and sage you right out back to where you came fromreturn to center um this is just beyondterrifying so they got the time travel thing kind offigured out oh yay goodso they got time travel figured out more or less yeah and then what they were trying to do was actually get tomars soif we remember if you know your science type stuff that there is a faceon mars allegedly okay okay and so if you look here at thediagram this is this is the face there's allegedly a city there's a pyramid and there's also somekind of other uh formation therethis is like a thing yep this is actually mars okay and then what makes it even more interesting is that it'scalled the mirror of cydonia so the article that says demonstrates that there is an apparent connectionbetween the complex where the face is to be found on cydonia in mars located atthe same area just north of stonehenge in england on earth okay so if you put the same diagram upright here from mars and you lay it over the earth it lines up perfectly with stonehenge inengland this is so crazy how did you find this storynothing but time on my hands i guess seriously this is the crater this is thefive-sided pyramid and then this is in stonehenge right here there's the crateryep there's the pyramid and those and so when we were doing the um the hellfire clubs those domes wereactually like ceremonial so the fact that that's there and that's part it'swow i'm beyond blown away right nowand then so this is what it looks like here so i guess back in the 70s or 80s there wasa viking maybe even later than that there was a satellite that went overhead and started taking pictures and really caught everybody's attentionand this is what they found is they found some objects that they're saying may not have beenbuilt by humanswhoaso they're able to get real close and kind of see a 3d yeah i'm not sure if that was maybe justcompiled with new stuff but we're going to find this uh the pyramidso that's the pyramid that's on mars i don't know how big that is i don'tknow if those other rocks around it are super huge or the pyramids small but there's evidently almost a perfect pyramid onmaybe that's just the tip of the pyramid it goes all the way underneath could be maybe everything just uh lined up to it or uhbuilt up too yeah that'sso and remember this is all supposedly taking place back in the 70s okaywe're mind control experiment experiments so according to the bookuh there's a mission to mars and the project researchers continue to scout around in time it was in late 1981 or 82when the first actual use of this technology was employed to gain entrance into the underground areas of the big pyramid on the planet marsthis is currently um whoops there's currently a videotape entitled mars mission that is a representationthere's a presentation to nasa scientist by scientific journalist named richard hoagland concerning thetetrahedral complex that is associated with the face on mars in this video hoagland shows the faceand nearby pyramids that were photographed by the viking spacecraft in the 70s computerized projectiontechniques are used to give it 100 360 degree flyby of the face so just like the video that we saw rightum apparently they tried toget more research into it and nasa just completely shut them down said nope we don't know what you're talking about don't ever talk about thisagain but back in montauk according to the information his associates had dug up the people who were so there wasevidently um an old ancient race on marsokay and they were living underground beneath the pyramid and the entrances were either sealed over or simply couldn't be found in fact it appearedthat the big pyramid was sealed off better than the pyramid of giza uh despite all the expensive and fancy technology the pyramid could not bepenetrated the scientists at montauk decided the best approach would be to project right into the center of the martianunderground the newly discovered montauk technology gave them the wherewithal to use a spatial warp to get inside theywanted to get into the underground caverns uh these were thought to be set up and administered by a very old civilization so now they're using theirtime war portal technology to go right into the center of the pyramid in mars we're aliens in acivilization an ancient civilization no so i'm not sure if they're gonna throw ahomeless guy down there or actually take some scientists but i that's what they said they were up to and that's whatthey were gonna finally get to okay but the story ends before that before they could actually get to marsso in the book it says the project was now reached apocalyptic proportions natural laws were being violated and itseemed that everyone uh involved felt very uncomfortable so i'm not sure which partgot everybody all up in a in a twist was it when they were abducting teenagers off the streets yeahor just throwing random winos into the past and leaving them there or going in manipulating people's mind and makingthem do something they don't want to do because but no i mean a pyramid on mars though that's that's a bridge too faryou know what now now we're getting uncomfortable yeah now it's getting a little bit uncomfortable now we have to back off guys this isn't safe yeah sofinally three i said three calling colleagues and himself had been privately voicing misgivings about the project over months they talked aboutthe pitfalls of dealing with time and how this might affect the karma of the planet we hope the project would truncate itselfconsequently our little cabal created a contingency program that only duncan could activate it was designed to crashthe entire project so he says over time they finally decided that they had enough of the whole experiment and the contingencyplan was activated so when duncan was in the chair and they were you know shooting him with theradio waves and he was creating portals in time someone walked up to the chair and whispered to duncan the time is nowand at that moment he let loose a monster from his subconscious and the transmitter actually portrayed a bighairy monster uh it was big hairy hungry and nasty and it didn't appear underground in the null point it showedup somewhere on the base it would eat anything it could find and smashed everything in sight several people sawit but almost everyone described it as a different beast it was between 9 and 30 feet talland had but i had about the same description he goes but you know everybody wasrunning for their lives and nobody knew really what was going on so no one was any frame of mind to comment collectively analyze this exact natureand they say after the monster was released um the people who ran the project totally freaked out and theysaid cut the power so they cut the power and the whole thing got turned off so where'd the monster go well after thepower was cut because remember it was a projection from duncan's mind it was an actual monster well no it wasan actual monster while he was projecting it but once the power got cut from the transmitter the whole thing just just faded awaylike and that was the end of it okay good solook at this so we can start to see the uh similarities between this andstranger things you know there is a chair that you sit in there is mind control right uh telepathythere is a ribbon space time yeah and there are monsters okay stealing children yes stealing kids oh yeah alsodisappearing kids disappearing kids screwing up the whole town messing with the lights with the frequency yeah withthe christmas lights and the messages yeah and he's in another dimension he's in another dimension so that's the way he was communicating with her wasthrough a frequency so see i am valuable but according to this storyso was duncan i'm sorry not duncan well duncan too is uh preston was he a triplesplit secret agent project leader or was he just a deluded schizophrenicand i think we have good evidence for both but the one thing that sticks out to me isthat um whenever you hear a story about a split personality or the government wasexperiencing a monotony or i was you know a double agent didn't know the schizophrenictheir their story is always more grand than what they are you know it's never like hey you knowi'm a professional lawyer by day and then they split me in half to be a janitor and not me not remember at allright it's always a grand you know it's like hey you know i was a secret spy double dark project leader for thecia and it's like i'm sure you were you know it's like you're always somebody very very important in your splitso i don't know it's for so i'm like for me like i think this dunk um the who is thethe dunking guy i think he was psychic yeah i think he was a lot more in control of what it was and almost usingthe other person as his puppet to make him do what he wanted to do i'm wondering if that guy had some sortof financial contributions in it you were like hey don't mess me up mess him up umso you are on the side that duncan is telling the truth oh absolutely i'm sorry preston preston i absolutely think100 that um preston is telling the truth intuitivelyhearing him kind of looking at his picture and everything else um you can i can definitely sense thatthere's some sort of energetic trauma that happened to him andthe fact that everything he's talking about with the megahertz and the radio and all of it like to me it just it'salmost like a like a giant um like an suv like this is the person they're like pinpoints and strings like i can seeall the connections for it to make sense well he certainly tells a fantastic story yeah and but to me i mean it's like i can seeboth sides of it because to me it sounds just like a paranoid delusion and like isaid before it's like everybody's delusion is always bigger than what they are you know it's it's never i got splitinto a personality to become a janitor not there's anything wrong with that no um it's always like you know it's alwaysthe opposite it's i got split to become a super secret spy cia project manager of a massively funded program tosplit time and travel to mars it's like oh like seriously like seriously i meanit's you know but not to be a total skeptic there are somemore bona fides some things to think about before we write him off so you're a skeptica little bit a little bit possibly some things to maybe consider okayso and this is according to messi and cheek again so it's although the montauk project with its wild claims of timetravel and alien interactions is widely regarded as a work of science fictionit does have some physical evidence behind some theories most notably inside and underneath the abandoned radar toweritself when the deeds to camp hero were handed over from the government to the new yorkstate department of parks and recreation in 1984 the paperwork stipulatedwilts the new york state would own everything on the surface of the base what is todaynow the public park the government retained ownership of everything below thesurface indication of a large facility hiding underneathhold on so this is an actual park where people can go play and like walk around yes so remember like this is aan equipment room that's made to look like a house because they wanted to fool thegermans or the russians and this is one of the inside one of the radar roomsthat's the lab at the base but yeah so what they found in the deed wasthat the government gave ownership of everything on thesurface to the state okay but they maintained ownership of everything underneathwhich is interesting that's really interesting so what's underneath well it says one explorer of camp hero namedbrian minnick discovered an underground tunnel at the end which was a heavy door on itand had a heavy wheel like a bank vault alongside other sealed entrances minuteuncovered rooms decorated with highly psychedelic pattern wallpaper perhaps used in some sort of mind controlexperiment most intriguing of all minik found records of vast quantitiesof food being ordered to camp hero in the late 80s at a cost of eighty thousand dollars per monthuh years after the us military had decommissioned the base wait years afteryes because remember in the 80s they were so it was officially shut down in 1969 okayofficially and then it just became an abandoned base for um run by the general services division ofthe government and after that so if that's the case why would the government when they handover the deed say you could have everything on top but we get everything underneath it and then beyond that why would they be findingpaperwork saying that there was you know catering services or food delivery services for 80 000 a month they musthave a massive workforce there but something to think about that's something all right and then ontop of that um if that's not enough it says here but if stories of the us governmentrunning experiments on humans seemed too far-fetched and more suited to the realms of investigation you know by thex-files skeptics skeptics would do well to delve into the documents entered into publicrecord by a 1977 congressional investigation into a cia run project called mk ultraso if anybody knows about mk ultra we know that the cia was obsessed with mindcontrol and they did thousands of experiments from the 40s allegedly ending in the 70sbut some people say that they never ended we can get into this stuff later butthey say that the cia actually became really good at mind control lsd was used extensively in the 60s andit was experimented on people with by the cia they're the ones who introduced it to americaso lsd was actually made by government well i think it was made by the government i know that they bought theworld supply of it um back in the 60s maybe it was before thatbut they were using it to try and control mines and some people are saying that the mk ultra program never endedthat there's it's still going on they're still experimenting on people they still they have live active techniques that are actually used that are actually usedso what that tells me though is that the montauk project the big part of it was that they were trying to control people's minds and all the funding wasoff the books so if the if this is the height of thecia trying to control people's minds i mean why wouldn't they go to montauk and try this tooso it definitely could have been done it's definitely plausible and then you look at a guy like dunk like poor duncanand poor preston i mean those guys look like their brains have been fried no they do they definitely look like they've been through something yeah i'mnot trying to be mean but it's like yeah that guy looks like he's been fried well and it was you know and i wasjust reading today about um you know when you work with a lot of energy or negative energy it'll actuallystart to take a toll on your body to where you can get sick and have a lot of um physical problems with it becauseof all of it and i know that you and i have talked about that even on um demonic oppression it's all aboutnegative energy so low frequency low energy and they're working at things at 450. so if they'reworking at something at such a high frequency and then all of a sudden they just drop it back down to zeroit's a huge shock wave to your mind but yeah sorry no and in the book theytalk about how the radar waves would actually cause brain damage and they were they were actually damagingpeople's brains and frying them out so they had to they had to uh fix the radar so it was sending non-burning raisin andnot the burning rays so which is crazy so yeah those guys look like they've been fried okay and the cia was umobsessed with everything that they've been talking about and just like you talked about like the bournemovies right where you can change someone's personality inject newpersonalities um activate people at will and then once their project was over you could deactivate them and they'd have noidea what happened perfect super soldiers and that sounds like exactly what they were doing here besides spending time and going to mars andthrowing homeless people into vortexes so another piece of evidence that backsup his story though it backs up his claim yeah um this is mr lafreno the 53 year old grewup in montauk this is according to new york post okay and now works as a parks employee employee at camp hero he alsosincerely believes he was one of the lost tortured montauk boys popular uh popularized in nichols bookuh i didn't believe it until two years ago laferno told the post i was hypnotized uh for about 40 minutes andthese memories flooded back they did a very bad thing to us out there we were just little kids we they had no right toexperiment on us it was very dark very evil thing so it says here that he believes he wasabducted and abused during the summer of 1980 and possibly during the summer of 81 when he was 12 or 13. he recalledunder hypnosis that a local boy whom no one knew very well invited him to take a bike ride to the baseso this is a completely separate person years later who is telling the same exact storyand if you think about the time frame you know what i mean and you can i can there's a you knowoh this poor guy so he says the first time leferner said there were two men waiting dressed in civilian clothes they usheredthe boys into a sunken house on the base later he said he and the other boys were brought underground through battery 113uh one of the sealed gunneries from uh world war ii which i'm assuming is that battery right next to him rightthere wow he remembers lying on a table and wires coming out of him like electrodes they analyzed us like animalshe said he said there were up to 50 other kids in there he believed some of them were later killedit would be easy to write him off as a kook but he is gainfully employed at the park has a steady girlfriend and appearsto have a solid relationship with his kids and locals call him a friend he said that while under hypnosis hewent to the location he remembered with another parks employee charlie who was also interviewed by thepost there they found remnants of a sunken house from his visions he goes if we had a backhoe and my bosslet me dig up the spot which i know he won't i can guarantee we'd find some cement structures down thereso you know he doesn't look like a total kook no he doesn't i could i mean there's definitelya pain in his eyes not to get all you know i mean but he's i mean thisthat's just incred that's just absolutely tragic soyeah i mean it's it's it's tough it's a tough call is it true or is this all just the the made up in people's mindsof various mental illness and schizophrenics and everything else and just generalized lonely people but imean why would someone make a story like that though you know i mean then and then to add on to it you know to meit's you know you're talking about um is it called mk ultra i've never heard of that beforebut so definitely do a topic on that one well and the cia was obsessed with it andthey were funding all kinds of programs everywhere trying to figure out how they can manipulate people's minds andeverything you read in the book or hear from a story sounds like they got pretty close with this stuff or at least was plausible you know wowum because everybody knows you know you know that electromagnetic waves affect people and some people are really sensitive to itum it's it's possible you know it's a fantastic story but it's possible ithink it's i think it's very very possible but now we have some fun facts so i don't know we'll leave it up to you guys todecide whether it's true or not let us know what you think yeah check out preston nichols bookgive that a shot real quick absolutely but we do have some fun facts to get to as wellso his bookis called the montauk project experiments in time okay by preston nichols with uh somebody named oopspeter moon so make sure to check it out but some funfacts now yeah here's some other things that kind of tie in that little nuggets just just just for ourlisteners just because you showed up today oh thanks guys does anybody out here think that this story soundsfamiliar besides stranger things does the story of a person whohas a split personality recovers old memories because he sat ina chair and he wanted to go to mars jeopardy music playsit's definitely not a disney movie that's for sure i so okay well if we rememberthere's a little movie i've never seen this one total recall you've never seen total recall i'venever seen total recon show's over i'm done you guys don't hate meso the movie total recall as of everybody who's cool who's seen it knows yeahapparently i'm not cool that uh our hero here arnold schwarzeneggerdecides that he wants to take a trip to marswe're doing alien artifacts now alien artifacts now and what this was in 1990yeah no wonder he's getting his brain fried [Laughter]thanks honey so in goes arniein the chair okay getting the uh electromagnetic wavesinserted into his brain to inject a memory that is false into hismind which as we all remember doesn't go wellclassic ernieso in the movie he thinks he's somebody else he thinks that he's uh a spywho got sent here he got a memory implanted sent to earth and he has to get back to the resistance and then itturns out that he was working for the major mining company who injected the memory into himto make him think that he was a little lowly construction worker who wanted to go to mars who went to this place whowould then use their memory power thingelectromagnetic thing to uncover a different memory that he had as being an undercover agent from beforeso then they would lead him the evil company back to the resistance who then could clear all these people out so theycould continue to mine mars and use it for all of its resources so all of everything in this movie is inthe story you know the the chair mind control memories umyou know artifacts on mars all that stuff so fun fun little fact in factand then another one maybe might not be as fun but uh prestonwas the oh i didn't have this one pulled up ah manthe founder of the psychotronic movement and if we all know about the psychotronicmovement where you can search without getting sorry guysis that it was the idea that the government was always shooting radiowaves into your brain causing you to think the thoughts that they wanted youto think and hehe led the movement on this which led people they called the tin pot hats or the tin foil hats and thiscaused people to wear tin foil on their heads who really believe this stuff because they didn't want the governmentcontrolling their brains so another little fun fact when her young but her oldest was younger sheused to love watching weird owl videos i'm not sure if she ever saw this one so he was so when you hear the term tinfoil hat tinfoil hat theory it comes from this guy preston nichols so he thought okay so when you wear tinfoilhat you're blocking the radio waves coming to your head because they can't pass through the foil wowbut maybe something not as funny about it is that if you go to change.orgthere is a petition that you can sign to investigate the misuse of psychotronic mind control weaponsaccording to the petition uh there are individuals in this country victims of psychotronicalso known as mind control electromagnetic direct energy neurological weapons who are being targeted unjustly or used as humansubjects and experiments without their informed consent victims of mind and body controldetailed the most extreme and italian violations of human rights in history criminals may implant people withmicrochips and nanomaterials and place them under continuous surveillance where we heard aboutnanomaterials and surveillance recently so they monitor the human braincontinuously alter conscious consciousness and behavior and directly assault and torture mind and bodies andthe human subjects so there are some of the symptoms targeted individuals may experience sothey microwave hearing torture with loud noise hallucinationsretrieving memories manipulation of thoughts emotions desires and perceptionsmanipulation of behavior which is for speech speech involuntary movementsetc the debilitation of uh mental acuity loss of memory sleep deprivation wowcramps spasms stuff like that so some subjects are subject to harassment and organized stalking in their communitiesum it says the misuse of such misuse of such brain and body manipulation technology directly undermines theconstitution and criminal law of the united states so there are there is a petition that youcan sign to get people to stop to get the government and their dark entities to stop or to investigate themisuse of psychotronic mind control weapons and if you thought that sounded just as kooky as the rest of the story or nothere's some light reading you can do regarding electronic weapons and body and mind control technologiesso uh darpa in your mind darpa of course is the umextremely well-funded uh advanced technology um association that actuallydoes stuff like this how do you know that um like i said i guess plenty of time on my hands idon't know get your honeydew list this is crazy military brain machine could benefitmillions the age of neural electronics neural engineering i mean they have a they have a list of looks like 25 bookson the subject so wow there you have it so betweenstranger things an actual military base a possible schizophrenic genius hispsychic buddy and a time travel portal to mars right totalrecall right and allegedly if you go to you can sign thepetition today to have people stop experimenting on your brain and there was a guy who said that he wastaken there yeah and now he goes and you know and then he now he works there now he works there and he says hey he's asolid dude yeah solid person i mean this is i've never heard of this story beforeand whenever i like again i'm not into i'm not a total recall person butwhen this first story came out don't hold that against me um i was like i'm like this this'll neverhappen nope it it's absolutely happening well possiblywe don't know that's up for us to decide so we'll let you guys decide you let us know what youthink uh but that is the story behind stranger things and apparently a coupleother things too um yeah yeah so are you on the skeptic side areyou on the block oh i'm 100 believer are you kidding like like i said there'sso much stuff that i've learned about as soon as you start saying like radio frequencies i mean and you guys can goon like youtube and if you're having like a hard time falling asleep you can do like radio frequencies look up megahertz frequencies for sleepand they'll have different frequencies that you can listen to for that um when you're going against free willyou're messing with everything you know i mean was look at the picture duncan i'm like he's had there'sso many things that i'm looking at through this with my lens to where i'm like okay i'm going to go to churchi'm going to get right and like this stuff i i believe in this 100 and that this i'm sorry i'll say that ibelieve at the 85 percent that this was highly plausible that this happened that's that's kind of where i'm at i mean i againif i saw a full-size stay puft marshmallow man out the window right now the way things are these days i would belike yep of course there is so this is completely plausible there are so many things i mean and again if this book waswritten today i probably wouldn't believe it that much but the fact that it was written like 20 years ago and so many things are lining up with all ofthe conspiracy type stuff that you hear as well as the stuff that's been in the news right kids disappearing kids being umyou know uh corralled by other kids who are sent out to go recruit them i mean that stuff that stuff happensit definitely does and you know it's kind of stories like this that for me and i'm going to assume for youtoo that it's important to kind of get out there to be like hey it's you know history will repeat itself it said in the article that it hashappening every 20 years yeah and then the mk ultra program the cia was obsessed with it um it says it ended butyou can also you don't have to look too far in a google search to find out that the ciacould be involved in ongoing right now mind control andsocial engineering projects like social media um also don't say that my socialmedia time is gonna go away also you know programming on television and the things that they show and music and all the rest of it so they're only refiningwhat they're doing and allegedly well allegedly allegedlythey're only they're only allegedly refining what they've been up to since the 40s and 50s and 60s soum i don't know it's very very interesting but that is what we have for you guys today the montauk project camphero which was the inspiration for stranger things so um julie's a believeri'm a believer you guys i am still a skeptic but i think it's definitely plausible you guys let us know what you think and then um we want to thank youguys for checking us out and stay tuned please uh subscribe to our channels onyoutube also on our podcast channels and we're gonna you can get alerted as soon as we release our videos we'regonna do a more fun video we'll talk about some shorter topics maybe some ghost videos that came out we'll kind ofgo over those and then we're going to do uh julie's own tarot card videos for you guys so youknow you'll be doing a card poll yeah we'll be doing a card poll and uh kind of give the message for the week butother than that we want to say thank you guys for stopping by let us know what you think check us out on facebook and instagram if you have any informationthat we missed or you think that we messed something up please let us know absolutely thanks guys we appreciate your time thank you thank you bye

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