Knights Templar Caves and Pentagon UFO Hearings

In this episode we take you through the Caynton Caves in England: - Who built them? - Witches Coven or Rock Quarry? - What's A Sword From 1300 AD doing there? And The Pentagon's Official UFO Briefing: - What Did They find? - Would Aliens Be Our Friends If They Found Us? Check It Out Now! #knightstemplar#ufohearing#illuminati



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hello everyone and welcome to the gab and the crab paranormal podcast the gab in the crab paranormal podcastis a show that is dedicated to paranormal phenomena we explore the unexplained in an attemptto make sense of events stories and incidents that defy logic and reasonwe cover a wide range of topics from the supernatural to the metaphysicalplease follow along with us on our journey into the unknown some of the stories you may recognizeothers you'll be hearing for the first time we have a range of interviews and guests for you to meet along our way is it realor is it all made up we'll let you decide welcome[Music]hello everyone welcome back to the gab and the crab paranormal podcast my name is brian my name is julie b and we arethe gab and the crab and uh today we are going to talk a little bit about somecurrent type events that kind of went down yeah uh i.e aliensand the recent house hearing on aliens and kind of what they foundor at least what they presented and also some caves that were discovered not toolong ago in england that may have been used by the knights templar that's kind of crazy and for morenefarious things too is what they say yes possibly soi think i want to know more about the nefarious things that were there instead of the aliens because aliens creep meout you guys i don't know some of the some of the stuff that you find out about these caves i think i'd better see an alien soyeah um this is some pictures this is uh these are called the canton cavessupposed to help if i actually shared that screen yeah [Laughter]um real quick so yeah it's called the canton caves or in england okay and theywere found um on the groundsof near this person's house right so it was like a rabbit hole so you had to likeclimb down there to see what was going on and they were they were pretty shocked to find that it was like a fullycarved out uh cave and tunnel system but it didn't really go anywhere reallyokay so is it when you say like a rabbit hole is it like a phys like they thought it was a rabbit hole or it was the size of a rabbit hole likeliterally what you're looking at right here on the screen that is the size of the the opening to the cave oh my goshso i'm kind of curious why somebody would kind of be like hey what's down there that's a great question it's a greatquestion as to why the opening would be that small right umto get to a pretty sizable intricate cave system like this um now clearly i mean obviouslysomebody came down there and said the candles and everything for this photo shoot but it seems like there's a lot of places down here for candles to putcandle light huh so that's the entrance into the cave that's insane yeah and they're sayingthat um it goes back to the 17th century but there's a there's another story in herethat'll kind of show you that that doesn't really make sense okay so uma 700 year old labyrinth known as caton caves were secret cold rituals were heldpossibly carved out by the knights templar okay or possibly just done for quarrying forthe house that is on the property but either way interesting caves and i have my own theory aboutexactly what this was okay so that's what the caves look like and thenif we go to some video um if you go to some video we can kindof see what they look like in real time whoops so the knights templar is that more ofi don't want to say a boys club but do they actually do they actually do thingsdo they actually do things like what do they do got chicago public education coming out right nowuh the knights templar um how to put this in uh a succinctexplanation the knights templar were a organizationrun out of france uh originally okay and theyascent they were protectors of the christian faithbecause there was a lot of um actually maybe i can talk over this see if i can get my explanation right you guys canyell at me if i don't um so this guy actually takes his gopro down there this gives you kind of a 4kview of what the king case looked like so whoa um clearly there's a lot of like you knowtrash debris i mean everyone's leaving their candles around there there's a lot of graffiti stuff likethat okay that were organized to to defend christianity okay um there was alot of fights between um especially islam i can't go through everything else but especially withislam there's a lot of fights over the holy land um i.e jerusalem and everybody would wantto claim it for themselves so knights templar were kind offormed to defend christendom from all uh you know opposition okay so they werekind of adopted by the pope and they ran their own i mean they had a massive system from you know france from europeall the way down to the middle east to jerusalem wow they ran banking uh they had i mean they were massively wealthythey went on crusades uh to go take back the holy land they were said to havefound the holy grail they have a lot of religious artifacts that are totally priceless oh wow so and the problem wasjust like any organization is that they became too powerful in their own time and started to buttheads with the church and the church said you know what we don't like that any we we're not you guys need to calmdown a little bit and they said no we're not we're not going to do that you know it it became in my opinion likea fight between management and the guys that are on the street you know yeah no you guys you know we're the ones heredoing this stuff we're gonna tell you the way it goes and they said no no that's not gonna happenso the church started to accuse these guys of heresy instead of burning them at the stake oh my gosh soinstead of allowing the church to accuse him and force confession and even if youconfessed if they forced a confession out of you they would still burn you at the stake just to let everybody knowthat like hey we're not messing around and these were the guys that went and defended the church and went to go findthings so the church basically turned their backs on them yeah and worse and worse and much worseso the story goes that the uh umthe knights templar were disbanded but it also said and never to be seen againokay but there's also i think a pretty credible explanation that um these guys just wentunderground literally yeah so in order toyou know prevent themselves from being forced um forforced to uh confess something that they probably didn't do and then be burned at the stake they all just went underground i mean imagine being you know it's it'slike the equivalent of being like you know seal team six times ten witha hundred billion dollars at your disposal and all the most advanced weapons at your disposal and you knowthe skills and outside yeah exactly the skills to know how the connections all this stuff and all of a sudden you'vegot you know uh congress telling you that we're gonna burn you at the stake you know and theseguys and congress has no clue on how to do anything these guys can't go outside the castle walls without you know cryingbecause they got a mosquito bite you know what i mean it's like you're gonna be like no we're not doing that soyou know that was kind of the night's templar um story so these caves were found uh awhile ago they said they might go back to the 17th century okay but what kind of doesn't make sense about thatwas that um a sword from the 1300s was foundthere from what could possibly be aa templar sword is what they're saying because there wasn't too many swords back thenum only because the king would only allow so many people to actually carry a sword so we need to go oh really yeshuh so i'm also a really bad catholic for not knowing that storywell they didn't probably tell that story very much in catholic school about it we did not learn that in ccd they took all of their biggest heroes andburned them off the stake because they decided to to go against the the go against thechurch the church has had to go against them so this guy is named mark lawton and for some reasonhe was wandering around in those caves like 30 years ago and found a 13th century weapon belonging to a member of the fabledknights templar is what they're saying okay so there's two different stories it doesn't make sense we're saying they might goback to the 17th century as a rock quarry and okay that might make sense but it's like then what's a what's a sword from the 13th century doing downthere what's the sword doing down there in general well you would have to assume that if the nice templar went underground that you know maybesomething got left behind in haste maybe whatever you know maybe it was just a weapon storage thing and people werewaiting and they just left that one behind because it is broken here at the end it is yeah the tip is broke sothat's you know that that's the original entrance like we talked about and then you know we saw the stuff on the insidebut what else kind of goes with the theory about knights templarsand what's going on was that there was some more video and kept this real shortum of some symbolism on the wall and it's kind of hard to tellwhich one is which like what's new and what's oldbut this was interesting sothis is a you'll see it here and just tell me what you see okay let's play this you're kind of scanningaround looking at the stuff on the walls typical trash candles everywhere yeah i oh lookat that well that looks like you're just a bunch of that looks like graffiti but yeah oh whoa hello pyramid put the evil eye inthe middle so that's what i thought was kind of interesting you know i don't know to me it looks like all this stufflike the scratches like that's all new right that's all people writing their names on there that looks like it's pretty deep that's really deep andthat's a triangle which we have seen it's the pyramid with the eye right and that is thekind of the celtic cross yes and those look like they're much bolder than all the junk that people have beenscratching in the walls i could be wrong i'm not an archaeologist but it definitely would creep me out nothat definitely would and this was over in england yes this is in england and it's sothe all-seeing eye and the pyramid are generally more um associated with like the freemasonsand it's also been said that the templars split off into the freemasons oh really they rename themselves untilbecause a lot of the they carry a lot of the same beliefs and the belief systems okay so that is one of the theories isthat they broke off and became the freemasons and they were already using these kinds of rituals and stuff all these kinds of symbols and their andtheir rituals well and that symbol is like on money too right it's on our money yeah it's on our yeahwhich is huh the uh e pluribus unum out of many oneexcuse me bless you yeah what was that uh novus order seclorum oh means uh ithink it means a new order wow so some kind of new order thing i should get that right buti didn't brush up on my latin you didn't brush up on your latin before this gave you a nights of templar test earlier sorryeither way i mean any way you want to look at it it's a pretty cool find it is there's definitelythere's definitely a lot there's definitely history there yeah and there i think it's almost irrefutablethat there wasn't a night it wasn't knight's templar it probably was that'sthat's what i'm gonna go ahead and assume just from the evidence that's there i mean otherwisewhy else would that be there i mean if that's a rock quarry why they build i mean i don't know anything about rockquarrying but it's like this is like a dome structure you know well why are they putting celtic crosses in the wallin the wall maybe to i mean so if we're gonna say that maybe it's their way of blessing the area making sure it's safefor them to be in there it's possible i mean i know that there are quarries over in like i think the czech republic rightand they build whole churches down there just because people would spend weeks down there and they'd work on sundays and but why would they make pillars wellthat's what i don't know it doesn't it doesn't look very much like a quarry to me no it doesn't looklike i mean okay so to me if you were to go to back the back one that looks like a basin for water rightso maybe baptisms baptisms blessings you know what i mean some sort of ritual type of a thing rightso this looks this doesn't look like a quarry to me and then why is why is there a 1300 why is there a sword there from the1300s right you know did somebody they excavated this thing in the 1700s and then brought a sword down and leftit i mean possibly but possibly it doesn't make sense no i'm wondering if they were able to findany other artifacts or if that place is closed down you know well i mean it looks like it'sopen because i know one of the first videos there's like a bunch of trash in there well it's funny that you mentioned that because that's the next thing thatkind of came up was they're having a lot of problems so if you guys were thinking about goingdown there um and checking it out you you probably can't becauseexcuse me you have umpeople like this showing up why they gotta mess with that uh so apparently people are sneakingdown there and doing black magic rituals don't do that no it's silliness andthe guy that owns the property he has people that work there and um he says that a lot of times theywould let people go down there first off people know it's private property and they were saying that it becomes it'sbecome such a pain because they can put up razor wire but if somebody hurts them so this is england this is you knowit's it's silliness it's like if they put up razor where to keep people out and somebody tries to break in and cuts themselves then they're going to be heldliable for it the landowners are you know they said they put up bright iron gates and then the next weekend thewrong gates were all torn down he says what really kind of capped it off is whenthey went down there and it says um because in in the past landowners have tried to accommodating the sexi see cts good or evil uh have asked permission to use the site because their patience began running thin when overchristmas they found the caves have been filled with candles sinister symbols scrawled in the walls and rubbish oh my gosh but the final straw came when theyanswered the door to two red-faced warlocks who had the cheek to ask forthe return of their robes which have been used in the black magic ceremony so imagine that you're you know sittingaround your house on a sunday near christmas and then two idiots come to your door and ask if you know they canhave their robes back in their black magic ceremony i mean i would just be like no you don't first off you don'tdeserve to get this back because you left this this is so sacred but no but then i mean to do that overchristmas you know there's there's always a few umnot really bright people that ruined it for everybody else well i would be like um yeah did you guys tell anybody thatyou're coming here no yeah let's go down the caves let's go together together come here we'll find your black robesfor you yeah by the way look at my old sword oh my gosh i i would that would that would be it for me no i mean that'syou know again when people have to go and they have to ruin it and you knowand then mess with and then mess with that and all that other things is justespecially such an area that's so true truthfully it's sacred you know i mean it's been around the 17th centurythe knights templar have possibly could have used it you know i mean and then people that are coming in there and justruining it and kind of covering it with their trash umis not it's just not good and then halloween bun oh my gosh well i mean it's just i'msure halloween this thing is just a uh a full-blown umi mean it's it's bedlam people just come in there non-stop so this is called the sacrificial stone which has been repleterepeatedly moved around by trespassers who use the cave for the rituals so that was the basin that we saw yeah you knowyou can tell people have already kind of ruined it you know there's etch stuff in it but it's tragic but it is i mean it's reallycool i would assume that in england especially of all places that they would um name it some kind of historical siteyou know and keep people out of there you i would hope that they would i wonder if there's any sort of petition that they can doto get that to happen well typically these governments especially european-style governments are so quick to get their hands on land and anythingelse yeah i'm surprised they didn't do it themselves you know you would think that they would but umno this is that's really really fascinating so that was the caton caves okay very nice do not go visit it don'tgo do black magic there and visit yeah don't do that they're probably getting tired of itso our next topic goes to more of some uh current eventswhich is the con the congressional hearing on aliensokay which is crazy it's insane the pentagon showed congressdeclassified videos of mysterious objects so let's let's unpack that for a second thepentagon is showing congress declassified videos so that automatically makes me notbelieve it not well not believe that but it's like if this is what they're showing you imagine what they're not showing you i mean like it's likedeclassified so is there just like a miscellaneous um like file like justcloset these are some pretty nice pictures that the pentagon thought they'd share this is a green background with some whitishdots yeah uh possible triangle no this is all uhbut this is what this was and we'll kind of go in the videos too um this was a night visionvideo taken from a ship of a cluster of um smaller craft yeah that werefollowing the ship uh this was taken from the cockpit i think of an f-16 which is a fighter jetand while they were on a training mission and they saw this uh orb float you know floating around moving superfast so it's important to see it here because the video is is it's really hard to seeit um that is the head what is this guy he ishead of naval intelligence and i think the guy behind him is uhthe head of oral intelligence he is the pentagon's top intelligence officialand then there's some more video too um that's a pretty interesting story but uhso let's go over so this was the orb it's metallic shiny silver ball so it'skind of hard to see but we'll go we'll look at it right here i'm sure we'll get 14.of course so yeah i mean this is declassified like i'm literally to me i'm thinking ofit as oh here we go yeah i don't even know see i can justbarely see it and then these are the lights so the so they don't know what that silver ball was but they're saying thatthese were dronesdon't you think that they would know what a drone is well i would think thatsomebody would have debunked that a long time ago once when a because this was taken on the end of a ship in the middleof the night in the ocean [Music]um i would figure that somebody on the ship would go no idiotthat was us flying drones right well i mean there's google maps so you can zoom in real close i think thisis before this like in 2014. oh okay but i would figure someone on the ship would have to be flying those dronesor somebody well i guess maybe not maybe not because they'd fly them all by satellite but it'd be like i wouldfigure that somebody would be like no that was us but who knows maybe that was even uh topsecret from regular navy personnel right so these were also pretty interestingum once we get thereso some of these have sound some of them don't but that is uh what that's supposed tobe and i don't you know and this is the other thing i don't get the videos that they declassifyright like we have the most advanced military in the world uh we have satellites and video andstuff like that that can like read the date on a penny that's what i'm saying and this is the video that we getwell i mean yeah like we got fighter pilots and stuff up there and it's like yeah i got a bunch of white with a black speck it'sdefinitely an ufo or definitely an alien it's like you can't tell what that is like why don't we have where's the goodvideo well i mean they're not going to show us the good video because this has been i mean they're just finally you know i mean i don't i don'tknow that's so right like it kind of begs the question like there's probably pretty good video oh i bet they have really good video and they're like youknow what we're gonna put this in 480p we're gonna go ahead and put this in the in the lowest demand you know thedimension for you to be able to see this like eight millimeter exactly um but i mean they they're able to seeeverything else so then why are you know they know what this is they know where people areyou know if you think about it i mean maybe they don't maybe they're not as powerful as they think they or as they tell everybody so that's how nope nopedon't like that no sorry guys so this one's moving really fast and that's what they said the biggest thing about these things was just how fast they move andhow they move you know i mean you know and if you think about it you know oursolar system and is big like a massive so i mean there's otherthings that are out there i just don't want them floating above me when i'm going well our solar system i mean it'sthere's other galaxies out there there's as many galaxies out there there's stars in the sky that we can see see that thatall creeps me out i'm like i don't so that's actually yeah that's another one that's roasted and this one thisguy's kind of loud but you can see it floating across the stream they're trying to catch up with it with the camera that's how fast thisthing's moving and when he finally gets blockedso he said he finally gets a lock on it with the camera and the thing is just moving super fast wow so the only thingthat can move that fast probably is like like a missile that somebody fired but it's like they would know if somebody shot a missile and they said there's alot of sightings like this of these um these aircraft floating right on top of the seaor right right on top of the uh the water so that's kind of crazy that's so intenseand then the last one that they uh talked about here was back in 2014 these guys were in uhegypt and their job was to look for aircraft and sure enough they saw one all rightum they said that three cavalry scouts who are trained in identifying aircraft believeso they witnessed some objects all right and they believe the objects were witnessed to have non-human originand he claimed that they were told to keep their mouth shut by their senior officer as word spread among the regiment of the sightingso um let's go down the story here sothis guy ingram he said he's he described being scared s-less of seeing the bright apparentcraft in the night sky the craft appeared to be spinning as smaller lights emerged from it which seemed tospiral like fireworks he said he radioed other outposts 200 miles away they said they could also seethe lights so after watching for two minutes he called the sergeant and his sergeant saidtell me what you see he said i would describe it as a big object with several smaller objects which appeared to be communicating or scuffling like adogfight in the air we knew it wasn't our military and it was baffling the objects were glowing you could clearlysee them with a naked eye and it was clear how fast they were moving to this day i've never seen anything like the craft covering such distance withextreme speeds um he said he saw it with his night vision goggles and he says he wasn'tclear on the shape because the edges were blurry but he could roughly see an oval-shaped object in her in herhorizontal position that was the size of the jumbo jet so the craft and smaller objects beganmoving like fireflies left right up and down uh they were turning everywhere instantaneouslyuh they must have been 30 000 feet high in the sky because i cannot imagine any military type of technology that we havesaid they're they're talking he says we're talking making u-turns at hypersonic speedsuh he was unable to get precise measurements of the object's speed or elevation um basically flew from one endof the horizon to the other in just seconds and estimated they were traveling at several thousand miles per hourbecause all of a sudden the smaller objects rejoined the craft and the craft appeared to shrink smaller and smaller until it just disappeared because itdidn't fly into space it just disappeared and this is one witness you know i idon't know why these guys would make this up they have a lot to lose um if they got caught lying and theywere told to just keep their mouth shut so what that tells me is that somebody knows something's going on yeah um or atleast they've they've seen that they've they've seen this before but one thing that i wanted to bring upas we kind of close it out here is a story or at least a theory onwhat's going onand if you guys don't know who neil degrasse tyson is pretty smart guy fairly smart guy joerogan very smart guy so there's two theories hereand the first one i want you guys to think about and you cansay whatever you like or think whatever you likeoops but this is the pentagon showingunclassified documents and reports to congress and one of the guys in charge of this isa congressman named adam schiff and if you guys aren't familiar with adam schiff i don't care what side ofthe aisle you're on or what you think about him or all the rest of it but adam schiff is a known liarhe has known he read uh false statements intouh record and he's known he he let's just say he isknown to um not be on the up and up okay so if this guy is in charge of thisthing that doesn't give me a lot of confidence so adam schiff is in charge of like the pentagon stuff well he's ithink he's in charge of this congressional um hearing okay the house intelligence committee's oncounterterrorism huh so we had some video of him but i didn'twant to play that so we have to get this to come up but we have to think about why you know like we talked about before why is thiscoming up now you know yeah i meanis there you know it kind of makes me think of is there more stuff that's going on thatwell what do they know what do they know what don't they know what aren't they telling us yeah arethey trying to beat us to the punch before before we all kind of find out before some sort of likemysterious like you know aliens knocking at your door asking fora cup of butter you know what i mean like what's i kind of feel like they're almost trying to like beat us to like thefinish line like okay we set it first you guys are good you know what i mean well and then there is for all of youwho know your conspiracy theories and if you don't there is a conspiracy theory called project project bluebeamokay suggest that nasa has secret plans to create a new world orderso this is an article uh in technology pro and uh what is this news.comtechnology and what project bluebeam is maybe we'll gointo this in a full episode yeah maybe a deeper um explanation of what it is but project bluebeamapparently is a an actual plan from the pentagon like you know there's a lot of plans that get thrown out there that umyou know it was like a tentative plan we never actually got to it is one of the possibilities soproject bluebeam revolves around the government um staging an alien invasionand they're gonna do that so they can bring in and that's how itfolds into like this one world order type thing or new world order is that you know we're going to be presentedwith a new alien species it's going to affect everyone in the world everybody's going to come together and we're gonnalearn to just deal with this new alien species and how their you know their plans for us and how we're gonna interact with themand all the rest of it but project bluebeam is the uh is what they saidis an actual plan to stage and of course there's no alien it's going to be the government staging an alien attack andfreaking everybody out and once they have them all scared then they're going to tell them look we talked to the aliens they said you guysjust have to you know continue to pay your taxes and go to work and it's going to be fine umand definitely listen to us because otherwise we'll stick the aliens on you you know they're always watching you that's kind of crazy i mean this is likean actual con like i'm not i don't know conspiracy theories so this is an actual like this is what people are saying likeyou know what we'll do we'll do a whole episode let's do one project bluebeam but yeah you guys look it up for yourself if you have any umany data or info or wrong or anything let me know but that is the base i just i didn't want to go fully into it because you can spend an hour talkingabout it oh yeah that's the basic uh plan was to stage an alien invasion toeventually take over the world to eventually set up in world order because everybody would be so terrified aboutaliens that they wouldn't be worried about what all these people in charge are doing see i just want to start everybody liking each other like let'swe work on that before we bring in aliens yeah like let's just okay so what is this umthis is this is really interesting so joe rogan got a chance was able to talk with neil yes degrasse so neil degrassetyson and he so what they're going to talk about and this is this is what we'll leave you guys with and this is just food for thoughtum this is going to be food for thought to think about if aliens actually exist andwhat would happen if they did and you know what guys in the comments below if you haven'tsubscribed to our youtube channel subscribe and let us know in the comments what you guys think aboutaliens do you guys think that their aliens are with us do you think have you seen one have you had an experience withone um we definitely want to hear from you guys of what you guys think about this whole thing so this is from a joe roganuh podcast and the question came up joe is asking him hey uh is asking neil degrasse tysonhe's saying hey stephen hawking had a pretty negative stephen hawking is one you know who's that scientist that hadum muscular dystrophy i think it was when recognized as being one of the geniuses of our time of all timeand uh he had a theory about what would happen if aliens um invaded or aliensmade contact with us he didn't have a very he didn't have a very positive outlook on it so he's asking neil degrasse tyson but hey what do you thinkabout what stephen hawking said so we'll play it right here stephen hawkings was talking about theum the possibility of alien life discovering us and that it would be a terrible terriblething if it did happen if you look at what has happened to other primitive life forms and we'vediscovered them primitive cultures and we've discovered them do you share that same opinion that if something did findus uh i don't have a strong opinion on that question but i have an analysis of his comment okayhe is worried about the possibility of aliensenslaving us oh based on the realitythat we've done that to ourselves yes just think about that his fear of aliens derives not fromactual knowledge of aliens but from actual knowledge of ourselvesanytime a more advanced civilization has come upon a less if a technologically advanced civilian it did not bode wellfor the less advanced civilization and that happened in north america south america north america with with europeansouth america the spanish uh um australia with the with theuh brits never boded well for the less technologically advanced civilizationhis factual knowledge of that leads him to suspect that aliens wouldbe exactly the same and i i'm not that skepticali don't think all life forms in the universe have the basal uhviolent attitudes that we do as a species so wow there's a little food for thought to endour podcast with that so the stephen hawking was concernedthat if aliens made contact with us they would basically enslave us because that's what humans already do to each otherright and we you know we come across as humans as a human race in history just overall uhyou know we tend to dominate things that don't have uh that we are more powerfulthan so his theory was that if aliens actually make contact with usit's gonna be bad it's gonna be slave time or they're just going to annihilate us so you know i think if the you know andwe we all see the memes and the jokes you know like hey aliens are kind of like watching us and they're like you know what we're not going there we'regoing to go the next planet i'm not sure if you know with that theory of hisyou know it makes sense that you know put fear in everybody's mind and keep everybody safe and calm and everythingelse but i'm sticking to the fact that if i saw an alien i'd be like you know what i'm out bye guys you like it's just theremight be nowhere to run you guys will see me run forget clownsforget everything else that makes me run i will run like my life yesthey might just vaporize you you know what fine vape done bye so that's what we have today for today'sepisode we have the caton caves found in england that uh possibly a rock quarrybut i think more than likely a knights templar uh underground hideout for when they had to hide out from the churchuh we also have the pentagon the congressional uh hearing on ufosightings the actual declassified material that they showed them which could be the beginning of projectbluebeam right and if they actually get a hold of us they might enslave us to i don't know put together their technology for themor whatever it is put together ikea furniture yeah yeah furniture so that's what we have for youguys today um we invite you to check us out at please like follow and share you can find us onfacebook instagram bitshoot and then if you want to get a hold of julie you can reach your and you can reach me at so thanks for checking us out and we'll see you nexttime bye guys


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