Ouija Boards- Harmless Game Or Direct Line To The Dead?

In this episode we discuss the potential of Ouija Boards as a tool for speaking with spirits. We break down the Ouija's origins, it's realistic potential for talking to spirits, the potential dangers involved, and some real stories of people who've had paranormal experiences with them.

- Where did Ouija Boards come from?

- If they do work, how?

- How did the Ouija Board help shape "The Exorcist?"

- We asked Reddit-

Terrifying stories from real people who've used Ouija boards and had paranormal experiences. #ouija#ouijaboard#realouija

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Transcript: hello everyone and welcome to the gab and the crab paranormal podcast the gab in the crab paranormal podcastis a show that is dedicated to paranormal phenomena we explore the unexplained in an attemptto make sense of events stories and incidents that defy logic and reasonwe cover a wide range of topics from the supernatural to the metaphysicalplease follow along with us on our journey into the unknown some of the stories you may recognizeothers you'll be hearing for the first time we have a range of interviews and guests for you to meet along our way is it realor is it all made up we'll let you decide welcome[Music]hello everybody welcome to the gab in the crab my name is brian my name is julie b and we are the gab in the crabparanormal podcast and today we are going to be talking about ouija boardsyeah ooh nope uh the do's the don'ts um and is it just a harmless uh parlorgame or a direct phone line to the dead that's the question we're answeringtonight that's i'm really interested to see um to hear all about thisbut before we get started i would uh invite you guys to like follow and share us on our youtubefacebook and instagram pages i also really invite you guys uh to follow us on our apple podcast as well as spotifyyes certainly download them if you guys can't get a chance to watch the episodes or listen to them right now you know youhave a family road trip coming up it's summertime you want to throw in an airpod and listen tosome spooky stories with the kids in the back seat being all loud then go ahead and download a podcast episode andlisten to it and we would definitely appreciate it because that helps us a bunch absolutely and we love your feedback too soanything you have any questions any comments we'd love to hear it and a few corrections too if you know something that we don't please let us know yesabsolutely um so ouija boards yeah um could be harmless okay it could beharmless fun sure you know speaking with the dead is always harmless fun you know it it is it'sit don't it totally is uh or it could be everything that they everadvertised it as it could be legitimately a open channel to the other side i don't knowi don't know i'm i am what are your things what are your thoughts i'm skepticaluh but i am open to just about everything and we'll get into that too again the reason why i think that youknow i believe that it anything's possible especially when you start getting people together what do you think i think ouija boards are definitelya tool that can be used for you know like divination but i also think that the intention isthere that i'm sure that you're going to touch on um you know so it's you knowit's all about intention and if you're intending to be like hey let's do this guess what this and about eight of itsfriends is coming along i hope not no so that's yeah so it's i'm yeah thesestories are fascinating that you pulled out which i'm excited to talk about yeah so we are on reddit as wellum and you can find our group on there the gab and the crabum if you wanted to join that and then we asked reddit what's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you usinga ouija board um we got a lot of oh my gosh look at that yeah we got 87 comments and almost31 000 total views so wow yeah i was pretty happy with that that was fantastic and people were really coolabout it so we'll go over those at the end some real live umstories and some so they're they're pretty good um especially one that's going to relate into next week's show aswell so that was really cool but let's do a little history so what is a ouija board where do these things come fromso according to smithsonian magazine um this is the strange mysterious history of the ouija board tool of the devil orharmless family game so it's like monopoly if you get the right amount of people togetherwell it can be dangerous yeah yeah any game is dangerous with the right amount of people around sobut according to the article where this thing came from um wasit's actually kind of a sad it's actually kind of a sad origins like it wasn't that big of a deal for people to use these things because the world wasmuch different um so it says here that the ouija board in fact came straight out of the american19th century obsession with spiritualism the belief that the dead are able to communicate with the living spiritualismwhich had been around for years in europe hit america hard in 1848 with the sudden prominence of the fox sisters ofupstate new york the fox sisters claimed to receive messages from spirits who wrapped on the walls and answers to questionsrecreating this feat of channeling and parlors across the state aided by the stories about the celebrity sisters and other spiritualists in thenew national press spiritualism reached millions of adherents at its peak in the second half of the 19th centuryand spiritualism worked for americans it was compatible with christian dogma meaning one could hold a seance on saturday night and have no qualms aboutgoing to church the next day it was an acceptable even wholesome activity to contact spirits as spiritsat seances through automatic writing or table turning parties in which participants would place their hands ona small table and watch it begin to shake and rattle while they all declare that they weren't moving itso this is where it actually has kind of a sad origin story and why people were turning to them sothis movement also offered solace in an era when the average lifespan was less than 50. uh women died in childbirthchildren died of disease and men died in war even mary todd lincoln wife of the venerable president conducted seances inthe white house after her 11 year old son died of a fever in 1862. during the civil war spiritualism gainedadherence in droves people desperate to connect with loved ones who've gone away to war and never come homeso yeah it really has kind of a tragic you know back story but people were justusing these things innocently you know trying to contact people that you know what i mean that they were deeply deeply connected to yeah i meanit's you know when they're at this point you're definitely thinking that they're they're eager and they're desperate tospeak to anybody or to get some sort of answers um i do like the fact that mary lincolnwas doing seances yeah well it wasn't that different for anybody you know and imagine i meannobody wants to imagine that but put yourself in her shoes it's like you know and it's an accepted practice it's like why not you know right exactly sobut the actual um commercial use of the board came after 1886. so these things were kind oflike you know you would find them in shops or maybe someone would come through town and have one you know theywere pretty specified but it became a national phenomenon after 1886 and it says here that the fledging associatedpress reported on a new phenomenon taking over the spiritualist camps in ohio the talking board it was for allintents and purposes a ouija board with letters numbers and a planchet-like device to point to them the article wentfar and wide but it was charles canard of baltimore maryland who acted on it in 1890 he pulled together a group of fourother investors to start the canard novelty company to exclusively make the market these newtalking boards none of the men were spiritualists they were just keen businessmen and they identified a nicheokay and then um so they didn't have a ouija board yet they had to get a patent and this iswhere the store gets kind of funny so did i get a patent for it yeah because they had to they were going to mass produce it and they didn't want anybodyelse producing them so they might have gotten the board okay so according to merck's interviews withthe descendants of the ouija founders and the original ouija patent file himself uh the story of the board'spatent request was true knowing that if they couldn't prove that the board worked they wouldn't they wouldn't gettheir patent oh my gosh so bond brought the indispensable peters one of his business partners to the patent officein washington with him and filed his application there the chief patent officer demanded a demonstration if the board couldaccurately spell out his name which was supposed to be unknown to bond and peter's he'd allow the patent application to proceed like that theyall sat down communed with the spirits and the planchet faithfully spelled out the patent officer's namewhether or not this was mystical spirits or the fact that bond as a patent attorney may have known the man's nameis unclear merck says but on february 10 1891 a white-faced and visibly shaken patent officer awardbond a patent for his new or game wow so that's where it all came from it camefrom the fact that you know this was a time when the world was a much rougher place and you knowyeah just like i said women died giving birth men went off to war kids died of fevers and you know youwanted to communicate with them well i mean people are left behind so you can totally understand you know no absolutely you know and you even seethis like in the old movies like the 1950s the black and white ones you know even on our even on our website down inthe contact form where you guys can leave a question if you have any on the gavin the crabdot com you can see that it was you know all this it was like a publicity it was like itwas so common just like having tea and let's talk to spiritsso it was definitely an event and it was definitely something that they did and like um you see stuff like that in that show uhpeaky blinders where the aunt yes um goes to the seance party and every you know and and it was like it was prettynormal people would do this stuff right you know you'd be they'd go to like uh sean specialistswho obviously specialized in those things yes so you know that's fantastic people rightand then like the uh haunted mansion ride at disney yeah that has a seance room in it that's often that's modeledafter that kind of thing you know a big mansion that would have a seance room in it well i mean yeah it's just crazy it'sit's crazy you have to think about also i mean you know did everyone have money to go buy a ouija boardyou know it was like a toy in the game so it was like 1860s well i'm sure they probably made it cheap for the right forthe masses and it wasn't it was a smash hit so i'm sure they made it affordable for everyone wow yeahwhich is crazy um but how does it work exactly is it just a game or is it all in people'sminds or are we actually speaking with dead people yeah uh so according to aletia.orgthe ouija board could be an origin of evil and the very action of using this gamecan have profound spiritual consequences beyond our control um sowhat they're talking about is this movie uh ouija origin of evil and they're kind of given somei guess that came out back in 2014 so what it says here is it's interesting that while both horror movies focus oncharacters playing with ouija boards they portray in the film what is true in real life ouija boards are not fun andgames it can open the door to something much more sinister um after the release of the first film theouija board was number five in the top training toys on google google also reported that online searches for the board game were up 300 since the film'srelease wow what's most disturbing about google's report was that the ouija board was categorized right next to toys likeamerican girl my little pony paw patrol etcso in the eyes of the board game business the ouija board is just one entertaining game among many but what's so sinister about it so the premise ofthe ouija board is that a living person can communicate with a soul or spirit and the spirit will communicate back by spelling out answers on the board rightmany children adults will play this game saying they don't believe in it and think that one of their friends is playing a joke on them when the piecesmove on the board it's often viewed as spooky game to be played in a dimly lit room you know on a teenage sleepoverso on other occasions adults unable to deal with the departure of loved one use the game in hopes of communicating with deceased relativewhile someone using the board may not have the intention of calling it demonic spirit the act of using the ouija board is a form of divination just like youwere talking about yes discovering which means discovering hidden knowledge through supernatural means and is very real right so to makean analogy you may not believe there was someone on the other end of the telephone and may want to talk in it thinking thatno one's listening but the fact is that someone is listening and can communicate back yeah which is a really big dealit's a huge huge deal wow we too often forget that there is much more this world than meets the eye there do existangels demons spirits and souls and they can have an impact on our lives it's simply not possible to use theouija board as a game as the very act of using it has profound spiritual consequences beyond our controlit goes on to tell about how a 13 year old boy um used one and became possessed and had to go through like a year-longexorcism which i guess was not pleasant no that would not beenjoyable and then like we've talked about here says unfortunately the case is not isolated and there have been countless others over the yearsexorcists have repeatedly warned against using ouija boards and explained how demons will masquerade as departed lovedones as a means of gaining possession even paranormal investigators are leery about using them knowing what kind ofspirits can be invited into a person's home so not a great umit's they're not it's not a great resounding uh thumbs up for ouija boards fromalatia.org no they're not but um but it's really one or the other it'sthis is a black or white thing it's either uh a direct line rightto speaking with the undead and possibly demons okay yeah or it's just a piece of plastic and a piece of cardboard wellthis is your option it really is and you know when you're using you know i use divination i use i use umlike i'll use a pendulum and you know that's kind of energy you know but i'm in control of it but now whenyou have someone else you know when you have like four people because you can't do it byyourself with the ouija board you're supposed to have two or more people so you might have someone that is like youknow what i might want to you know kind of go on this side so once you're starting to kind of get moreum more cooks in the kitchen i guess you know you i think you coulddefinitely open up more gateways and you don't know who's on the other phone you don't know who's in the other line ofthat um especially with the work that i do and i've seen so many in my field it's justlike you don't know who you're talking to and you have to be really cautious with how you approach every situationyeah we had a couple conversations about that especially about tarot and all the rest of it and the difference being thatyou know it's like you're not actively saying that like hey i am speaking to this specific person who isdead the specific spirit and once you start to do that it becomes really dangerous because you don't know who you're talking to exactlyso it becomes a matter of hey like we're opening a channel and things are going to come through and if they resonatewith you great if they don't you know that's kind of the way it goes too but a ouija board they're trying to bemuch more specific specific yes i mean they're asking i mean you know what they're doing is sayingspell my name so yeah spell my name i mean and there's um chip coffee who's a greatpsychic medium was saying i would watch one of his talks and he was talking about people's names have suchimportance and you know when you're like when you're asking someone to say your name that's that's pretty powerful umyou know and it's just saying yes or no and i don't know i'm justwith everything i do i'm not um ouija boards are the one things where i'm like nope i don't want to see it i'mi'm good i am more than good you know and you're talking about you know withwhat i do i had a client just on saturday and we were talking and you know i was just literallytelling you things i was saying and i'm like i'm seeing like you know cherries or anything else and come to find out that her momwas a blue ribbon baker with crayon apple pies and like there you go so i think when you'reable to do it that way it's a little bit um easieri guess but yeah let's find out more about okay so about this stuff because i'm beyondfascinated so the next article is from the samewebsite aletia and it says ouija boards everything you need to know so and again they don't give a resoundingtwo thumbs up for ouija boards but i think this is a catholic website so it makes sense yes um so the ouija board isnot an innocent board game and can invite the demonic into your home so during the month of october one ofthe most popular party games is a ouija board and again it says it's serious spiritual dangers and here's a they alsolink some articles will go through here too but it says that again playing with ouija boards is a form of divinationwhile someone using the board may not have the intention of calling it demonic spirit the act of using the ouija boardis a form of divination again discovering hidden knowledge through supernatural means and is very real so and again it says to make the analogyyou may not believe there was someone there but and there's you may talk into the line like you pick up the phone you don't think there's someone the otherend but there's someone there and there's someone that can listen someone's always listening so and the thing you know the way that i looked atit um i always thought that it was like the chance that umthis thing is real always turned me off from it you know what i mean it's like i don't know if i believe it that much buti don't really want to take that chance right and i think just the act of you know the intention the act of puttingyour hands on that thing and trying to talk to somebody obviously opens a line and you know it just attractsthings no it attracts things on the other side and they might answer you and you might not want to hear what they have to sayso the author and it goes on and says the author of the exorcist discovered the reality behind ouija boards so williampeter william peter blatty the uh author of the exorcist had a personalexperience with a ouija board that convinced him that he was communicating with some kind of spirit but he told kind of after experimentingwith ouija board strange unexplainable things would continue to happen um catholic exorcists worn against usingouija boards so they've repeatedly repeatedly warned against using ouija boards andexplain that demons will masquerade as departed loved ones as a means of gaining possession even paranormal investigators are leeryabout using them because they don't know what kind of spirits can be invited to a person's home so that's a pretty powerful statement you know from bothends of the spectrum from a uh catholic um exorcist to a ghost hunter saying likelook we don't know who's on the other side of this thing and we don't know what we're inviting in here so we're just gonna leave it alone exactly youknow and it's kind of you know if you think about it's really but not really i mean it's youknow when you're talking to somebody you don't know their intention you don't know who you're talking with you don't knowanything about that so once you open up again you open up a channel and you're it's you know i always sayit's kind of like the new york subway system anybody can jump off you know i mean and you don't know who is coming off andit's like you have to be really specific about what you want and what you more importantly what youdon't want i would just say that yeah you gotta maybe just leave it alone yeahso and it says here that a house can become haunted after a ouija board is used so a house can be can can becomehaunted though it is not usually inhabited by a ghost as we calmly pitched in our minds most of the time when a person thinks their house ishaunted it is possible that a demonic spirit is present this usually happens when someone invites a demon into their lives through various means such asplaying with a ouija board so real or fake i think we're you knowkind of both on the same uh wavelength here that it's probably imean the chance that it's real is is enough i think it's a i think it's real i've heard enoughi've seen it i mean i've heard enough i've read enough about it i think it's real you know it's it'swas originally used as you know a divination tool right and it's no you know to me it's no differentthan using tarot using my pendulum um well i think it is different thoughit's different than the fact that you're saying you're directly speaking with someone when tarot is just a channel ofenergy coming through okay yeah and a representation through the cards okay i can see that yeah i can easily see thatand that and that interpretation you know is generally for you to make or for a client to makedoes this make sense to you or do you you know this is what i'm seeing that kind of a thing because you've had clients before they're like you knowthat doesn't make any sense and it's like well maybe we're a little off today yeah notwith a ouija board where it's like this is grandma you know yeah exactly and it's not grandmaso but as far as the power behind it and i guess the part that really kind of caught my attentionwas um you know there's a scripture in the bible i'm not super religious but umthis one came to mind and it was matthew 18 19 and 20which is that again i say to you that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask itshall be done for them as my father which is in heaven and then it says for where two or threeare gathered in my name uh there i am in the midst of them sowhat that says is that if there are two people two to three people in agreement and they all agree on the same thing andthey are doing the same thing and they have the same active goal then the holy spirit is there with them okay sobut what that also says is the opposite is true is that you know you get two or three people together and they're trying to you knowcall an evil spirit or any spirit it's probably going to happen because they're all together and they all have that power of intention and that power ofspirit together to open a channel it matters it really really matters that matters if it mattered enough to put in the bible i'm assuming that the wholething is probably true it's very true yeah so well you know and with that when i doreadings with clients i'll tell them hey this is what you know i want when i do a reading i'm telling peopleyou know a high level of frequency think of everything that makes you happy love joylaughter you know if you want to connect with somebody you think of them in your head don't tell me their name don't do anything about thatbut that's true because that's two and three of us and i'm thinking of all happy things reading their energy pulling from that and that's where ithink um the positive feedback that i've been getting for my clients is that becauseit's all positive energy and i've had one where there was one person who ihad the sense that it was very kind of just a down person um just negative and i'm like youknow what we're we're done you know because it's you i'm like i don't want any of that um yeahno and then on that note actually there's another it's what it says here about the dangers of using these things and your mindsetit actually feeds right to that it says if you're sick or hurt or depressed avoid contact uh i don't mean it says it won't chasefriendly spirits away um but don't seek any new contact it says your aura will announce loud and clearthat you are open to negative spirits it says you know your friendly ghost will wait for you until you feel wellagain to chat so yeah just on that um on that note it's like if you're in if you're in the wrongmindset if you're sick if you're injured if you're depressed angry angry you know if you'reyou're just in a weakened state um it's not a good time because you're going to send that energy if you're opening achannel that energy is going to come through and exactly that energy is going to attract the kind of spirits i thinkthat are going to be attracted to that kind of energy and want to take advantage of it no exactly and that's totally true because i'll have i mean i'll haveclients too where they come in and they're all flustered they're nervous and everything else i'm like we're going to talk a few minutes and kind of bringthis energy down so that we can start because i don't you know you can tell when when someone's even just havinglike when someone's having a bad day you're like you know what like me and you know i'm i'm in a wifemood and i'm like you know what we're just going to go ahead i'm just going to leave myself everyone alone becausethere's no good that's going to come from it no and um you know and i know you're even saying that you have like awhole process you go through before i really do because you can't you know you can't go driving across town in rush hour trafficyou know yeah it'd be totally flush i couldn't do it it would be the worst cardboard reading ever no you knownothing but negative spirits angry yeah no but you know i do and my head would spin around and i just peesoup all over them oh yeah no and it's you know you guys i'm i was raised roman catholicyou know and when i go i think i think i've actually prayed more now doing whati'm doing that because of what i'm fearful of but because of i'm like hey let's get all the saints in here let'sget all our angels in here and you know it's been the most yeah it's and i'lleven have my clients do the same thing but there's a whole process that i do and even things i do around our home andyou know people are like well can i come to your house and do a reading i'm like no you cannot come here at all because thisis our home and i've set this up for positive energy in hereum but yeah yeah it even says in one of these other articles it says the the catechism of the catholic church clearlyteaches against divination all forms of divination are to be rejected uh recourse to satan or demonsconjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to unveil the future i'm a bad catholicvery bad catholic um but i think that's you know most of that is because it's like it's a direct channel you know andyou're inviting bad things i mean you're inviting bad things into your life you're buying bad things into your house and they might not leave you knowit might be hard to get rid of them yeah so like we said the uh or was we read herebefore the exorcist the guy who wrote the exorcist and if you guys haven't seen it youhaven't seen it i haven't seen it i no we okay so when we were dating in the very beginning i think you and i triedto watch it one time and we're like we're going to watch it and then i'm like i don't want to watch it i don't want to watch itelse because i might even said like hey i'm not watching that i've seen it twice or was it the poltergeist it was one ofit was a really scary one that we were going to watch and then we stopped it wasn't with anybody elseokay no maybe no it came up it came up and i was and we decided not to and i was like yes it's really scaryi can't i can't do this i'm not even sure if i'm gonna be able to watch this you guys feeling a little kidnowait a minute you need twoyou really don't want me to play huh no i do captain honey said nowcaptain who captain howdy it's captain hoodie you know i make the questions and hedoes the answers oh captain hookso he's not nope nope that's enough so according to um the moviethis is one of the uh earlier scenes in the movie and sowhat i thought was really interesting about this and that maybe they didn't explain a lotbut this is an earlier part in the movie and it kind of comes out this is this is they're building the plot because she'sbeen using a ouija board by herself and talking to the spirit named captain howdy and when the mom comes down to say heywhat's going on you know the thing moves on its own away from her because i want to talk to mom you know it just wants to talk to her soit's isolating her from mom you know and it's it's it's slowlybreaking her down you know what i mean it's slowly taking it's it's slowly being it's being very possessive of her you know because it's like she's like ohmr you know but captain how do you be nice because it's like he's i guess he's saying mean stuff about her that only she can hearbut um one of the premises of this movieand um is that and nobody take this you knownobody take offense to this but this was part of the movie that i don't think anybody really picked that not many people picked up on and it was also inthe shining two was that you know they talk about um demonic possession you know and firstit's selection and then oppression and then possession and they say a lot of times that um you talk about havingnegative energy in your life or putting out negative energy or being a weakened state where you're depressed you know where things are going on or you're justyou know emotionally strained and one of the the big scenes in this movie is it's her birthday and because her uhher mom and her dad are split so she's divorced and umreagan i think is the little girl she's like 13 or 14 and like it's her birthday and uh her dad hasn't called her to wishher happy birthday so the mom is like on the phone she's flipping out you know where is he why isn't he calling he doesn't care you know she's having atotal meltdown right right in front of you know reagan who's really upset you know that her dad won't even call her on her birthdayand uh i think that was one of the subtle things that they put in that movie to show that it's like hey she's under likea fair amount of distress you know like she's under a fair amount of emotional distress not only is she a 13 or 14 yearold girl um but also it's like her parents are split her you knowum dad's not around and you know it's it's a it's like a perfect opportunity for this you know she's lonely she'sshe's curious and all of a sudden it's a perfect opportunity for a dark energy to come in and start you know really reallybeating her down so i thought that was interesting that is and i mean it'sthe whole i'm sure you guys see me like literally squirming over here umyou know thank you i'm like anything else um but you know it's you're absolutelyright you know once that's why it's so important um you know to have a positive mindset as much as you canand when even in your in and i get it with everything going on i mean even when you're just you're having you'reallowed to have a day but don't let it don't sit there for too long um just in general but yeah the wholethe whole movie the whole thing with it i'm gonna have to like watch i love lucyafter this or something or like i'm not kidding like grey's anatomy or something happy oh solike we said um i was saying before so the the author of the exorcist actually had someexperiences with the ouija board so and again it says here that umwhen asked if he ever frightened himself will write in the book bloody said glad he's the author he said well i don't want to sound like a nut but i waswriting the last chapter in the epilogue and i did have a series of bizarre experiences for the first time in my life i got hungup on a ouija board for 10 days i'd never done it before and i found i couldn't leave it alone and i had the most definite feeling that i wascommunicating with the dead yes i agree an awful lot of it could be auto suggestion and i knew all about howouija boards worked because i'd research it so much for the book but there were certain things that were that certainthings which are not susceptible to explanation by the subconscious mind i thought it was my father communicatingwith me and i got someone in to help validate that experience she was a girl who could put herself into a self-imposed hypnotic trance and whowould operate the planchet on the ouija board i didn't touch it at all and asked the questions in arabic which she didn'tunderstand a word of and i got precisely the right answers nope but then i thought well maybe subconsciously i wasformulating the answers in english and she was picking them up for me telepathically okay so body told conleythat after experimenting with the ouija board he continued strange unexplainable things continue to happenhe goes but then there were poltergeist experiences doing revision of the book at a friend's house the telephone rangand suddenly the receiver left off the hook uh it happened to him first and then to me so i asked a friend who did theacoustics for the kennedy center what the possibilities were electrically and he said that was impossible then telephone engineers in two statesconfirmed it was impossible but we both saw it happen that was the culmination of several incidents but it was the onethat no way could be explained and he said also an electric typewriter wrote a line of gibberish but what i do knowabout electricity uh maybe there was some short circuit somewhere that was possibleso i'm okay i'm not gonna lie i'm kind of curious to see what this right of the or i'm sorry the line of gibberish wasand like my work and no play makes jack a dull boy see why did it be like that that's justoh my gosh that was from the shiny i know it was that's scary but i'm wondering if there's a way thatif you can like you know these people like they're able to do like hieroglyphics andhas everyone ever been able to break down what they said or that line of gibberish to see exactly what they meanti think i would just throw the whole thing away um i would like pour myself in holy water so and you know with thisguy i mean it's like he's writing this super scary book he's researching ouija boards and demons you know obviously hewants to speak to his dad he's probably not in the best frame of mind and yeah you know now he's playing with this stuff and i'm suresure things are just around just waiting to get in you know exactly you know even doing some of theresearch that we've been doing and um i'm taking a demonology class and i'm not gonna lie you guys ihad to i have to do it in little chunks and then honestly go watch a cartoon or go outside and play or go walk aroundbecause it's just it's kind of it's really really scary and it's real and there's actuallyhistory with it too so um these i mean and you got such a greatresponse yeah so if you guys are on reddit check out the gab in the crab um see the questions that brian's puttingup there and we definitely want to hear from you guys and what your thoughts are um because we've gotten he's gotten someamazing feedback and it's really fantastic to hear these storiesso yeah like i said we went to reddit and we asked um what's the scariest thing that's everhappened to using ouija board and we got about our three my three best answers so first oneum this is kind of a long little back story said so his buddy roger had a basement at the foot of the basementstairs was a door and the door closed off the basement pool and darts room from the rest of the housenot like the house you grew up in my goshno but the butler's quarters was to the left seriously i'm like that's i'm like i was gonna say i'm like that's amidwest home so the only problem was after so many years the door swelled and would nolonger close trying to close the door was a task it swelled so much the flooring had been gouged out from thedoor scraping so hard so now for the story so he says roger myself and two other friends were playing around with theboard in the dark after about 15 minutes of goofing off roger's mother calls him up for dinner he doesn't go more shenanigans five tenmore minutes roger's mom gets heated we can now hear her stomping across the house above us she gets to the stairwelland screams roger get your butt up here for dinner right now roger spawns okay give me two more minutesmom responds don't just stand there at the foot of the stairs get up here nope now here's the problem he says we're 15to 20 feet from the door and that's when there's no way that she saw roger so roger yells hey we're sitting at thebar and the moment he said bar uh the door that nobody could close slams shut with a purpose the four of usimmediately went from joking around to screaming in panic as we couldn't open the door roger's dad had to jump throughthe basement window and kick through the door to open it and he says he never went back to roger's house after thatso that was one of the good ones my godgosh oh and then umlet's go through these here see guys like i like doing what i do but like all this scary stuff like i'mi am such a chicken i'm sure if i ever went on you know an investigation i'd be like okaylike give me a teddy bear like like even going through a haunted house i'm like i one time we went through andi was like give him like a half nelson throughout the entire time so this person says this is not me howeverhe thinks it's worth sharing so my late father was a priest and in one of his parishes he was on first name terms withseveral members of the local police force he got a call from one of them one night asking him to come out to a housejust outside of town where the police had gone to investigate what was called a noise complaint turned out that several young men in their early 20s hadbeen messing around with a ouija board one of them ended up in a psychiatric hospital for the best part of the forthe better part of a year and my dad told me that when he stepped into that house he felt more scared than he everhad done before even during his military service he said a prayer in the house and that's actually a little book withit in uh that he got after his dad passed away and he told me that if i ever took one piece of advice from himseriously would be to never use a ouija board he said he never has yeah i wouldn't no i would not yeah whenthe cops are calling you for prayers it means something went really really wrong yesand then uh this one this one was uh really really interesting sothis person wrote in that over 10 years ago i was in a bad place mentally i'm a firm believer in the occult and believein a higher power ghost in the supernatural at the time i collected a few ouija boards and was reallyinto trying to speak to the dead after several months of feeling like i was a medium i was starting to feel off i washaving horrendous thoughts that were very out of character for me thoughts of suicide uh murder and torture to namesome of the tamer images i was having it got so bad that my hands were bleeding because i could not stop washing themthe guilt i felt from these thoughts was taking me over and i thought i was going insane it was around this point that i knew ineeded to have a conversation with my mom about what was happening so i told her everything that she told that i toldher everything and she told me i needed to see a doctor i began researching ocd and the effects of ita week or so after confining my mom i went to saw a family doctor at 16 i was terrified of the idea of being mentallyill i nervously told the doctor everything that i've been feeling and uh he fills that prescription for prozac andrecommends i see a shrink so he takes the papers she gives me and heads home so i tell my mom what he saidand start to plan my road recovery but a few days later while researching some stuff about ouija boards trying totake my mind off of things i came across an article about something called demonic oppressionand holy cow she says this was me this was the definition of what was happening to memy symptoms were all on par with what the article was referencing basically is the idea of not being possessed andhaving a demon in you but the idea of one being around you trying to bring you down as much as possible it can lead todemonic possession the number one route caused cause believed to entice a negativeenergy to harass you playing with ouija boards so uh she began researching how to readrid yourself this hypothetic hypothetical oppression get rid of your boards and make sure you dispose of them correctly so she began to do so uhbreaking the board and separating the pieces making sure the pieces never touched and disposed of and to separatethe planchet as well so she put it all in separate garbage bags and sat in the garbage for a day ortwo so come no garbage day rolls around and she hearsthe truck outside around the corner making stops shoot i forgot i had kittylitter stuff to throw out so i run downstairs and head to the front door my dad stops me at the bottom of thestairs and proceeds to mock me for having to clean up cat poop i ignore him not making icon eye contact as he wasannoying me and full on laughing at me at this point i dart past and throw the poop into the bin to see the ouija boardbags being put into the garbage truck when i enter the house it's quiet i yell for my dad and no one answers15 seconds go by my mom comes home from work she says hi and i ask where dad went she tells me he hasn't been homeyet from work and then he had to pick something up from the grocery store i tell her she must have i tell her he must have forgotsomething uh and to stop on the way home because i just spoke with him like two minutes ago she said that's impossiblebecause she was just talking to him on the phone so she runs up to call him sure enough he's still at the a p and he totallyconfused with what i am talking about i hang up in complete shock no one else was home and it was 100 looked andsounded like my dad i know that that was the last hurrah for the thing that so much enjoyedmaking me feel like the devil's well uhuse so after the boards were taken all the symptoms stopped like overnight and shegoes she's scared to think of what she actually might have saw she looked into her dad's eyes so umthat's horrifying horrifying and then so we had a little back and forth with this personand i asked him i asked her i said so uh could you elaborate on the part aboutyour dad giving you a hard time i said um like what was he saying what was that oryou know was this out of ordinary for your dad's normal behavior like you know is does your dad have a person to reallygive you a hard time you know to laugh at you doing this and that you know because some parents are like that sure you know but it's like but was thatordinary behavior for him or did you notice that something was off and she said umshe goes when i walked past him he was saying something along the lines of oh yeah cleaning up after that stupid effing cat always having to be a slaveto it and he was also laughing she said totally out of character because my dad would have jumped infront of a moving car to save that cat oh so prettypretty scary storyokay that's it for me guys i'm out um sowhat's the verdict is it is it just a piece of plastic and some cardboard no i um i don't think so it'san entire screen um i definitely you know it's it's definitely a tool it's definitelyusable thank you very much um i you know it's and andoh there's no there's no continue i have no words that story is herei'm i'm done i'm done you guys i got nothing else don't ask the internet anything everno it's that's that's yeah that one got me i was like whoa that one got me all three of those stories i mean peoplewere really really nice um they were really cool about it they they sent in a bunch of legit stories andthey were all good but those three really stood out to me especially the one that that she wrote soum you know and i was talking with um a local paranormal investigator today andshe was saying and she just got done doing a bunch of research on it and she was saying that the planchetteis actually the tool i don't want to say the demonic tool but the activated tool so if there'sanything that's going to be possessed or controlled it's the actual maneuver tool and not the boardso and she says that they've even done it before to where they've taken and i don't recommend this by taking a pieceof paper and writing it with pen and paper because that's what they used to do back in the day because if you couldn't afford to buy a boardyou would do it that way and she's like and that's actually it but it's i think it's real i think all of it'sreal i don't like any of it um all of the story that was enough storiesfor me you know what i mean like it's sorry is it real or not i have no idea but youknow just the possibility of i think it's possible and the possibility of something like that happening i don'tsee the risk reward for it no it's not i mean you you know it's there's so many other things i meanwatch the craft the great 90s film the great the cr the great yeah it's fantasticyou guys classics like legally blonde stop it light as a feather stuff is a board i'monly gonna say it once like literally these are you know i mean like do thator book a reading yeah i'm fun i'm a great time you know but it's you knowwhen you're able to well i would say story the the big deal too is i mean you're also a trainedprofessional correct so you know what to do if things start going sideways it's like we're done we're done and uh we'regonna pray for a little bit yeah we're gonna throw some whole you know and i have exactly it's like there's there's a whole sequence of events that there's awhole sequence of a process right that you know shakes all the all the bad stuff looseand they don't have to worry about it and it's also not a direct contact it's just a blind contact with the unknown you know it is you know i i'm i believeit's possible enough and i'm out yeah it's yeah i you know like i said i'm i thinkthe divination tools that i use tarot i know people use dowsing rods which i'm totally want to research and kind offind out more about it um but ouija boards is one thing you know have you ever played with aouija board when you were a kid never been to like a party that had them there were some people using onewhen i was in college but i didn't i i didn't really believe in it maybe that was i mean i probably was more pushingthat thing to say yes or no than anything and i did it like twice and i was like this is stupid this is dumb yeahyeah so um i found that article but there was an interesting thing that i readum and it said there's some warning signs too that if you're using an ouija boardand one of them is that if the planchette starts making a figure eightthat um so when i think of likeinfinity sign but that's a that's a bad sign because that's been known it's been umcorroborated from different people use ouija boards okay umtrying to help you out there i think and i was kind of telling you the silly story beforehand umme and my best friend we did a ouija board one time at our house and it was you know midwest and her momhad like a curio cabinet in the very front corner and she had all those like little you know those like little figurines um like uh precious momentfigurines and it was all on glass everybody was asleep dog was sleeping you know in the room next to us and wewere downstairs and we're playing with this ridiculous thing and we started hearing like theporcelain moving on the glass and it's a very distinct sound to where her and i looked at each otherand like we ran over there and we were like we're staring at this thing like expecting one of the things to jump outat us and we both looked at each other and we're like we're done and like we ran back down i think we watched i lookedlike we were in isle of lucia fanatics like watch i love loose until about like three or four in the morning i'm like we're done we don't do thisanymore but it's you know the stuff is just crazyso on that note we'll leave you with some do's and some don'ts okay yeah let's do thatdon't use a ouija board alone never the more people with you when you're losing ouija board the better this means there is moreenergy present to connect with the spirit if not everyone can comfortably sit and touch the plane [ __ ] and it's fine to have just people as viewers okaydon't use a ouija board in your home if you do connect with the malevolent spirit the energy will be in your home and it will be harder to break contactokay um let's see here don't ask joke questions okaydon't leave the planchet on the board when you're done using the ouija board remove the planchet from the board even if you're just leaving the room for abit it's considered bad luck to leave the planet on the board okay umdo always end your session with the ouija board by saying goodbye okay close contact i close the portal yes no youhave to get across the streams do you just do crest the streamsyeahso here it is here we go so if a spirit starts communicating you through theboard by counting down or going through the alphabet immediately end the session by saying goodbye this is a common themein ouija users who have contacted malevolent spirits that is trying to leave the board what yeah wait wait ifthe spirit starts communicating you with you by making the planchette make a figure eight or infinity symbolimmediately end decision uh session by saying goodbye this is another way malevolent spirits have uh revealed themselves wowum so if you begin to suspect that you are in contact with the level and spirit immediately end the session by puttingthe planchet on goodbye it also helps to leave the physical space you are in to sever the energy between the group andthe spirit okay yeah so this one's important so don'tspeak to spirits who identify as identify themselves as zozo nopeand the sessions say goodbye immediately zozo has been identified as a malevolent spirit soone thing um don't use a ouija board in a cemetery i mean come on you guys seriously do not use a ouija board whiledriving it doesn't say that oh the other thing i was gonna say andi'm not sure it's on this list um professionally speakingplease don't buy a used ouija board i don't care how cheap it is i don't care that it looks awesomeno you know i've seen and spoken with a lot of people that have purchased thingsfrom like antique stores and actually one of the houses i went into declaring at she's like i'm like where did you buyall this furniture she's like oh from goodwill and from this and from that and energy attaches itselfso don't buy a ouija board from an antique store or if it's in a closetbehind boards nailed to the ground don't take it out of thereyeah just leave that alone yeah anything that you guys i don't know why i'm saying this now maybe if someone's watching this it might youknow if you're doing up a new house taking down boards and you see like satchels in the wallsay thank you i'm sorry for disturbing you you don't need to knock down that wall it's fine where it isit doesn't need to be an open space what's in the satchels gold well i mean like there's like hexes are in thereit's it's a thing all right it's a thing it's a thing put it in there there's actually areally funny no i'm taking them out yeah no no you don't you don't touch themyou don't touch them you don't touch them get a tongs[Laughter] so that's what we have for ouija boardsuh i like i said no i'm i'm believe enough i've heard enough that if it is true i'm out i'mum you will never find me using a ouija board um i am more than happy to communicatewith energy in the ways that i do um but ouija boards is one thing wherei'm for those that do it and use it i'll respect youno thank you i will have a we giant you a solid list of do's and don'ts yeah so just just do the do's and don't dothe don'ts don't use it while driving are you cemetery or in a cemetery but you guys let us know what you think uhagain like follow and share youtube facebook instagram also uh follow us along with us on apple podcast andspotify uh if you know something we don't you want to correct this you have a comment question anything please sendit to us and we'll be happy to answer it for you other than that we are going to actually our next episode is going to be aboutdemonic oppression so i had never heard of such a thing until i uh asked a question on reddit so we got some goodresearch for that and if you thought ouija boards were scary wait till you hear about this oh god you guys i have a wine glass next to me next timeinstead of water so we will be back probably shorter episode end of this week and then we'lldo the main one next week again so perfect please come back and check us out and uh you can find julie b at uhyou can find me at juliebspiritualguide.com you can find me if you're looking for me atkettlebellinvictus.com so thank you guys for stopping by and we'll see you next time alright bye guys have a good night bye bye

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