Tarot Card Pull For A Rough Week. Plus Disney Secrets, Indiana Jones 5, and Chewie Mode!!!

In this episode Julie B. does a Tarot Card Pull for the end of a rough week. - Tarot Card Pull for the week moving forward.

- How to activate "Chewie Mode" on Star Wars Smugglers Run.

- How much does it cost to join "Club 33?"

- And our prediction on the Indiana Jones 5 plot and villain!

Julie B is a Spiritual Energy Guide, from a young age she has always been sensitive to energy and people around her. As she studied under and received spiritual guidance and teachings from a psychic evidential medium her gifts and abilities have heightened to give accurate and credible information to give those insight. She connects with communicates and translates messages through tarot and oracle cards, pendulum and meditation for people that are looking to connect and grow spiritually. Check It Out Now! #tarot#tarotcardreading#disneyland

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all right hey everyone welcome to the gavin the crab paranormal podcast my name is brian my name is julie b

and we are the gab in the crab paranormal podcast and uh this week we

are going to talk about some more light things some more fun things maybe family oriented things yes but before we

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so this has been a heck of a week this has been a week you guys i think

everyone in everyone's felt something of it from this week and it's

it's been a heck of a week so um for us i'm not sure how you guys are but we are uh parents yeah uh times three yep and

this week was the last week of school last two weeks of school so we had football football championships

we had track yeah track track championships and then um [Music]

yeah they gave our oldest one every award they could give her so that was an awards banquet for everyone and then our

youngest one everyone birthday and then she got an award so

maybe maybe bragging not bragging but still it's been like a week and then also we had a sinus infection run to the

house yeah that was a lot of fun sorry that did not start with me uh which has

finally caught its way to me but um more than that um

well actually before we get there it was we so we were struggling for time a little bit but we have not been wasting

it the time is not spent in vain we have a lot of great interviews coming up and we have a lot of great topics coming

up so we're really excited about that but um without mentioning anything by

name right um this has been a rough week for everyone

and uh we're not going to mention anything just because we don't want to seem like we're we're exploiting anything you know but

uh if you just look at the time stamp on the week that this episode happened you can put two and two together and understand but we didn't really feel

like talking about um ghost stories yeah or paranormal or anything scary or gory this week right

so we decided to do more of a fun podcast this week was scary enough yeah

yeah and um we also are this is our card poll we decided to do this one and we're not

gonna do a card pull for the week we're gonna do a card pull for next week because i don't think i don't think we have the power or the authority to say

anything to make anything go away about this no and it's and it's no not at all so we're going to do the card pull this

week and then we're also i'm excited so we're going to talk about some uh more fun things maybe and yeah some things

that we found digging around about disneyland because that's one of the big things that we like to do with our

family uh a little bit and yeah a little bit and some of the stuff

that's coming up and maybe more some more fun stuff beyond there but let's start with your card poll yeah

let's do a card poll you guys um you know like brian said there's there's no way that we can

truthfully i felt we couldn't do a card pull for last week and you know where we are it's you know moving

forward as best we can so the intention with this card pull is going to be um going

to be the message for the upcoming week what you can carry with you how you can use it to carry

with you um you know and especially when times get tough and they kind of just get

stuck and you're like hey i need this here you go for your message so i think that's a pretty good way to explain um

the message for it and the tension of what we're gonna do for the card pull really does matter because we gotta know what it is so i've actually had really

good luck with this deck lately um and it's just a good old-fashioned tarot deck and that is a very bright

light so i apologize we're working on it you guys so this is a tarot deck it's the um our

it's the rsw deck and it's a classic one with all of the really classic symbols that you

normally see so we're going to go ahead and shuffle um and if you go ahead and see this

take a moment for yourself while i do the shuffling and just kind of clear your thoughts clear your mind and you

know set your intention of what you want to hear go ahead and shuffle and i'll talk about what we're going to talk about all right so

did you know that you can unlock so on smuggler's run at disneyland you can unlock something called chewy mode

that's not with churros right no okay this is uh chewbacca okay so you know how the guy gives you all the directions

while you're flying around well this time it's chewy so uh well anyway do your thing i'll talk

to you guys okay wait nevermind there it is and then uh indiana jones five is coming out they

did some um marketing for that club 33 and then um royal 21 at

disneyland as well so we did some digging found some info on that we did it was a lot of fun you

did we found out so much stuff um the car jumped out you guys give me just two seconds so what is your

favorite thing about um disney about the smugglers run ride what

is my favorite yeah uh probably the fact that the whole family does it together i can't i will never forget the first time we

did that and everybody freaked out the kids just lost their minds because they were all getting to do something we all

got to do it together so yeah i'm not sure what the um record is on coaxium but our record was

two we got two wait what's it called coaxium i can't believe you remember that i

remember everything you do remember you literally an elephant okay and on that

note we have the two of cups so come on light there we go

so this is the two of cups and this card is going to represent you can see that there is um two people they're holding a

cup and there is like a lion's head with wings above it and they're kind of joined together and this card is really

going to be i think it's a really lovely symbol um to go ahead and to lean on your partner lean on someone that you can

talk with but for the week if there's something that's bothering you have something that you need lean on them you don't need to take all

the responsibility for yourself um it's a super super cheesy saying you

guys so you have to apologize for me you know let someone else fill your cup up you know let someone else help you out

it's not it's okay to ask for help it's okay to go you know what i'm kind of struggling i need help can you please

help me do x whatever it is um because it is a partnership and it is two people whether it's

a family or a business partner or yourself with a friend and you're just like hey i need help

reach out to them and let them know what you can do because this is truthfully what it says um the two represents oh

went away but yep this is the two of cups of the um it's a symbol of love or partnership

between two people the relationship is based on mutual feelings so i really feel for this one it's about two people

having the same thought and the same concept and the same sort of wanting to move in the same direction whether

wherever you are in your life make sure that you're leaning on someone and going you know what like hey brian i need some help like we need

to order some mcdonald's for the kids because i don't feel like cooking and something as simple as that um i

know a lot of people sometimes have a hard time asking for help or saying like hey i need this or i need that um and

there's something actually there's a lot of strength that comes from it going hey you know what i know i can't do

everything on my own i need you to kind of i need to lean on you can you help me

so like i said i thought this symbol of this card was pretty um pretty symbolic for this upcoming week

so this is the tarot card pull of the week be able to use this and comment below and um if you're listening to

youtube or in bit shoot or spotify let me know what you guys think of this card bill um and see if it resonates for

you because if there's validation here and it resonates for you and you're like you know what that's exactly what i needed to hear

those things kind of fill me up and make me feel better so thank you what do you think

um what i would say about i mean it's got two people there they're dressed different

and they have two cups and looks like the one dude's reaching for the other right so

i mean kind of what that says to me is i mean it's like it's a big cup typically it's communal you know

and what it says is that there's maybe two people coming together who are trying to find it looks like a man and a woman too

possibly but um two people are coming together to commune to talk to

intermingle with each other and what i would say you know since this is the card poll for

this upcoming week is that and not to sound cheesy and cliched but there is plenty there's enough division to go

around you know and at some point people are going to have to find some kind of common ground and start

communing together on some kind of common ground they don't we don't all have to be you know hugging and kissing

and sleeping in the same bed together you know that that that's a concept that that seems like

it's being pushed like that's the only acceptable part but it's like look we just gotta find some kind of middle ground and

that's what it says to me so i like that thank you well that is my caveman interpretation of

you're not a total caveman but there we go there it is there it is

there's your message of the week you guys now on to the first thing i wanted to talk about

is wookie mode wookie mode so wookie mode if you guys

don't know what wookie mode is or chewy mode you're missing out if you haven't been on smuggler's run you're also missing

out um people can say whatever they want about disneyland and all the rest of it it's totally fun if you have kids it's

totally fun it's a lot of fun um but so this is the smugglers run for

anybody's not familiar i'll give you a quick recap you are the pilot crew of

the millennium falcon and you are chasing a freighter to steal coaxium

yes and um you all have to work together in order to um capture this stuff and

it's actually a lot of fun especially if you have kids like the whole family has to work together like our kids freaked out oh my gosh it was so much fun like

yeah our little guy was all like i wanted to be the gunner and i'm like of course you want to be the gunner like he's an imaginary like he's already a

navy seal in his head you guys don't mind yep so but if there is a certain sequence of

buttons because i think most people are listening to this would probably know what this is but there are um well these

smugglers run but there is a series of buttons there's an easter egg that if you do it instead of hondo talking to

you chewie just screams at you it's called chewy mode so screams at you yeah he just well he tries to talk to you but

he talks to you in wookie and wookie yeah so this couple video these guys show you how to do it so here we go

okay so here's just a quick recap before we go on our mission before you can activate anything make sure you're

strapped in first if you're an engineer or a gunner you're going to want to hold down the white

button underneath your control panel and while you're holding it down you're going to want to press the flashing

orange button or the flashing green button as a pilot you need to take your joystick and then move it either to the

full extreme left and right or to the full extreme up and down in that position

make sure you click on the launch button if all six of you have done it correctly then you should unlock chewy mode wish

us luck and supervise your mind so i'm so jealous right now oh my gosh

so if you are a pilot or a gunner you have to hit that one button and then the orange flashing button

right and then as a pilot you have to have it all the way up or all the way left or right or all the way down just

depending which way it goes up or down and then hit launch and if you do that you get chewy mode and i had to put two

different videos because these guys just scream over it but this is what it sounds like this is what it looks like this is a little bit

better video but make husbands


shut up

[Applause] [Music] [Applause]

oh my gosh i've never wanted anything more in my entire life

[Music] [Laughter]

he just yells at you in chewie how

[Music] okay it is much worse

you said that perfectly too well we've only done this ride like a thousand thousand [Laughter]

so it's no longer a stat or it's a standby right now

meaning why you don't have to get the um you don't have to get the pass for it was that one that was getting a pass for

yes that's the one where you have to like get in at the right time see if these guys actually get too


oh my gosh how fun so yeah chewie just yells at you i love it

[Music] [Laughter] [Music]

that's so fun uh yes i love that yeah so that's chewy mode

so remember if you're if you're a pilot or a gunner okay that one white button plus the orange button right

i have to ask the cast member and then if you're a pilot you can go up or down all the way hold it or left or right up

away and hold it and then you have to hit launch if you do all day together you can get chewie man activate chewie and if you guys have been in chewy mode

before comment below let us know like i want to know first off i kind of want to be your friend

um and also i want to know like you know how quickly were you able to get in there and you know what was it like for

you because i think it's so much fun oh my gosh and you know the more times you go to disneyland it's like you know things

start to become normal but when you can find something cool like that that's a little bit different it just it changes everything it really

does and we're like i mean we like i said we love disney

i can barely see the screen because then i actually have mickey mouse glasses so i'm like that's fine i'm like they're

over here but yeah it's all about you know it is literally all about disney for us so and then so the next thing i

want to talk about was um indiana jones 5 release date yes how exciting finally

the only picture that they uh actually released for it you can tell that this is the latest one because he has a flashlight

that's 1960s technology [Laughter] but it's supposed to be they didn't

really give a date but it's supposed to be i think june of 2023 okay so a year

from now well in harrisburg 30th i'm sorry june 30th 2023 is when it's supposed to come

out perfect and harrison ford has unfortunately had some bad luck on

the film of recording he like fell and hurt his shoulder he's had some injuries that kind of came along with it

um so i'm kind of glad that he's you know definitely seems like he's back on it and back

um back filming and our oldest daughter is a harry or not harry potter um

harrison ford she loves indiana jones absolutely loves it um and

it is you know i told my husband i told brian i'm like hey and i'm like should we show carolyn this picture and he

already showed it to her i'm like of course you did um but what do you think it's going to be about

harrison ford indiana jones um i think it's going to be about um

nazis it's always about nazis nazis and russians well it's never i mean that's a

good way to do it is never about unicorns and like going and trying to take your you know it wouldn't be any

jones if it was true but he's in it the best thing yeah so there's a lot of people that are in it

yeah i was going to say antonio banderas max michaelson is in it i mean i don't think it's hard to figure

out who the bad guy is going to be i mean he has scars all over his face so he's the one who's gonna like nurture the children and give him puppies so

uh here's here's my here's my shot in the dark okay what this is gonna

be about all right so the best thing to do for all these movies is just take it back to the original because they did

the first one which was awesome okay yeah then they did the second one which wasn't as awesome

and they decided to do a third one which is the last crusade and basically the third one the last crusade was just basically

the first one all over again but it was still awesome yes so they've already found the ark of the

covenant okay um they've already found the holy grail correct they found alien skulls yes which was a great one i love

that one that was pretty good everybody was all upset about that one but i think this one they're gonna take it back to the original

and this is gonna be you know 60 years down the road and remember the idol in the first one the first idol that he

finds you know he has to walk into the darts and like pick the thing up and put the sand down yeah like i don't know you never really find out what happened

about that i think they might rehash that story line and figure out what happened that idler maybe it resurfaces somehow and that becomes the center of

what this is about again okay so i'm not even sure if it's

so i'm thinking that this is going to be um this is a

um mads michelson he is another person who's like an indiana jones like he is

indiana jones like a rival indiana jones and he was supposed to go and get the first what was it title the idol he was

supposed to go get the first idol but he never was you know for whatever reason you know harrison ford was you know

because of his dad you know so he got you know mads michaelson got kind of kicked to the

back and harrison ford now did this and now he's kind of coming for a revenge and he's like you ruined my career

i'm angry but he has like a russian accent or like a whatever accent he's gonna because it's not gonna be like

it's not gonna be somebody from like tennessee with like super nice and friendly that would be kind of awesome i mean that would be you know like a southern like a southern archaeologist

bad guy would be pretty awesome so that's what i'm thinking i'm thinking it's going to be

you know the person who is you know now he's just vengeful and angry now now yeah

seriously foghorn leg horn like colonel sanders i'll say

give me that idol so that would be kind of terrifying you know

oddly scary oh you guys all right so that's

that is our prediction we'll be taking bets if you guys are interested yeah let us know and real quick this is

a little bit of um a hint we have an amazing amazing guest lined

up and it's going to be where we're meeting with this person on june 10th and

him in harrison ford have something indiana and jones have something in common they have found treasure they found treasure and um

so i thought that was a really cool kind of segway to throw in there all right so that is indiana jones five

yeah i love it a southern kentucky born archaeologist played by mads michelson

or really polite canadian hunts down indiana jones 70 years after the fact yeah to take revenge on him for

stealing the idol yeah you took my fame i was gonna have all of this and now my

face is all scarred up because the darts got maybe he got all the scars

on his face because he was trying to run after indiana jones and they just sliced his face what if he got to that temple

and it was all destroyed you know like he was there like a day late yeah

now i say all right so that's indiana jones five all right and um were you aware

uh oh in at disneyland that there are uh not one but two

different clubs okay so i know the one club that has a very expensive

price tag but i didn't know that there was two and now i know one for my birthday so

there are two different clubs okay uh there is club 33 part of it it's a members only club yes and only members

can get in okay so club 33s according to business insider insider.com yeah same

thing uh club 83 is the not so secret club hidden in plain sight in disneyland unless you're a member and there's a

14-year waiting list wow for a membership um lily and disney decide the interior

or designed the interior and they spoke to three lucky guests that got to get in so

how much would you say a membership cost to club 33 oh my gosh i think i would

want to say the annual membership the annual membership i know it's something astronomical like

thirty thousand dollars um close one hundred thousand dollars annually that is not close within a reported

twelve five to thirty thousand in additional fees that's not close so

yeah really exclusive really expensive yeah so this is actually pretty cool this is some i mean a lot of people know about

this too but they might not know about this okay so when you go to new orleans square let's see if i can find a picture

here we were in new orleans weren't we

yes that's what it felt like yeah um maybe it's the next article

but when you go to new orleans square um and there's all those balconies looking

down and yeah so it looks like this this is above the pirates of the caribbean ride um

so everybody will know you'll recognize that and there's you know you know kind of this way of that there's all those shops and stuff right um oh that looks

sammy yeah it looks like it's all like facade you know there's the stairs going on yeah but it's not that's where all

those restaurants are whoa so and everybody kind of knows that um walt disney had an apartment above

um the old fire station yes you can actually see their initials yes so this

is kind of what they look like this might be the inside but you know when you walk through new orleans square there's all these like patios and

porches and most of it's facade everywhere you go but this is not there's actual clubs and restaurants inside there that's incredible

so everybody knows that um walt disney had his apartment above the

fire station but you don't what i learned was that um

he had an updated apartment being built and it was built above um

the pirates of the caribbean ride so this door right here that's actually uh the balcony to his

updated like super sweet and it was supposed to be his but unfortunately he died before he could actually uh use it

right um so what they did is they turned it into the restaurant the

21 what was it so it's club 33 and then there's the 21 royale uh oh

dinner that you can that you can purchase so how much yeah we'll get to that one but so this

is club 33 okay and yeah like i said it's a hundred thousand dollars annually and about thirty

thousand dollars in additional fees and this is back in 2017.

so in today's money that's like eight million dollars probably gone up yeah so and there was a 14 million or 14 million

14 year waiting list back in 2012. so that's pretty cool i mean everybody

recognizes that front door we've all knocked on it and then ran away um but this is the actual door it's the

entryway so if you see that big stained glass door that's the actual entryway that leads you into this uh this like

courtyard area okay which is pretty cool and um the stairway actually leads you up to

the club 33 restaurant that's amazing this is called the court of angels

uh-huh and then this is the old see angel's on the 33 scroll up yeah it looks like those look like wings to me

yeah and then um that's the old uh elevator used to take you up

and then uh this is the salon the sitting area so we have some more pictures of this it's really really cool

um but yeah this is part of the bar area it's it's it's a big place that's

amazing and then this is the balcony uh this is the back it looks like new orleans square so that's right but um this is cool i found this this is

uh some pictures of somebody who's actually been on the inside so maybe they had like a hidden camera or something

but that i guess that's the door we always knock on right and they just laugh they're laughing

um there's people who greet you this is the greeting area

wow and this is on disneylandclub33.com

so this is pretty cool there's like some merchandise and stuff you can buy yeah if you have the ears with the club 33

this is the only place you can get them yeah and you apparently i know that i'm in in a few disney

groups and people are like oh my gosh i saw someone with club 33 ears and like

that's i mean the only place that you can get them is inside and the only place that if you aren't a member

like brian was saying is that if you know someone they have to invite you yeah which i'm like

let me know let me make friends with everybody if you're a member of club 33 let us know and you have an extra hundred and forty thousand dollars

if you're a member of club 33 let me know and like we'll just do some tarot like i'll you know apparently you're

doing really well in life if you're a member of club 33 so this is the uh courtyard so that's what those glass

doors open that's the shot from the top look how pretty that is

oh my gosh i love that i mean so much imagination went into this you know and i think that's my favorite

thing oh a little fairy um i think that's my favorite thing about

when you go to disneyland when you go to disney world when you go to any disney park you're no longer a 30-something year old

or a 40-something-year-old um i mean you're just you're there with your family and

you're there to embrace everything and go on the carousel and eat popcorn and there's a vulture on top

yeah sorry um you know i mean that is so crazy

you're able to kind of go and just be a little kid and you know go get a hug from mickey and minnie which are now allowed

um you know it kind of brings you back into this whimsy time of

being a kid and i think that's something that so many of us need is

yeah we work hard but we're also going to play hard um well it's definitely a chance because

people guys would ask me you know like you know hey you guys go to disneyland quite a bit what's up we said something

about mary poppins the entrance table used in 1964 production of mary poppins

oh how cool is that it was actually in the movie and then uh there you go if you get the dooney and bork burke

burke that's yeah can you zoom in on that price tag

uh yeah you can there's there's a couple there's like more than three numbers in the front

so that's pretty cool this is that and then there's actually there's like a whole

stuff so this is on disneylandclub33.com this is oh hello with this wine wine

cellar well it's that wine walk-in closet i guess and then this is the bar i mean look at that that's amazing it's

incredible so i'm okay i get this but they could have done like gaston's bar

you know what i mean like i think this is done probably before that movie true

oh look at that that's incredible it's really cool i love that let us know guys have you been to club

33 is this a ghost playing the trumpet i like it it's funny you mentioned that

um you know their stories of you know spooky haunts and

walt kind of being around the property and and i definitely believe it you know

um that's really cool you know i think that there's spirits that like that picture kind of i'm not gonna lie

that one kind of creeps me out that that's where they keep all the wine up there of course they do they gotta make it

hard like you gotta go through the ghosts you know but yeah there's there's spirits everywhere there's souls and everything

else so of course oh my gosh i want that picture that's amazing

um but yeah ladies room very pretty yeah

you know just have a seat lounging around you know ladies and gentlemen with a long cigarette in your mouth

the men's laboratory it's not a woman's room it's a laboratory they're classy books

but that is the club 33 so that is the hundred thousand dollar

thomas crapper uh that's the hundred thousand dollar membership club so maybe you have to

like any other club maybe you have to make reservations but as long as you're a member you know the secret handshake and stuff then they will give you a

reservation to go and hang out yeah but then there is royal 21. all right

tell me about this this is um inside disneyland dream suite is what this is called this is mouseinfo.com

and this is like i was saying so walt disney had his original um apartment above the fire station i guess

he was having another one built that's supposed to be really nice but he passed away before that happened so they turned

that into a restaurant um dining experience okay so this is called the dream suite but

they did that because it was made to be an apartment so this is really cool um

you know there's a sitting room uh fireplace

sorry guys some of the paintings and stuff

was that a mickey mouse on the in the carpet yeah yeah hidden mickey's everywhere

so that's really cool um there's a bedroom there's several bedrooms and i don't know if you can stay there

or not i would i would tend to doubt it but i could be wrong i know you can stay at uh cinderella's castle just gonna say

disney world yes if you're tom cruise you can do that yes but so this is

the fifth th this is the royal 21 um dining experience it costs 15 grand okay

that's not for one meal i mean that's going to be your total bill correct well technically it's one meal it's one

trip to this restaurant so [Laughter] wow but that's the dining room and i

would hope so yeah yes

so let's see here it says upper crust loves its donald duck and darth vader as much as the next guy and the company has been steadily broadening its brand to

embrace its ultra high-end clientele at 12.50 a person okay so i think that's

what they're saying is that um to sit at the table yeah there has to be x amount of people

and 1250 a person means that equals fifteen thousand so you probably have to have a dinner party no smaller than that that's what i was saying i'd be like let

me just pay or pay the friends yeah um you also have to give a 50 000

initiation fee no you don't so this is for the poorer people who can't afford the club 33.

you can just drop 50k and then pay 1250 a plate every time you want to go

no that's an oh my gosh it does wow impressive uh that is not the club that

looks like the grand california yes that is a grand californian my friends are going to stay there but this is by parts of the caribbean again

and this is the club 21 so you see a little 21 on there oh wow and then this guy makes you some special

drinks please there's a lounge area and like i said this is walter department yeah this is from the uh the other

pictures that we showed um so that's the lounge area maybe a couple of them at den

you know the clock like we showed in the last one it's cinderella yep there's a courtyard

and then that's really cool the bedroom that's amazing you gotta change the light bulb come on

bathroom it's pretty cool that's really cool so you get like the tiniest amount of

food weird-looking food i know here's a super expensive plate here's like a tiny little bite of

but you have you know some of the best seats in the house for fantasmic yes oh my gosh we got to watch that live last

night and that was incredible so apparently the whole thing is like uh it's like a you go to like a fancy

restaurant and give you a five course meal where like they kind of bring you in and everything's done in stages okay you know and i think it

takes about five hours they said to get in and out wow from one from start to finish so that was pretty cool yeah if

i'm spending that much on a meal like someone better be at my house like vacuuming the floors like let's make

this like an entire thing but man look at that room that's incredible i mean honestly like look at all the detail

that's in there from like the ceiling to the floor this is something where you know when

walt was designing it it was whimsy and it was you know

detail and it was just light and airy and i think that's i think that's pretty amazing it

is so that is that i love that that is the secret dining experience at disneyland

so um if you guys have a hundred thousand dollars minimum plus about thirty thousand dollars in fees and 2017 money

so hopefully you've been investing in bitcoin or something like that uh go ahead and check it out i know that

there is like a waiting list so it's if you've been to disneyland last five years you know the waiting just

waiting to get in is is a pain so i can imagine what the waiting list is for that yeah you can go

the cheaper route um you know just drop 50 000 in initiation

fees and then pay 1250 a guess every time you want to go eat dinner at uh club 21 or 21 royale

royale with cheese um but that is what we have indiana jones coming out june 30th 2023 that's

exciting that is exciting i was hoping to be a little bit sooner than that but they at least announced it so that'll be good and it's going to be a southern

it is not a southern a a swedish southern

no uh archaeologist who came a day late and found the whole temple smashed

arrows across the face yeah all the arrows were shot out and uh the big ball came rolling through

the front and he's like what the heck could have been him

yeah could have been him i think that's i think that's the storyline that's probably plausible plausible i'm pretty

good at that sort of thing so uh so but that's what we have for you and um

you know at the end of a tough week we were just want to do something kind of a little bit fun a little bit light yeah do a tarot card pull or julie dupertero

card poll for you guys and uh you know it was the two of cups and to me that says that

you know eventually at some point and we didn't practice this this is just my interpretation of it we didn't do any of

this it's just what that tells me is that look you know eventually at some point we're going to have to come together and start

commuting on some level we have to on somewhere we have to come together we have to and you know and

you know exactly like brian said and you know to me this means you know ask for help

hey i you know even if it's something like again community talking with them but we have to talk to each other we have to

see what's going on and we have to kind of be equals you know and and asking for that help is

there's nothing wrong with it you guys i promise you there's not yeah maybe that has that kind of meaning too if it's a

stranger you got to commune on some kind of common ground if it's someone you know then it's like hey you know my cup

is yours and yours is mine and we gotta lean on each other in in tough times exactly i mean even if you see some at

the grocery store and you're just like they seem like they're having a hard day hey how are you make a smile tell a joke

tell a really bad joke you know but it's something as simple as just

letting other people know that they're not alone and they're there for you little patience

goes a long way it does so that being said try out chewie mode next time you go to disneyland yes

let's know let us know if you went on chewy mood yeah let us know if you've been inside club 33 let us know all that stuff i'd love to hear it i would love

to hear that and we invite you to uh subscribe on apple podcast spotify um as well as youtube facebook and instagram

come check us out we got lots of stuff coming up we got some interviews and we've got uh some really

funky content coming which i'm excited about oh my gosh like yeah we've we're like wondering what content to

come up and everything just kind of like hey here you go we're like okay brains of course all right so we hope you guys uh enjoyed

it we're glad that you uh stopped in and we will see you next time all right thanks guys


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