The Legend Of The Lost Dutchman

Who was the lost dutchman? Did he really have a secret goldmine? And was it worth the murder of seven people to keep that secret safe? In this episode we talk to the "Arizona Treasure Hunter" Cody Drake! Cody has spent his life in some of the most inhabitable desert searching for treasure and artifacts. His finds include ancient coins, tools and pottery and is displayed in museums. Cody has been featured in several movies, TV shows and an upcoming documentary on amazon! Cody tells us the true, historical story of the lost dutchman and if his gold is still out there. We also discuss some of the wilder stories from the Superstition Mountain range: - Aliens, Hauntings, Portals, Roving Killers, and Unexplained Disapearences. Cody also tells about the massacre at Skeleton Canyon involving the red sash wearing cowboys made famous in the classic western "Tombstone!" Check it out now! #superstitionmountains#americanhistory#haunting

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