Hoodoo Magic Part 3: The Reverend Maxwell Murder And Mail Order Hoodoo Charms

Episode 3: Brian and Julie discuss the murder of Reverend Willie Maxwell while he was giving the eulogy of his step daughter. Reverend Maxwell was said to be a great preacher, and a powerful Hoodoo practitioner. We also discuss some mail order Hoodoo magazines from the early 1900's as well as our own journey to casting our own Hoodoo magic spells. Come check it out! #hoodoo#hoodoomagic#conjure

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hello everyone welcome to the gab andthe crab podcast my name is brian myname is julie b and this is the gab inthe crab paranormal podcastuh you can reach usjust share this real quickthis is the gab in the crab paranormalpodcastthis is our sitethegabonthecrab.comuh the gavin the crab podcast is ourshow dedicated to paranormal phenomenawe explore the unexplained in an attemptto make sense of events stories andincidents that defy logic and reasonwe're going to cover a wide range oftopics from the supernatural to themetaphysical please follow along with usyou will hear some you'll hear somestories that maybe you've heard beforeand some stories that you have notyou'll be hearing for the first timeso is it all real or made up we'll letyou decide so this is my lovely wifejulie hey guys my name is julie b andwhere can people find you they can findme at juliebspiritualguy.comand my name is brian and you can reachme at kettlebellinvictus.comsotoday or this week this is ouruh initial week first podcast and thefirst one that we chose to do since wewell well we are history buffs butmostly meand i did all the research so i wasallowed to pickumwas hoodoo magic who knew magic being umwho do magic is brought over to sum itup it is an ancient system it's notreally a religion maybe consider magicdepending on who you ask it's spiritualbeliefs yeah it's practices it's it'spractical it's practical magic to fixthings in your life to bring things intoyour life that you want and to getthings out of your life that you want soyou are casting spells but you're usingumyou're using very practical items aroundthe house that would make sense to useso without getting too much into it youcan kind of watch the first video andsee what we're talking about but it'sit's pretty good and it really givesa firm description of the people thatwere using it back in the pre-colonialpre-solar um pre-revolutionary war allthe way up to the revolutionary war anda little bit past thatthis was real stuff for these peoplepeople that were brought over fromafrica to work as slavesit was a mixture of of that kind ofbelief systemuh native american belief systems andalso the traditional like baptist churchtype system so really really interestingstuff also a part of american historywhich we're huge fans ofsoin our show we did like our 60 minutevideo and then every week what we'regonna do or attempt to do is um onelarger 60 minute show to start withand then two shorter shows that kind ofbranch off of that so the last show wasuh we did a hoodoo tarot card poll orjulie did a who do tarot card poll sothere is actual who do tarotum that they used to practice or maybethey still do um so she did that becausethat's what she does for a living and inthis episode during um we did some moreresearch and we started to find somepretty interesting stories that wewanted to share with you guysum from some fairly recent events thatuh had directly or had direct hoodoolinks yeah it was pretty cool it wasreally coolso umas i was doing some google foo waitbefore we start happy mother's day ohthank you very much happy mother's dayto you guys happy mother's day moms sowe weren't supposed to be doing this onmother's day but this weekend got reallybusythis is just what's gonna happensoto begin with i was doing like i saidsome google fooon someuh who do magic type events and i cameacross an articleabout a reverend maxwell gunned down ata funeraland this came up because umapparently this was in alabama and thiswas shortly after uh the book to kill amockingbird was writtenumandthe author of that booka i've never read that book b i don'tremember what the author's name is i'mjust going to be honest oh my gosh thatis my absolute favorite book welland i don't read much and it's a greatbook souh so i never read it but they they dida lot like most the articles you findwere mostly about how this lady wentdown there she tried to write this bookshe couldn't get her act together shewrote a killer mockingbird and blah blahblah and it was like all right tell memore aboutthis reverend maxwell murder you knowthat sounds like an interesting story sowell you know you find fair amount aboutit so this reverend maxwell guy got shotat his daughter's step-daughter'sfuneral a guy shot him three times inthe face while he was giving her eulogywhich is crazy and it's not just any guyand we'll get into it but it's not justany random person soand i guess in defense of the to kill amockingbird lady that's a prettyinteresting story no wonder she couldn'twrite it i mean that'scrazy sowe cross-referenced it with a book thatjulie found on hoodoo hulunot hulutelling you guys it's been a weekendyeah so in the book called uh stories ofroot workers and hudu in the mid-souththere they tell the story about reverendmaxwell so it says here in the city ofthe town of alexander city alabamauh the story goes that reverend williemaxwell begins with the mysterious deathof his wife umdiscovered beaten and strangled in a caryeah so he was indicated before trialbegan the principal star witness in thecase married maxwell and then changedher testimony against himtwo years later maxwell's brother wasfound dead of excessive alcoholconsumption on a rural road aninvestigator with the local sheriff'sdepartment determined that the victimmay have been forced to drink fatalamount of alcohol two years later theminister's second wife was found dead ina car near their homethe cause was acute asthmatic bronchitiswhich has a similar effect ofsuffocationso he went to con uh court containinghis wife died of shock after theaccident and that she could receive herinsurance benefits and then three yearslater maxwell's nephew was found dead ina car these people all die in cars likeyou would think they would i mean walktake a bikeanything but a car stay away fromreverend maxwellyes don't let him take a life insurancepolicy out on you what's your last nameso the cause of death was determined tohave come from driving off the road sothe victim james has had several papersregarding insurance policies that havebeen taken out on his life by his motherhowever it was determined that thepapers had actually been filled out byrev willie max's handwritingsoit was rumored right here that reverendmaxwell was a good preacher but he wasalso known for dabbling in conjuremaxwell was allegedly seen hangingchickens in the trees around hisproperty and we talked about that likebottle trees and stuff like that yeahwell chicken bottle trees is actuallyused to capture the spirits they believetheir spirits or their ancestors arestill in the tree around them whenthey're doing that's more i think moreblood magic that's exactly what i wasthinking yeah it's more blood magicespecially when you're i mean you'reusingi mean a dead animal in a tree which isi would move if i saw our neighborsdoing that welli mean maybe if they're like hanging upa deer after they shot iti meanyou might want some deeri'm a city girl no i i meanonce you i mean it's like we talkedabout in the first video you know withlike the bathing ritual and all thatlike once you understand what you'relooking at then you can start todecipher you know it's like oh thatman's hanging chickens in the trees it'slike that guy is not just hangingchickens in a tree wiring up intosomething well exactly then why are youhanging chickens in the tree right it'snot a deer it's a chicken andespecially with all the history that'sbeen going on around himwhyit's very very very interesting of whatwas kind of going on so but again a bityou know kind of begs what we weretalking about before i mean blood magicand that's how it's done and once youunderstand what you're looking at thenyou know you know so you don't have toguess you don't even have to ask whyit's like you know what this guy's up toexactly so it says here that so rumor inthe african-american community was thatreverend maxwell had worked with thefamous seven sisters of algiers whichjust sounds crazy and creepy on its ownyep uh and had a secret room where heperformed spells in his home interviewswith people from the community revealedthat many people were scared of maxwelland go inside their homes when he droveto their neighborhoodsohe had quite a reputation for preachingfor the lord and also crossing with thespirits i like that term crossing withthis crossing with the spirits yeah sowell and no and really quick so rightabove it it actually says that hepainted his doorstep with the blood fromchickens so again more blood magic thathe's incorporating with itlisten i'm someone who will go and takeholy water and put it above the doorframes and around the houseyou know again just like brian wassaying is thatwhat's this guy's intention of what'sgoing on and why is he doing all thisandwith hoodoo you do work with magic andspells and practical stuff but you'realso working with your ancestors inspirityou connect with them you want to youknow be like hey i need your help andguidance here right but in this casehe's not calling in ancestors no he'scalling and i mean i would assume ifhe's using blood instead of anythingelse i mean he's probably trying to callin something else a little darkness yeahright so that's what i would that's whati would take from it yeah maxwell'sstepdaughter is very practical you knowexactly um maxwell's stepdaughtershirley ellington was also discovereddead the police reportvaguely described the death as unusualand related to maxwell it took place ona country road the body was discoveredunder a car where appeared she had beenchanging attirelocal opinion was that the child wasdead before she was placed under the caron june 20th reverend maxwell deliveredthe eulogy for his 16 year oldstep-daughter at a local funeral homeas maxwell exchanged glares with localswho feared and suspected him of theworst little shirley ann ellington'suncle made his way through the crowdplaced a pistol against the temple ofwillie maxwell the crowd of 300onlookers gasped as robert louis burnsannounced he killed shirley and now he'sgoing to pay for itand then he fired three bullets intomaxwell's facesoit doesn't say he shot him three timesdoesn't even say he shot three times inthe head he says he put three bullets inhis face into his face and there's 300people no and there's articles i wasreading was that he was saying thatfrom onlookers when the pistol was athimthey said that when he turned his faceat the hair of his mustache couldactually brush against the muzzle of thegun that's how close it wassoaccording to this it says maxwell legacylegacy has burned into the memory of thecommunity of alexander city evidence ofmaxwell's conjuring was discovered afterhis death family members went into themaxwell's house and discovered a numberof items including jars filled withbloodsome jars were labeled love hatefriendship and deathwowthat was the story that we foundcome onof course we'll do thatoh it wants us to subscribe now it saysyou've had enough souh this is maxwell right here gunneddown this was in the 70s i think thelate 70s yep it was 1977. socrazy crazy story but um off of thatbook let's go ahead and stop thatumoff of that book that you bought therewas some also some interesting stuff inthere about howmainstreamhoodoo magic was andthe fact that you could buy this stuffjust about anywhere and they wouldpromise you all this stuff and peoplelike it was so ingrained i guess in theit was still mysterious enough to sellout of like cheap catalogs but it wasingrained enough people knew about itenough and this the mystery of it enoughto actually buy this by these thingsyeah i mean and that was kind of whereyou know the umi don't wanna say that you know thatalmost the fake names of what it was andyou know it's not real and this and thatbut it'si mean it's certainly i mean but look atthat look at these i mean there'sadvertisements here that are justincredible and this is kind of what theywere doing and michigan avenueso this is a catalog that we came acrossum this is for real this is um i meanking novelty company2451 south michigan avenue chicagoillinois so you would send a check tothem and they would send youall kinds of crazy stuff soum candles oops so and i love the factthat i mean candles is something that'si meaneverything else candles been tensionedwith it i mean the first thing that's onthere is justhey here's some colored candles for youand also i mean every candle needs evensays right here yellow for money oh yeahlook at that uh black for invokingspirits um and black is also used forprotection againstthat as well red or pink to make a mancome homeso they have yeah spell books or dreambooks oops come onum lodestones this was also if you wroteabout these they have all kinds ofdifferent onesuh more religious candles roots thevarious roots that we talked about uhmore lodestonesbut this is a real deal catalog i meanfor a buck you could get a whitelodestone alive with magnetism toattract good luck that's incrediblethat'sthat's a bargain at any price um goodluck perfume and then just like any goodyou knowoff color rag magazine the further youget to the back the better this stuffgetshey look at that so good luckpowder lovers secret outfit i mean thisis a full page all four for a dollar tenhey i mean you can't get that on amazonuhfloor wash not bad lucky mojo soactually with the floor wash is reallyinteresting for the things we've read isthat you can actually do floor wash andkind of clear out all the energy and thenegativity from your homeand actually do it's actually a commonpractice umamong those that practice who do to usefloor washing so i thought that wasreally like hey i learned somethinguh follow me boyhair gloryuh vanishing creamfamous perfume oilslove and mama perfume like that one ohlook at that bits of real pantheruh sweet georgia brown you knowyeah this is crazy crazy amounts of itbut of course i mean of course theywould sell this stuff you know theywould and it's hey there you go sevenpowersthe seven keys to powerso i mean there's nothing new under thesun everybody's trying to sell somethingthey're all trying to sell something buti meanshowing you that they're trying to makeit more mainstream like more in yourface hey here you go here's fortunetelling cards and books and i know brianmentioned earlier in the podcast we'retalking about umwho do those that practice who do britworkers and practitioners they used toactuallyhave to watch the second episode becausei do a card poll which is fantastic butone thing i learned was that theyactually used playing cardsand would do it that way because theynever had it with the designs and thedrawings and everything else that wehave on them you had to use everythingat hand everything at hand yeah so tokind of make theirtheir root work and their spells and andall of that stuff but speed of spellsspeaking of spells you guys we did dosome homework becausewe wanted tonot dabble we're not going to hangchickens from the trees oh gosh no i'mnot messing around nopebutand this is totally this is my worldwhere we were at a store and i'm likehey let's go ini know it's gonna smell and i'm like doyou want to go in and he's likeyeah let's go check it out well if we'regonna do it let's do it let's do it so iwon't tell you what's in here well nopeso got 10 bucks yeah no this guycome onanymore this is like 25. um thanks a lotjoe biden anyway uhsoi'll tell you what these are bay leavesyeahlemongrassyou know stonesagain these are these are herbs thatthey had to use on handthey had ready to go cinnamon yeahand cinnamon you can actually find ifyou even sprinkle some around yourproperty it'll actually help withprotection andyou know almost i don't like to you cansay protection almost a boundary keepingout things that you don't want in therebutthere was just some incredible things inthere yeah more lodestones morelodestones so again i mean not that iwant to keep pushing people it's likehey go watch the first one but it's likei just don't want to rehash everythingbut if you watch the first one it giveswhere we talked a lot about the firstepisode we talked a lot about umthe different ingredients the commoningredients you'd find around yourkitchen especially back in those timesthat people would use for spells and thepracticality behind them and all therest of it so we decided that we wouldgo and maybe put some stuff to the testthe positive stuff to the test um nohexes no blood magic nouh if you guys find medead underneath my car on the side of aroad are you kidding mehappy mother's dayare you kidding meso uh[Laughter]umno we decided to do some of the positivespells and then maybeyou know maybe we'll get into it we'llhave to read a little more into it andthen as we go further we'll kind of letyou guys know and then we'll kind ofgive updates you know updates as to heythis is what we foundit all worked great maybe it didn't workso good yeah you know and it's going tobe you know because every all the spellsthat you're doing it it's you can't belike hey i'm going to do a spell for xyzbecause it's important to us so it'sgoing to be things that are positivethat are going to be going for us andwe'll let you know how things are goingand like okay you know what this oneworked or this one worked out reallyreally wellum but there has to be a little bit of amistake of what you're doing because youcan't really let everybody knowespecially with the mojo bags umseriously go back to episode one if youhaven't subscribed yet to their channelplease do so share it but episode onetalks about the mojo bags and even areally popular presidentused it um well that's the thing too isthat the lady in that wrote that bookthat we talked about in that episodesaid basically like hey this is how youdo it this is what you should do so shegave she gives you license to do it it'snot like you'reyou're stealing anybody's thunder ordoing stuff that you shouldn't be doingshe's like hey this is how it's donejust be careful you know yeah andanybody who gives you that kind oflicense with something that'spotentially dangerous always gives mepause you know oh gosh yeah it's likehere's a card jump in it it's dangerousbut it's kind of awesome it's kind ofawesome so you got to be careful no wehave to be careful and especially withthe work that i do i'm always cautiousand you knowum but yeah even even the work that evenin the first book she was just like heyhere you go here's all the informationfor itum but it's important to read and toto read what you're doing and whatyou're using and alsoumif you are pregnant or expecting and ifthey're herbs in there definitelycertainly please be careful of the herbsthat you're using because they can ifthey're heated up or with mixed with oilthey can get you sick and a sexual thingdon't go around digging up graveyardplease don't no absolutely not sowell with that we'll kind of leave youwith itwell with thisstory about a guy getting shot in theface three times in front of 300 peoplewe will leave you that with that um ifwe decide to do some of these spells wewill keep you up to date i think we'regoing to i can't i have to try i have totry she gave us license to do it butwe'll keep you guys up to date uh and weappreciate you checking us out um youcan reach us on our podcast website thisis thegavinthecrab.comyou can reach julie atjuliebspiritualguy.comyou reach me at uhkettlebellinvictus.comyeah it's okay kettlebell invictus.comand all the links will be in thedescription yep and absolutely if youhaven't again if you haven't been ableto subscribe to our channel please doshare it facebook page instagram we justdefinitely want to get this out toeverybody and kind of share a little bitof what we do and why we love it and weshould have a brand new podcast for youwith a brand new subject on tuesday ourbig show yeah absolutely we hope thatyou guys will tune in thank you so muchfor your time happy mother's dayand have a good night and we will seeyou then all right see you then bye[Music]

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