Pluto's Return. What does it mean for the US?

Pluto returned to align with us on 2/22/2022. What does that mean for the US? When was the last time we were aligned? Could the United States be on the verge of a total renewal? How has Pluto effected us and the events of the day? Check it out now? #pluto#plutoreturn#astrology



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second question all rightsecond questionwhat do you know about pluto's returnso are we talking about like disneypluto no the planet the planet pluto ofhis returnumiknow diddly squat about thatsoapparentlythis year so this the actual day hasalready come and gone so we're a littlebit late to the party on that butapparently on february 22nd of2022the planet pluto came backintoits returnsoaccording to the new york postit saysthatfebruary 22 2022 was an epic day of twosit's also an angel number yes hugeangelum angel number excuse me and thenum says a manhattan numerologist sees itas an opportunity for new beginnings umthe 2 22 22and uh in numerology says you reduce so222 2022 adds up to 12 and then you addthe one two and three or either one andtwo you get three and then it'sconsequential because you get one twoand three i don't understand really hownumerology worksso i guess that's a pretty goodthat's kind of coolbut it says astrologers also say thatthe united states will experience itsfirst pluto return in this case thefirst time the planet which isassociated with transformation and powerwill be i'll come back to the positionit was inwhen the declaration of independence wassigned and ratified on july 4th 1776.that's incredible so as a result theypredict radical power shifts so umpluto returns in france and russiamarked the deaths of napoleon and stalinthat was the last time wow spanishdictator francisco franco relinquishedpower during spain's last pluto returnsome even argue that uk's last plutoreturn coincides with the unofficialfall from uhthe uk's unofficial fall from worldleader status so historically this timeis marked with a lot of change and mostbelieve that the u.s will be nodifferentsothat is why that's pretty cool yesi love the significance in you know i'msomeone that certainly looks forangel numbers you know and those aregoing to be for those that don't knowit's like repeating numbers so when youlook at the clock and it's like 11 11 or12 12.and then i know you and i'm like looklook look and you're like uh-huhum angel numbers is just a really greatwaya lot of people believe that it's a signfrom god universe angels um just kind ofgiving you like a divine messageso especially on a date where it's 2 222a lot of people i know that i was evendoing things with my business and likehey guys this is what we're doing todaysoumit's kind of fun it's actually a lot offun yeah so according toumastrostyle.comthere isapparently a lot that isassociated with the united states andthe uhdwarf planet as we call it pluto so itsays america's pluto return secretsrevealed transformation ahead souh beginning on february 20th 2022 theunited states will enter its historicpluto return as the cosmic alchemistmakes its homecoming to capricorn forthe first time since the country's birthon july 4th 1776.13 months later on march 23rd 2023 plutowill enter aquarius for the first timesince 1797 the year that georgewashington who was born on february 22ndto 222 made democratic history byupholding the central tenet of the newconstitution by transferring hispresidency to john adams thus earningthe adulation of many world leaderswhen told that washington would honorthe constitution rather than ruleinterminably like a monarch or dictatorking george iii of britain stated thenhe shall be the greatest man in theworldsothis pluto homecoming is a decisivemoment for the entire planet not justthe united states as the world's majorpowers grapple with the unleashing ofrevolutionary forces around the globepluto's looming presence has beenexhuming buried truths for the least ori'm sorry for at least a decade therevelation of which uh astro stylehighlighted in their horoscope guidemost notably our much touted black swanprediction that uh correctly foretold2020's calamitous financialdeteriorationi don't know about you but can you i canhardly remember 2020i don't remember 2020 and also the timeangel numberfivefive five five you guysum i didn't remember 2020. i remember wehad a dogi can hardly that was i mean that wasdisney world andit seems like things went so fast itwent i mean it went really really fastsoi mean that's justreally fascinating so it goes on to saythat um with that heavy predictiontucked under our wing they forged a headsensitive to the global tumult emergingfrom the sun pluto saturn mercuryconjunction of january 12 2020. that's athat's a mouthful so that is the falloutis still underway at the time of thiswriting the twin economic and viralpandemics both in uh respective earlystages so that was back in 2020 rightall right um so that was the umthat was as the last planet was goingout and this one was coming in that'swhere it's such tumultuous times right iguess starting in 2020 but they'resaying that uh february 22nd 2022was really when everything kind of orthat's when it came up and that's wheneverything's supposed to kind of startover again yes sothe united states has its roots in manyplutonian secrets it's well documentedthat many of the founding fathersincluding george washington and benjaminfranklin were members of the freemasonsa fraternal organization responsible forthe construction of the nation and itscivic landmarks many of which likewashington monument obelisk directlyreflecting the architecture and thespirit of ancient egyptone of america's preeminent astrologersbenjamin franklin publishes poorrichards almanac annually between 1732and 1758it contained a detailed astrologicalcalendar that tracked monthly moonphases in motions of the known planetsalong with predictions based on theirastral interactions the colonialamerican equivalent of the agrariandaily horoscopeso umit was a really big deal tobenjamin franklin who was said to be youknow he was like the stephen hawking ofhis time rightum that astrology was a really big dealto himand he goes on to say in the articlethat umup to that point it was such a becauseeverybody was kind of moving towardslike christians you know like like uhchristian uh religion at that point umbut he wanted to keep that like hey thisis like astronomy is a big deal yeah andyou knowall through time it's like the originalscience okay you know kings would youknow kings wouldn't there were certainthings that they just wouldn't do likeyou know people wouldn't go to warumthey wouldn't it wasthey would never make an importantdecision without consulting the planetsin an astronomer exactly well i meanthis is going back to honestly the mayantimes yeah you know it's going backliterally to you know astrology andastronomy is something thatum even though we didn't have the supersuper bright um technology that we dowith computers and everythingthey used to even i mean even piratesand ummap makers are they called cardographersphotographers ooh i did a big board youguysumi mean they would sit there and theywould study the maps and the stars tosee where they were goingso a lot of times that's all they hadand i think astronomy i think whenyou're able to study the starsand the planetary movementslike that's not gonna lie to you likethe moon like we know when the sun'scoming up and the sun's going down weknow you know what i mean so when youkind of have thatumi think it's a lot of faith that goes byso i love astronomy i love you knowlearning about the planets and the starsand all of that stuff andyeah i mean that's what they used to doeven farmers like the um farmers almanacthey would plant duringthey would say that actually i was justlooking this upumfarmers would go and plant on full moonsbecause they said that that was going tobe under new moons because new moon isnew growth so that's when they wouldplant all their stuffso even likefarmers and mayans and everything elselike they all studiedthe planets and the stars you know andnow we look at it we're like oh tell memy fort you know tell me what kind ofday i'm gonna have it's like listen welli spent i grew up andwe both did in the midwest right butyou're more of a farmer boy right and ispent a fair amount of time onin wisconsin and south dakota and umyeah see the mayans had entire templesand civilizations that were all builtaround the stars they were all builtaround um astrological symbols and allthe rest of it they could keep datesalmost to i mean like a computer theywere it was crazy so these i meanit wasn't like it was just a bunch ofwoo-woo stuff that you know didn't meananything i mean this is really importantstuff to these people and they couldreally keep time i mean for an ancientcivilization yeah i meanso but anyway like i would i spent afair amount of time in wisconsin andsouth dakota and um i was alwayssurprised because even when you know inthe 90s they were still selling farmersalmanacs yeah okay and it would predictwhen um it was going to rain it wouldpredict when it was going to snow itwould predict when the best time to uhplant your crops would be and it waslike how do they know this and thepeople would buy it and it was like abible for them they would do everythingby the farmer's almanac if you wouldn'tstray and it was they had impressiveimpressive ways of predicting what wasgoing to come up it was just because ofthe cycles of everything the moon andeverything else it is remind me to addthat to my amazon cart the farmersalmost yeahbut you know in all honesty i mean thisis what the farmers did i mean and itwas you know brian's absolutely right itwas it was originally back to the mayanyou know even grecian you know i meangreen timesyou know and it's when you look at theconstellations they're named after godssoum i love what you just found here yeahthis is his actual ben franklin's uhastrological chartsum also he did uh like they said the thefarmer's almanac so it was a big deal soit says here again um that in 1792 whileplutowhoops let me back up here this is so uhwhile pluto entering aquarius in 2023the conditions favor formation of thenext global political revolutionthe attempt by individuals to separateand liberate money from the statethrough digital tokens like bitcoin andtheir attendant blockchain technologiesa demand that will gain tractionthroughoutpluto's long transit through aquariusenigmatic pluto will herald changes totechnology industry and economics thatwill span over at least two decadesespecially as the tiny powerhousetransits the final degrees of capricornand enters the aquarium realmin 1792 while pluto was last in aquariusthe united states dollar became thenation's standard unit of currency priorto this the colonists issued thecontinental paper money intended tounyoke them from the british monetarysystem to offset their war debts andfinance the building of the nation thecolonists used the vanguard technologyof their time the printing press toproduce continentals well this allowedthem to break away from the tyranny ofgeorge iii uh the unchecked printing ofnotes exacerbated by britishcounterfeits drove up inflation anddebased the continental until it becameessentially worthless the cycle ofcreation and destruction necessitatedthe birth of the new federal currencythe dollar this is no doubt why the u.sconstitution explicitly defines thedifference between money and currencyso that's really that's reallyinteresting and the way that thattranslates to our timeum is thatright now we're going through a cyclewhere they are printing so much moneythere's nothing that backs up our dollarno um it's not based on gold it's it'sbased on the american promise that weare good for it more or less it's noteven worth the paper that it's printedon essentiallyand then especially what's what'shappened since2017 it was i mean they just keepprinting this stuff and printing andprinting and printing it which isbasically making it worthless rightum well and i did that meme on my pageto where i'm like hey guys check out thenew 20 the new dollar bill and it'sbasically like the 20 20 dollar billyeah but how so when did you get thiswhen was this article printed becausethey talked about digital currency thiswasumactually february 21st i think of thisyear butyeah so well digital currency's beenaround for a while but what's reallyinteresting is that they make theconnection betweenum a revolutionuh a free people okay and the decouplingof the government and um the ability tospend money so it's the people who comeup with money and they come up withintrinsic value not the government theother way around and the way that one ofthe first things that america had to dowas get off ofthe king georgemonetary system and all the taxes sothey were spending their own moneyandover time they started to counterfeit itand people started to print too much ofit and then they found out that you knowthe whole the whole system collapsedanyway which they had to come up with adollar based on a gold it was a goldcertificate and that translates to todaybecause you know we're not based on goldor anything right and now we're comingup the people are coming up with theirown monetary system i.e bitcoin and allthe rest of it soi'm not offering financial advicebut it might not be a bad time to getinto some alternate currenciesor buy assets hard assets so andcontinues on it says as the frenchenlightenment philosopher voltairewarned paper money eventually returns toits intrinsic value of zerouh today the u.s federal reserve isdebasing the u.s dollar the world'sreserve currency by printing to infinityin an effort to keep the debt-addledamerican economy afloat sowow it's awful awful coincidental thatwe aregoing through the same cycle that theywent through um july 4th 1776. well imean i know they always say like historyrepeats itselfso i mean the fact that this happened in1776 with the two you know we mean withthat same february 22nd that whole thingkind of switched overumyeah it'sit's gonna be real interesting what'scoming up here well you have to remembertoo that umplutocomes aroundevery246 yearsso this is going to be a while it'sgoing to be we're going to be in this inthis uhbecause even after they they umsigned the declaration of independenceit was the war went on for yearsso we still have years before maybe thiswhole ship writes itself but i'm hopingthat this is going to be a new rebirthand uhyou know freedom and independence andall that stuff all that good stuff ireally hope so too especially forkids and grands and great friends andall that other stuff i think we've hadenough of the of the old stuff yeahgreat enough endless war and everythingelseso umso that was that yeah so we are inpluto's return so expectexciting things all righti'm ready

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