Interview Special: Robbie Thomas- Psychic Medium Criminal Profiler

In our Interview Special we welcome Robbie Thomas. Robbie is a renowned psychic medium criminal profiler. In his decades long career Robbie has helped resolve dozens of missing persons, murder, and cold cases. He has a reputation among law enforcement officials as an asset and true professional. Robbie has assisted large federal agencies, local community police departments, and in family missing persons requests.

Tune into this weeks Interview Special as we sit down with Robbie to hear about his experiences. Robbie shares his personal history as a First Nations spirit walker, how it influenced his career as a criminal profiler, his most memorable case, and much more! Check it out now!

Robbie is an author and television and movie consultant. He has written a dozen books and been involved in several film productions. He has a new true crime television series in production now.

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