The Lost Colony Of Roanoke Island and Other Roanoke Ghost Stories.

Episode 4: What happened to the lost colony of Roanoke Island? In 1587 one hundred twenty people were left by John White to set up a colony in Roanoke, North Carolina. When he returned he found that they had vanished without a trace? It's a mystery that hasn't been solved to this day. Was is supernatural? Or maybe something more sinister? We'll let you decide. Check it out now! #roanoke #lostcolony #roanokevirginia



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Transcript: hello everyone and welcome to the gab and the crab paranormal podcast the gab in the crab paranormal podcastis a show that is dedicated to paranormal phenomena we explore the unexplained in an attemptto make sense of events stories and incidents that defy logic and reasonwe cover a wide range of topics from the supernatural to the metaphysicalplease follow along with us on our journey into the unknown some of the stories you may recognizeothers you will be hearing for the first time we have a range of interviews and guests for you to meet along our way is it realor is it all made up they'll let you decide welcome[Music]hello everyone welcome to the gab in the crab paranormal podcast my name is brian oh my name is julie b hey guys and thisis the gab and the crab paranormal podcastso sorry we're just catching us at the end of some technical difficulties but we made ithappen today we're here we're here and we made it and we are we are super exciteduh because we are gonna go over the uh hellfireclub the hellfire clubs well they don't even know about it who doesn't even know about itdoes anybody know about the hellfire club not as many people are going to i'll tell you that but the check us out this is the gab inthe club paranormal podcast you can check us out on uh this is the websitehere you can find all of our latest uh episodes um you can find some of the shorterepisodes that we put out during the week and then a little bit about who we are and of course you can always get intouch with us and um you can reach us on our youtube channel which you shouldlike and subscribe to please do uh as well as anywhere you can find podcasts and uh bit shoot as wellas well as our facebook page and our instagram page just find us everywhere yeah please likeand subscribe share all that stuff comment anything we'd love to hear from you and especially if you guys have anystories that you want to like be like hey what's what do you guys know about this have you heard of thisprobably yes probably no but we definitely want to research it and find out more about it because this guy justwell we're 100 i'm 100 all years i'd love to hear about what you guys got for us but uh today's episode is going to beabout the um hellfire club and the hellfire club let's go ahead andswitch screens hereoops the hellfire club where some clubs back in these are centuries old they go back a long time1700s and there was very uh yes even maybe even before that for all we knowoh possibly probably still going on today but umthey go back to some very important very influential people and they were part of these clubs thatwould meet in secret um out of the prying eyes of the public yeahso this is our first one we have for youand i was telling caroline our old daughter about this episode and she's like so it's kind of like a yacht club and i'mlike it kind of is because this was a membership only club and onlypeople that were invited were able to get into it indeed and they had to payum which you know everybody wants to kind of be part of a club and have exclusivity with itand these guys were definitely doing that now there's a bunch of different hellfire clubsum i believe they're you know this one is in dublin there's a few in england as well and one in paris they're all kindof gone now but this what you're looking at here on the video this is the remnants of the one uh that was indublin this is the original one and according to uh the website evoke the chilling true story behind theinfamous irish hellfire club um it is a place that has long been shrouded in legends of devilishpractices uh some came to visit for halloween and got scared out of their witsso this is the montpellier uh mount pillaire hill hellfire cluband it was founded so for so for anyway so for thousands of years this was aancient grave site right and it had a cairn on there which we'll go over here in a second tooum and it was founded by the in 1725 it was bought as a hunting lodgeuh by the irish speaker of commons whose name waswilliam connolly who was also the wealthiest person in ireland and we'll go over that too because this dude waswealthy yeah for sure yes so uh the cairn what's a cairn so a cairnis um it's an actual stack of stones that they're using as grave markers sothey never really had you know tombstones that had everything you know etched in it and it was just apile of two a pile of stones that they do and they usually have them in towers if you go hiking you've seen people putthe you know they put the rocks and kind of balancing this but this was an ancient burial ground it was completelysacred and this guy william connolly bought all of this land and on top of the hill was you know thiscairn and he's like oh this looks like a great place cairns were kind of supposed to be like portals almost yeah it's yes like therewere definitely spiritual spirits dwelled there that kind of belief system yes that's whatpeople did yep kind of like a door like a doorway right here you go here's the marker you know they can kind of come in andout as they please um and so as soon as the story goeshe took some of these stones as he built his club as we're seeing here he took some of the stones from the cairn andactually built the club out of it and used one of them as the mantelpiece yeah for the fireplace not good no not goodno so connolly used this thing for a hunting lodge for a long timeand then or for a while anyway and then the roof blew off of it and the story was that the devil was upset or thespirits were upset yeah the roof right off in the storm but it wasn't too long after that umthat the club itself changed hands yes and it went to umso the club was actually built in 1725 and william connolly passed away in 1729so it was just four years after that this you know he redid the roofwell spirits we did the roof as legend has it and you know he passed away um ialso was reading a bunch that he was you know a definite fan of um thealcoholic beverages so that was a big part of what they were up to yeah soyes it was connolly um who bought the club turned or turned to the hunting lodge and then some otherpeople got involved i.e it wasuh this guy richard parsons the first earl of ross there's a lot of names and a lot of dates but apparently what wasgoing on at this place was there were two different sets of stories andone of them was that it's just kind of a meeting place for rich people to get together and do the strange things thatrich people do together right um another some of the more nefarious thing youknow stories or infamous stories were that they were doing like witchcraft and black mass and that kind of stuff thereso i don't know how much of all of that is true um and nobody really does but there are a lot of umyou know really crazy stories that came out of this place there is and um youknow this was kind of a place where they can kind of go and just be i mean there's boys clubs but i meanthis was like a next level boys club from all the stories that i've been reading about it to where you know likebrian was saying was that they would go and there was jokes of they would haveyou know they invited the devil they had a table set for the devil and there was an article that was talking about howthey had a plate and a cup and they're like is he here yet is he here yet well at that and there was a story that thisguy that ran the place would actually dress up like the devil yeah he was like horns and wings he was actually calledhimself like the king devil like yeah people be like hey here i am so i meanyou know when i go to a club i would like to be greeted with mimosa you know something like that not personwith you know all of this stuff with it but yeah they would go and it was it was also a way for them toactually mock the church they were kind of you know all against it and they're just like this is kind of their way ofpoking holes and thinking it was really really funny i think when you're kind of doing that sort of thing you are certainlyinvoking or inviting you know angry spirits to come along orangry people or just unwelcomed guests well i would assume too that there'sit's probably one of two possibilities and i would assume that you know when you areit's just like today you know you got these super rich people so actually let's talk about that real quickbecause um first off we'll go over what a cairn looks likeso if you ever see one of these out in public please don't touch them let them be umyou know and even over i know in sedona the people like to do the balancing rocks but this is what a karen isso this is you know and one of these stones generally was for every person that had died and it was generally heldsacred and so these rich dudes went up there yeah uber rich dudes knocked the whole thing down decided to be fun touse those things for their um their hunting lodge and the mantle of their fireplace yeah and you knowif you believe in that kind of thing i mean if these things are generally attached to spirits i mean yeah there's there's gonna be stuff that shows upwell and especially this was an ancient burial ground this wasn't just one place where someone had passed awaythis is you know if you're looking at the stones these are hundreds of lives that were lost for whicheverreason of however they passed and that's their kind of monument or a umyou know being like hey they were here this is this is their land this is what they were doing and it's almost as ifyou know for them to go hey we're here to check it out well not to mention i mean how would you feel ifuh somebody took you know a bunch of gravestones and made a house out of it oh my gosh yes i meanessentially it's the same thing yeah i would come and haunt everybodybut what was real i mean and you know kind of we were talking about before it's not too different about than whathappens today i mean you have these uber wealthy people and they like to get up to no goodbecause you know the world's their oyster they can do whatever they want umand it's important to kind of realize just how wealthy these guys were let mepull up the right article here but these guys were like i mean this is like having jeff bezos bill gates umdid you say something like 216. yeah well look yeah that's that's on the next one but umi mean this is like having jeff bezos bill gates who you know elonmusk and all these people in the same room yeah going doing crazy stuffso um that's how rich and powerful these guys were so were they really up to no good imean it's it's hard to say or is this just the other so or is this just what they had to do to get out ofthe line of sight of public view so they could go you know just kind oflet the just be themselves and then of course as people will talk they're like oh you know did you hear what was going on up there andyada yada so as we talked about um this is william connolly um well actuallythis is house yeah this guy was the speaker of the commons back in 1725 and this is thehouse that he built for himself for himself yeah so i'm not sure like you knowi don't even know what that's worth in today's dollars a billion i have no idea yeah but imagine being you know threecenturies ago living in a house like that i mean it's one thing now because there's so much wealth in the world but this is how wealthy this guy was i meanand he decided he wanted a hunting lodge to show up to dressed like the devilyeah that's definitely i mean that's just um that's something else sototally i mean these guys these guys were really wealthy and really really powerful and this is what they weregetting up to yeah when when they thought nobody was looking anyway right you know so yeah and william conley youknow purchased it and then he passed and then um i believe it was his wife was the one whowent and sold it because she's like i have nothing else to do with here um wellyeah they sold it and they ended up selling it because as these things go these guys were all really well politically connectedso um they started to hear about the crazy stories that used to happen excuse me umand they finally brought it up through the commons and went to the the king of england and the king heard about whatwas going on and said you're showing up dressed like the devil to no this is done you guys are done yeah so as big asthis house was as wealthy as he was you know can't can't go against the king i guess no you can't you know and therewere um there was like i said there's so many stories that were attacked that are connected with this onespecific place um and i'm gonna talk about the story about the strangeryeah so this is crazy i read about at the bare minimumuh with the hellfire club the one in irelandum at the bare minimum they were just kind of there they were partying they were having a good timeyou know things would kind of tend to get out of hand a little bit sometimes um as things do when you knowyou're partying having a good time and especially out of sight of public view i mean because these guys are lordsum there's a certain you know expectation for their behavior they have to uh lead by example and youknow they have a lot of land and title and power and all the rest of it needs to be protected so you know you youcan't be out in public getting you know fall down drunk and you know messing around behind your wife's back and doingall this stuff and that's the kind of stuff that would go on at this club and that's that's at the the best level yeah that's best casescenario so the worst case scenario was that there are several stories about umwell black mass uh actual visits by demonsthe devil dark spirits um possible dwarf sacrificeyeah and um well there's one where a guy actuallydid get lit on fire yeah and there's also a possible black cat exorcism soum yeah so that that stuff is rumored to happen that's hopefully that's not true i'm hopingit's not um you know but yeah there was there was the one where this umit was a rainy night and a stranger came in and the stranger came in and you knowwanted to to get out of the rain so like yeah come on in you know have we're playing a game of cardsso the one of the players who came in um who was there they're playing cards anda player dropped a card on the floor when the person went to go pick it up he looked under the table and he saw thisstranger doing air quotes um the stranger who had hoovesand they were like oh my gosh the devil is here and you knowand i think that was it then they were like you know what's going on who are you and the guy was just like i don't know what you're talking about and thenthey were never to see him again the other stories was umthe they put a the young farmer was kind of curious so to get you an idea of how faraway this hill is it's you can still access it now through dublin um and thenthere's an actual hike that goes up there and it's not just a normal hike i've seen the the reviews on tripadvisor and people are like this is a really bighike well you saw the video yeah i mean it's a it's it's a long way it's a long way up so these people had to go reallyout of their way to get to where they're going and there was the farmer who was there and he was kind of curious to seewhat was happening and he was looking you know looking in windows and doing what he should have been doingand they went and invite you know he was able to see their activitiesand they found him the next morning trembling and terrified and the storygoes that he is now um claimed to be deaf and then dumb um and never to really speak againabout what he saw well it goes on here to say that umyeah i wasn't able to remember his name and then uh the black cat apparentlyis another story and these are all according to dublin or dublin dot ieso a black cat feat it says here a black cat features one of the most famous tales in the story another man visitinga local farmhouse goes to uncover the activities of the club which you should never ever do nouh the next morning he is found dead his host and the local priest believing him to have been murdered go up to thehellfire club to investigate also another bad idea don't do that upon their arrival at the lodge they see abanquet laid out and a black cat prowling the room however this is no normal cat it's huge the priest alsonotices that it has ears shaped like horns happening to have a small bottle of holy water in his pocket always smart it'shappening lucky update of that the priest decides to attempt an exorcism the result tears the beast apart uhoutside the host is found lying on the ground his face and neck deeply scratched by claws wowso that's a story that survived for 300 years you keep telling that one theykeep telling yep so possibly there's also the story like you said about um the devil himself showing up and saysthat when they questioned him like you know why do you have cloven hoof feet he just burst into flames and disappearedbut it says you know like we were talking about here that um yeah they did the secrecysurrounding club led to speculation as members were satanists and devil worshipers the president was named the king of hell and dressed like satan withhorns wings and hooves the members were also uh said to set a place for uh each meeting for the devil and hope that he'dattend so this guy disbanded like you were talking about in i think 1727 roughly aboutthere and that was because there was a lot of political infighting a lot of infighting within the cluband you know they started telling each other and it went all the way up to the king and the king said shut it down right like i don't care if the devildoes show up but there's no way that you're dressing like the devil and having meetings at least not without mewell yeah and one of the persons that was in there um was actually even doing it almost as a joke to the churchbecause he was so against it all yeah and he was young and he was young and ridiculously rich becausehe got all of his um money from his dad and he married young and he was just likeall right we're gonna do what we want he did that yeah and i think that you know again it's it really goes back to imean there's a lot more expectations on people especially in public life it's not like now where you can just almost do whatever you want and no one'sallowed to say anything right if you were caught blaspheming you knowit wasn't that long before um they start nailing you to things you know and it wasn't too long after this thatthey were burning witches in salem massachusetts you know it wasn't too long that you know if you said anythingagainst the king that you could be uh that was treason and you could be put on trial and killed and murdered and umexecuted yeah so it it would make it makes more sense to me that this is just a place for super rich dudes to kind ofgo away and do whatever they want to do i mean yeah and that's what they were saying that they were doing they would go there and they would eat and drinkand [Music] do inappropriate things sure things out away from the prying eyes ofthe of the little normal people like you and i [Laughter]but you know yeah we've all been at that party where it devolves into satan worship listen ithappens have you not i mean i mean it was just last weekend things are weird no i'm kidding but you know umyeah i found this story and i'm completely fascinated with all things ireland andi'm gonna let you know right now that i want to go one day ireland i would love to go um so you should you should have a goodtime when you're there i should go all right you guys who wants to come with me anybody any takers so our second part ofthis story so this shut down in like 1727 roughly about there uh and this was in ireland but there wasa second hellfire club and this one uh is inengland and but this wasn't held in any huntinglodge this was actual hellfire caves sothe caves were actually a chalk mine that were dug out by this character named the dukeof wharton and the duke of whartonso the duke of wharton was a character um another guy born into immense wealthfrom his father and um well like most of it's all i mean like then it was allpassed down yeah it's all it's all inherited wealth and power squandered it um but he did have a good time but uhso philip orton the first duke of wharton and again it's important to understand kind of like who these guys wereso he was in the house of commons um he was a duke which means you have to be uhhe's in the house of lords i'm sorry and he was a duke which means that that's a title given to you by a king right andusually kings only do that because you're somebody important to him that he can use so now it's like hey you're a duke so you're inum so this character the duke of wharton um wasin the the part of the land that he was in charge of he there was a giant famine and all thefarmers and everybody in the community was really suffering so he decided that he was going to commission a chalk mineso he had all the work he had all the townspeople come and put him to work and paid him to dig this chalk mineunderneath the church and this one you know there was a series of tunnels that went on for miles and miles and milesand the duke of wharton after it was all done with and there was an empty chalk mine there decided that he was gonnahave he was gonna move his little club just like the other ones move his club into his chalk mines which then becamethe hellfire caves so he re-instituted the hellfire club andmoved it into the hellfire caves andthe only thing probably scarier or more just you knowa little scarier than the hellfire club is an actual hellfire cave nope no thank you one way in and one way oh thank youand especially for you know someone like that you know he's he's like okayhe inherited this money so i mean not to say he couldn't be really smart but wouldyou really want someone that doesn't really know what he's doing to you know go build a cave and be like heygo work in there be like no that does not sound like a good idea and when i found this store i thought thiswas i mean absolutely terrifying and you know i'm just like nope no no thankyou don't like that so that's the entrance to the hellfire caves right there they've got like a biglike cathedral type entrance on it those are the caves on the inside and there's a little tiny picture youmean you wouldn't trust that guy to go in his cave no i wouldn't go anywhere near that guyyou know so same kind of thing that they were talking about um with the last hellfire club uh you know devil worshipblack masses sacrifice that kind of thing yeah um butyou know those were just rumors and stuff that they talked about that the local townsfolk talked aboutbecause again if you look at this guy's history um the duke ofwharton i'm sorry sir francis yeah i guess he was duke of warden sir friends dashwood was his name yesman dashwood and he was the duke of wharton so if you're ever thinking about umresearching old english titles and stories it's it's a pain it's i think there's a lot of titles and there are alot of dates and a lot of the first duke of this and the firstthing of that so but it's important to understand again who this guy was too soit says here that he like i said he was in the house of commons he was a he was a lord he was a duke but he also was extremely wealthyand according to the story we found here that there was the south sea bubblestock market crash of 1720 so a lot of the stuff that goes on now is not too different than stuff that went on thenunfortunately so this guy heavily invested um into thesouth sea company which must have been you know another uh trading company that was real big back thenbut they went belly up in the bubble and he lost 26.2 million dollars the equivalent ofand that's a huge number by today's standards but when we put it in the standards ofhow people lived back then the average salary in london for a year was like two hundred dollars yeah 200 euros yeah for200 pounds yeah so i thought yeah if you think that the average salary now let's just put it inamerican terms is 40 000 a year i mean 26 million 200 i mean that was that was probably 260 million dollarsso these guys were extremely wealthy and extremely powerful and extremely influential and they're doing crazystuff inside caves away from the public view sometimes never to be seen again people would goin they wouldn't come out you know that kind of thing when how much of is it rumor who knows but that's what they were saying wasuh the wealthiest people in the world would get together and do crazy stufftogether out of the range of prying eyes soi'm good with having clubs and you know like when you were kids like just build a fort in the backyard like why are yougonna build a cage well that's what they did well i mean they did crazy stuff and they did crazy stuff in there i mean wenever did anything sorry about that guys we never did anything like that so yeah yeah i don't know i mean super wealthysuper powerful influential people building clubs to get out of the prying eyes of regularfolks i mean it doesn't sound too different than anything that happens now it sounds like they're probably just trying to get away with you knowboys will be boys type stuff well there's i mean they tend to get out of hand there's boys will be boys butthen there's also burning somebody alive for fun well i mean actions happen but yeah thatdid happen there was the lord sanctuary story about how he covered he i guess he was a nice guy yeah um when he was soberbut when he would get drunk he turned real mean and there was a servant that fell asleep and he covered him with brandy and lit him on fire a lot alivelike alive and well to cover up his crime he paid everybody off to keep quiet about it iknow and that happened at the first one and that's not that's not boys will be boys no of course these things good imean and you got to think of it too it's like you show up the first one i mean hey it's a costume party everybody's having fun sure so now the next one yougot it went up and the next one you got to run up it and the next one you got it went up and it just gets worse and worse until you know the devil himself showsup or something gets lit on fire it's a bad deal butit happens but like again i don't think any of this stuff is any different than we see now imean that's why so many things get out of hand and you see these guys building bigger and bigger and biggeryachts you know yeah do you really i mean do you really need a yacht the size of a cruise ship and the guy that boughtit can be like yeah why because the last three i had were because i can't yeah because i can't because i can but um theinteresting thing too is we're we did find that there were some um pop culture referencesto the hellfire club and the first one we found was in theone of the new x-men movies and we need to do thisand so again i mean we're you know we're parents but i'm like why is this being shownif you knew the history of the hellfire club boysly boys and all thatwhy is this being shown for kids you know why is this being targeted towards them and you guys can kind oftake a look here and see what you think you know kind of coola little hocus pocus well i mean if you've been paying attention to the news at all lately and all the stuffthat goes on i mean hollywood is supposed to be full of these kinds of people yeah so it would make sense that you know they would laytheir little homages to the hellfire club and the people that were in it and what they were all about and really kind of glorify this kind oftype of stuff yeah you know like this guy that's they're they're showing the cool guy here his name is azel which isanother name for the devil oh and yeah he looks like the devil and he's the head of the uhthe hellfire club so but you know it's also a cool name too imean i mean yeah i wouldn't have you know eventually you run a run out of ideas in hollywood that's why they keep makingthe same things over and over again yep it is a cool name i would have like the hellfire crochet clubi might get more people in you might i might yeah um and one of the articles and one ofthe things that i saw was um in the comic books and this was back in i probably said the 1990s or 1980s of anx-men comic book to where it was you know that was a hellfire club and there were people inyou know bustiers and yeah i got pretty i mean a lot greater than that i mean that was the oops that was the x-menmovie yeah so that's kind of where they got it from but yeah it was it was pretty it was gay for a comic it was pretty i mean again comic books are foryou know back then what 13 10 year old that's i so there's just things like that thatyou that you see you know and especially now it's like why are why is this being targeted towards kidsand then the um the next thing that they had which is okay so we love the show youguys is upcoming there is a reference to umand stranger things so according the chapter one of the fourth season is going to be called the hellfire cluband according to the article here it just says that that's the name of their dungeons and dragons club but that'sactually yeah it's right there the hellfire club so and the last thing that i reallyfound about it that was pretty interesting oops um was themotto of the hellfire club was do what that will umand that is what their is was was their mottobecause again it's like there's so many things that you're not supposed to do in public eye and there's so many thingsthat you know are are taboo and outside of the norm but so that was always that you knowit's kind of kind of like like when you come here you can do whatever you want you know there's it's it's like that that gym the judgment free zonethey only have 20 pound weights yeah and the treadmills don't go over two miles an hour anyways it's a judgment-free zoneand it was called anyways there and it was written over the uh the entrance of the hellfire club and it was due withoutwill wow so the where i mean in more common times theone thing that came up about that was this guy called aleister crowley who was a big uh occultist back in the early 1900sand that was his motto that he used to run around with was do without willand he this guy was a legitimate you know black magic practitioner satanist all this all that stuff all the rumorsabout this guy are true wow and he got a lot of his uminspiration from the hellfire club and some of the stuff that they were up to so that was definitely interesting andit kind of makes you think that um you know maybe they were up to maybe they were up to no good you know thatdoes happen yeah but so that is um the story of the hellfireclub it was originally a hunting lodge turned into ado what you will lodge with no rules the judgment-free zone in dublin uhireland uh lots of stories of witchcraft black massum people spontaneously combusting yep the devil's showing upexorcism of cats cat exorcism and then that got shut down by some of thewealthy i mean these are the wealthiest people in the world showing up to this thing yeah um and then it got started upagain about 20 years later only this time it was caves and again all attended by the wealthiestpeople in the world at that point right and who knows black massno or maybe it was just wild parties i i'd you know it's hard for me to kind offigure out exactly what is what um i like to think that it's just wildparties and people were not trying to summon the devil um becausei i don't know but you know if these people were were doing that and they had the money you know and they probably had so much money that they were just boredyeah and they were like what do you want to do i don't you know like we've done everything i've hunted yeah i've shoteverything on the on the whole time so much money i'm building this giant home let's go and do x it's like no let's notlet's let's go pick up like a new hobby like let's go craft let's go do something i've done all the crafting ican do no there's more see the craft room in my house ginormous matchathere's more you know what i haven't done i haven't lit a servant on fireso let's do that you guys said well i haven't i haven't tried me i'm sorry i haven't exercised ihaven't exercised a cat i have an exercise and everybody knows cats are a little bit evil oh my godso ah i can't even um but i will tell you i mean i'mlooking forward to uh season four of stranger things i'm so looking forward to it i need to hurry that up they doand then there's like these new shows that are coming out there's a new one well they're new to us they're new to usbecause you know kids responsibilities uh the penn tavera looking forward tothat out of range gonna check that out so yeah we got one football we had football season ended track season ends tonightand so we might actually be able to sit down and uh watch a couple shows and maybe give some rundowns on that kind ofstuff yeah and if you guys are watching that stranger things stranger things supposed to be coming out i think october or maybe in the summer we'llfind out and outlander yay talk about ireland yeahbecause there's a stone that they go through it is not lame it's fantastic and this is why you adore meyou guys thank you so much i thought this this was a lot of fun for us to kind of research andum yeah there it's you know it was just i thought it was just absolutely fascinating you know and trying to findstories of you know what's gonna work and what we like and what we don't like and i found this one i'm just like i remember i was like eating a salmonand i'm like you know devil worship well the most interesting i mean as outrageous as these storiesare and they sound it's like these are the these are the stories that um have persisted over time because you keepfinding the same stories over and over again on different websites and um everywhere else we researched so it's like it's really interestingthat it's like yeah we exercised a black cat and you know somebody got lit on fireand the devil himself showed up like those are the stories that keep that keep coming back and for all we know i meanagain human nature doesn't change that much and of course you know wealthy and powerfulpeople are people too and they want to get away out of prying eyes and be able to like let their hair down just like everybody else right um but that beingthe case i mean or that being said it's like just like we talked about about the references in umpop culture like why would they why would they even reference this in pop culture and then if you go down that rabbit holeit's like well because hollywood is supposed to be full of a bunch of devil worshiping weirdos well and if you guyssaw any part of our hoodoo episode we definitely saw a little bit of some of that um voodoo work yeah magic'snothing new magic no it's been around for a long time and you know i certainly am and one to believe in magic and allthe spiritual beliefs with it and everything else but with all the good that comes with it you know in the wrong hands it cando really bad things well not to mention i mean if it's taboo to drink and you knowto excess and womanize and all the rest of you i mean what other things are taboo you know what i mean like and they talked about how that was their way togo and you know kind of talk crap about the church yeah was kind of expected to put down the church and put down thisand that now was it just them blowing off steam because it was so strict maybe maybe i mean that makes sense but i meaneverything you hear about dark magic and super wealthy people and all the stuff that they're into um i mean who knows imean every every part of every rumor is there's always a little bit of truth toevery room there has to be you know and and you know again these guys were ridiculously wealthy so it's like okaywhy do you think you can you know just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should do something wellto these guys though i mean i think that's that's the issue yeah if if they can they're going to rightthat's part of the power that's part about having all that power in that wealth you know yeah if you can light someone on fireyou're gonna do it don't do it don't do it don't don't do it umbut yeah so the first one like we said that was in ireland i got shut down only after two years so it must have been badand then the other one lasted about 12 years but that one was underground literally in a chalk cave soyou couldn't get me to go into either of those places but uh yeah so that is ourepisode today on the hellfire clubs and we would invite youto check us out on thegabinthecrab.comthis is our website again you can catch all of our latest episodes we'll have this one up here very shortlywe also have shorts throughout the week we put down here um all of our episodes are here under podcast and under past shows you canreach us on our facebook page our instagram page and our youtube page correct we invite you to uh like andsubscribe to all of those things and then um you can reach julie and uh you can reach me at juliebspiritualguy.comyou reach me at and we uh thank you guys for stopping by and we'll see you next time thanks so much guys takecare bye

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