Julie B's Tarot Card Pull For The Week

Julie B Spiritual Energy Guide does her tarot card pull for the week. Check in to hear her message.

Julie B is a Spiritual Energy Guide, from a young age she has always been sensitive to energy and people around her. As she studied under and received spiritual guidance and teachings from a psychic evidential medium her gifts and abilities have heightened to give accurate and credible information to give those insight.She connects with communicates and translates messages through tarot and oracle cards, pendulum and meditation for people that are looking to connect and grow spiritually. #tarot#tarotcard#tarotreading

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you are going to do a card poll for us

today we're back we're back on schedule

everybody you guys we're back


i'm sorry

um i got this awesome so we're talking

about astrology and everything else

so this is a

tarot cloth it's an ultra cloth tarot

cloth um speaking of astrology it's kind

of neat because this is

the symbol in the middle is actually um

archangel metatron so

astrology with signs and everything so i

just thought it was really cool so again

you know astrology is everywhere so i've

been using that because i bought it i'm

like we're going to use it and i also

got a new deck last week


i really really love it


we're gonna do a tarot poll for the week


um the intention for this tarot card

poll will be

for new beginnings for beginnings if

you're if you're in the police right now

where you're like hey it's time to start

you know start fresh

let's go ahead and start fresh

you know there's there's nothing really

kind of holding anybody back from moving


um it just takes one day at a time i was

actually in the bathroom the other day

with uh at a restaurant

and i was washing my hands and a

waitress came in and she was like asking

what i did because she overheard me


and i'm like she's like well i don't

know if i can start over again and i'm

like why not she's like

i don't know and i'm like well start

over and she's like well how do i do it

i said okay well just look in the mirror

and she kind of looked at me kind of


and i'm like seriously it's mirror work

just look in the mirror and tell

yourself what you're gonna do

so she did and you know she did it with

me right there in the bathroom which

probably the weirdest bathroom

encounter i had ever


um she sends me a message like the next

day and she's like hey you know what i

really appreciate you kind of reaching

out and taking like two minutes out of

your day and

actually really helped so i'm like


so you know it doesn't matter where you

are in life you can always start over

and start fresh but this is going to be


movie tarot and i love this one because

this is what the box looks like


they just kind of got some really fun

popular movies on here

and i played with it last week and i had

a really great card tool for myself so

i'm like this is a good deck so we're

just going to shuffle really quick

and i just shuffle and i kind of let the

cards kind of follow you guys so

yeah especially if this is true with uh

pluto's return

there are definitely lots of changes and

starting overs on the horizon


i know we certainly had uh our fair


yes we did since the uh since the


but it seems like we're coming out the

other side of it okay all right here it


all right

um this is oh god jennifer lawrence

so we have oh you guys there we go

it's the queen of wands

so this is from

what is the movie the mockingbird movies


this is actually kind of

really fantastic so she's sitting in a

chair she's super super regal she's

sitting up high she has a wand in her

hand she's talking about being in

control this is your guys opportunity

right now this is if you guys are

catching this right now it's all about

you guys taking control of what you want

and being in charge and setting the tone

for what you want and what you expect

and not letting anything else there's

gonna be distractions that are always

gonna be coming your way but it's really

important to stay focused on what's

important for you and what's important

for those you love if it's good for them

it's going to be good for you and i want

you to go ahead and take that initiative

for yourself and keep moving forward

with it


you know she's just kind of sitting

there and she's just kind of like

waiting and that's kind of the thing is

that with the queen of wands it's about


it's about being regal it's about being

patient and knowing that your time is

coming and it's time for you to start

and again take the initial keep hearing


take the initiative take the start

because you can

always wait around for somebody else to

tell you like hey this is what we're

going to do

versus hey this is what i want to do

well why do you want to do it because i

said so


so let me grab the

book really quick just to make sure i

have that really quick um but that's my

that's the card before today you guys

it's gonna be the queen of wands



so yep so

the queen of wands hang on sorry guys

so queen of wands is lady of the manor

she's charming magnetic friendly loving

honorable understanding sympathetic and

practical she likes money but

understands economy snobbery


so she can be a little bit snobby um it

says social introductions and then

business success

so again that's what this book is saying

um but the wand's really significant you

know the wands is the part that we're

going to kind of focus on here um

because that is the


that's the um the symbol of the deck and

it's about you know spontaneity fast

action passion power adrenaline life



you know get ready action action yeah

get ready for it you guys it's you know

everything's in your control and what

you want and and how you want to go

forward if you want to sit and wait and

kind of wait for the perfect time you


but it's probably never going to happen

until you actually make this step

forward and again the intention

the positive energy that you're putting

out to yourself and to those that you

care about and you love and hey if it's

only you that you love

love it even harder um you know and just

kind of give that message for everybody

that you know so that's the kind of the

cardboard that we got right now


awesome thanks guys so that's what we

got for you today um it was the

operation acoustic kitty

uh the return of pluto okay and a

possible chupacabra outside of the

amarillo zoo

and uh keep your head in a swivel out


watch out for chupacabras watch out for

the return of pluto and um yeah got to

do your thing it starts it's a time for

hopefully a rebirth into something even

better or just as good as uh it used to



liberty all that stuff all the good

stuff all that stuff so

that's what we have for you guys today

we actually have some really cool

interviews coming up so exciting a great

story from one of your house clearings

coming up as well but we don't want to

give too much away about that no so stay

tuned with us um check us out again

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spotify and then you can find julie ad

you can find me at

juliebspiritualguy.com and you can find

me at

kettlevilleinvictus.com i like it all

right i like your shirt

thanks guys and we'll see you next time

guys bye

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