Hoodoo Magic Part 2- Hoodoo Tarot Card Pull And Reading

Julie and Brian explore more aspects of Hoodoo magic. Julie does a Hoodoo Tarot card pull and reading. Brian trys his hand at Tarot interpretation. Hoodoo is a practice that's woven into our American history and culture. Come along with us as we learn and learn it's practice!

Julie B is a Spiritual Energy Guide, from a young age she has always been sensitive to energy and people around her. As she studied under and received spiritual guidance and teachings from a psychic evidential medium her gifts and abilities have heightened to give accurate and credible information to give those insight. She connects with communicates and translates messages through tarot and oracle cards, pendulum and meditation for people that are looking to connect and grow spiritually. #tarot#tarotcardreading#hoodoo

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hello everyone welcome to the gab in thecrab podcast my name is brian my name isjulie b and we want to welcome you to alittle bit of a shorter episodeum in this week'sum podcast i'll share the screen herewe talked about let's move this guy downwe talked about who do magic so um thisis our website this isthegabinthecrab.com with a paranormalpodcastand uh here you can see uh this week'sepisode we talked all about hoodoo magicand what it is where it comes fromum who is practicing it and a reallyinteresting topic really a big part ofamerican history which i'm a big fan ofbig big fan of and uh it's really kindof woven into the fabric of our nationalso very practicalsuper practical it was a really um ilearned a whole bunch of differentthings in there and a lot ofpracticality a lot ofa lot of stuff that kind of folds intoa lot of different things in thespiritual realm which is prettyinteresting yeah for sureso who we are uh the gab of the crabpodcast is uh we're a show dedicated toparanormal phenomena we explore theunexplained in an attempt to make senseof events stories and incidents thatdefy logic and reason so we cover a widerange of topics from the supernatural tothe metaphysicalsome of the stuff you've heard beforesome of it you may not have and is ittrue or not we'll kind of let you decidebut that being the case uh julie what isit that you do so my name is julie b i'ma spiritual energy guide and what i dois iwillgo ahead and open up a channel of energyand use thatinformation to trans um transform it tothe cards formy clients to receive the information astheir interpretationso you use kind of like tarot cardsyeah so i use tarot cards oracle cardsangel cards um i can even use a pendulumfor a force of energy all i do isjust open up channels of energy rightnow everybody and it sounds oddeverybody on earth is a very low levelof energy violence anger frustrationso i open up a channel of high energybefore a reading and that way i canreceive information and go ahead andtranslate that information to cards orwhichever divination tool i'm going touse and then it's for my client'sinterpretation to seehow it's going to best suit themso the explanation that i liked the bestthat we had talked about or you told mewas that it's kind of like opening up aradio channel yeah exactly so you'rejust opening up a channel and kind ofthe energy comes through and then thecards present themselves and that's howyour clients kind of interpret like heythis is this is what i'm seeing you knowfor the problem that that's facing youand and this is what it means and how dowe relate it to that issue exactly youknow like i said right now we're at alow level of frequency you're going tohear a lot of well driving around all ofus not all of us i mean not us not thepeople watching this show never highlevel high level positive so when i'mtalking about high energy high frequencyi'm talking aboutlove in joy and laughter that last timethat you had a really big belly laugh wehad just abouttwo minutes right before we startedrecording it's that kind of energy andhigh frequency is what i tap into sowe're talking about radio stationsyou know we're at astatic and i turn it all the way up to areally good radio station wherei can receive the information and giveit to my clientsand so that being said tarot cards andall the rest of it what are we doingtoday so today's actually kind of fun ifound a really great deck onwho do tarot and it is byhere is the book you can actually get iton amazon and barnes and noble itdoesn't matter where you get tarot umoracle it's definitely something ifyou're pulled tooso this is the hoodoo tarot and it's a78 card deck and book book for rootworkers and it is bytyanna leeoh i'm butching her namemacmcquilleryou guys can see it here please forgiveme um and thethere is amazing artwork in here as wellso i have decided to do a little bit ofcard poll in here with hudu it wasactually one of their divination toolsthat a lot of umhoodoo and root workers would use and itwas just a different form and one thingi learned that was really interestingumyou know when they were here they didn'tactually have likecards with art drawing and they hadplaying cardsso a lot of times when you are doing acard poll or anything like that there'sa spread that youput them in andthe position of the spread will show thequestion that they're asking for andit's pretty pretty interesting um soit's actually called cartomancyand learn something newand then with hoodoo deck so here's thedeckandi mean it's a lot of duck the drawingsare really great some of them are alittleyou know you can kind of look at themand gowhat's the meaning there and that's kindof where i come inso um there are going to be four so thehoodoo deck specifically is all aboutfamilywe know that hoodoo relatives of theafrican-american community are big intofamily and everything else so that'skind of what this whole car deck isgoing to be representing which i thinkis fantastic well yeah it reminds me thebook too because they talked about yourancestors and howumyou get a lot of guidance and energyum from your ancestors and theneverything you're kind of facing rightnowcan bea lot ofthe consequences good or bad of stuffthat your ancestors have been throughthe stuff that you're good at the stuffthat you're bad at if you have a reallybad temper if you're really funny it'sprobably because you have someone inyour ancestral line that wastransferring that down to you so heradvice fromthe last episode uh was actually in allof hudu is that you need to have kind ofan ancestral guidewho can lead you along the way sothey're big into that stuff no theyreally are and you know especially withthat it's you know i tell my clients allthe time it's like if you could pick upa phone and talk with your aunt rightnow in spirit and heaven you would andshe would tell you to aid probably knockit off if you're doing something overand over again or kind of set you on thestraight and narrow or give you a littlebit of advice so that's kind of how thatsame energy will go ahead and getsent into here for the card readings aswell which i think is pretty fantasticfor sure sodisclaimer too we don't get anything forthe book we don't get enough of thecards it's just just good informationwe're into it so yeah we don't and againa lot of these card cards the decks thati use it just depends on which one i'mkind of being pulled to um andthis one i saw i was like we have to getit i actually think it's really neat tooif you look at the backum it's a state of texas and a giant keyand then it'sthe east coast florida i'm assuminglet me seethat looks like the southern states yeahit's actually pretty cool it's actuallyreally cool it's really cool i mean ilike the artyeah so we are gonna do a card polltoday so yeah so we're gonna do a cardpull today um you guys this is arecorded podcast so it sounds supercliche and i don't mean for it to soundthis way if there's a chance when you'rereading this cart when you watch thisvideo there might be a message in herethatresonates with you and it's somethingthat you might need to hearum i definitely believe that thingsdon't always happen the way that we wantthem to and sometimes it kind of getspopped in their heads how we wantwell sorry i mean cut you off but onthat same notethe book from the last episode said thatthat was like in the first paragraph wasthank you for getting this book and ifyou found this book you found it for areason yeah and that's that's exactly itit's not live you know what i mean it'slike hey you're probably reading thisfor a reason yeah so the fact that we'rehere together means that something drewall of this and i i like that idea soyeah i really do too i think it's reallyumeven the way that i'll do the card pollyou'll kind of see becauseit's there's noi don't say there's no magic to thisthere's no actual like you do a b c dthis is going to be your end result andespecially kind of with life especiallyif you're going through something it'syou you get so caught up in your ownmoment that you can't see past it and sosometimes when you're scrolling onyoutube looking for a new podcast andyou come across us thank you forlistening and watching by the way um andyou watch our episode you're gonna belike you know what that's actuallypretty interesting let me learn moreabout it so you can certainly reach meout at juliebspiritualguy.comgo ahead and book a reading i can dothem in person and also in um online aswell via zoomand i have to give an awesome plug to myhusband's shirt right now because thatis akettlebellinvictus.com he is a fantastichealth coach and guy so go ahead andcheck him out as wellum but yeah so i'm gonna go ahead and dothe card pull and what i'm gonna do i'mjust gonna shuffle the cardsum if you're watching this right nowjust kind of take a minutekind of just clear out all the thoughtsand just it sounds kind of funny you'llsee me go exactlyyou guys i've had so many people go wellwhat's it you know what does yourhusband think of all thishe's i mean just thatyou know but it's it's great fun i loveit and i'm really happy that it's such asupportive family and has been toum you know to go and check me on mycrazy ways so we're gonna go ahead andstart with the carpool i'm just gonna goahead and shuffle the decks um when youare seeing a card pull i'm trying to dothis so that you guys can see let metalk really quick before i getdistracted so when you do a card polllike this when you shuffle them if acard pops out or falls out that's meantfor youso i'm gonna go ahead it's prettyinteresting because the other one was wepulled one it was five of coins and theother one was the hermit ant or the gapin the crab we're not telling you whothe gab in the crab isbut this episode might make you figureout who'sthe gab right nowso we're gonna go ahead and shufflethese really quickum so brian tell me a little bit what doyou think about all this tarot andoracle stuff while i'm shufflinguhyou knowi'm open to all this stuff and that thishas been a thing that's been a big dealfor the two of us since we met you knowyou know coming up on 20 years agoyeah and three kids and all the rest ofit and and you and i used to totallynerd out over ghost hunters andyou know i'm i'm open to all this stuffonly because you knowespeciallyhow do we even say this without tryingto sound it's likewhenyoui you know when you move around a lotand you see the possibilities in lifeand you get a chance to do some someinteresting thingsumin my mind it kind of opened me up thatthere's a lot more things possible thanmaybe we tell each other umfast forward now to the last i don'tknow two three yearsi i mean anything's possible if if iwalked outside and saw a full-size staypuft marshmallow man walking down thestreeti'd be like of courseof course this is happeningthat's exactly what would happen rightnowin all seriousness in all seriousnessthough it's like i think especiallygoing through hoodie magic in the waythat um they describe it i mean theydon't try and tell you that like yeahthis is real magic and i'm a magicianand i'm going to make things happen inyour life and it's like no this is allreally practical they're like heyyou know you have money problems wellfirst off stop spending money you don'thave and second off you need to putyourself in a situation if you're tryingto start a business where you areattracting the people places events umand opportunities to be able to uhattract business money and wealth intoyour life and it's like well it doesn'tget much more practical than that i meanthat sounds like something warrenbuffett would say honestly it reallyit's like hey pull some cards to seelet's you know what i mean exactly i'mopen yeah no and i definitely appreciatethat and so i stopped really quickshuffling the deck becausesomething what i do when the card pullif i'm shuffling and a card kind ofspeaks to menot like i hate aunt pick me it's kindof like hey pick me so i'm shufflinghere and then this card specifically wasthe one that was like you need to takeme outso we're gonna go ahead and take a lookat these and see what they represent soagain this is just gonna be a message soyou have four cards in the table fourcards on the tableface down they're all face down so whenyou're doing tarot cards um andeverything else look like that face downface down and so they actually are thesame yeah so even they're upside downbecause the statesi'm not going to look at the back heresothis is upside downand then or this is straight on and thenthis is upside down so when you're doinga tarot deck or card pulls a card mightbereversed or straight on if it's reversedit might not mean negative a lot ofpeople are like oh my gosh we'respeaking with the devil no we're notwe're just opening up channels ofcommunication and then i'm going to getthe information and send it to you guysso if there's a card that's upside downand ever in a reading please don't panicthe world's not coming to an end it justmeans that there's a message in here foryou and we just have to kind of go aheadand translate itso the first card that we're gonna do isthe three of knives so i thought it wasreally interesting in card pulls there'sfour different categories you can't seemy handsorry there's four different categoriesum and knives is going to representideas thoughts and beliefsso three of knives this is actually kindof fun a little dark but kind of fun sothere is a man sitting on um bytombstone andcould you hope thank you so there is aman and he has three knives in his chesthe's underneath the tree it looks likethere's some lanterns under there andthere's a dog peeing on a tombstone[Laughter]sorry guys i have like the mostobnoxious laugh in the worldi meanso but here's the thing so three ofknives is going to be ideas thoughts andbeliefs so i meani'm seeing right now that this guy isjusthe's ex this is ty he's tiredyou know um he is sitting under a treehe's just exhausted and there's a man adog literallypeeing on umon a tubeon a tombstone a tombstone so as i lookat this one i'm kind of um looking at itthanks brianthe three of knives he's justhe's just tired and you know it might besomething to where he just kind of needsto take a restand um just see if we can pull up thecard thank you um just me to take a restunder a tree and just kind of figure outlike okay what's what's happening nextso since this is a brand new deck for mewe're going to go ahead and grab thebook and that's a lot of times when youget these books you guys they're goingto have a manual that comes with itand i'm going to pull it up really quickandum take a look and see what it says sowe have the three of knives oh this isthe book right here yeah so that's thebookso the three of knivesum it's going to sayum a wounded person lies under a bottletree with broken bottles is a stray dogurinates on their loved one's gravetriple ouchum the southern tradition of creatingbottled trees is an africanism from thecongo people who believe the spiritscould reside in bottles i never knewthat did youno bottles and trees this is i thinkthat's fascinatingthe idea was to capture any negativespirits and allow the sunlight todestroy them at dawn the crepe myrtletree grows throughout the south and wasconsidered sacred by many root workersbecause it represents rejuvenation andgod's promise to the faithful so ireally love that especially with what ido with the work is that if there'scrystals and everything that needs to becleansed you guys if you have crystalswe'll be talking about that later onyou can put them out underneath a fullmoon and kind of cleanse them that wayso that's the deck right there the threeof cardsthe three of knivesumand so the positive since this was upsince since this was a vertical so thismeans a verticaland then if it's upside down it meansthat way reversed so this is going to bea positive um card or umyeah positive so pain subsidingresurrection people who are determinedto survive renewed optimismreconciliationseeking help for emotional problemslearning to copeand accepting an apology when you'reready improved health so i really feelthat you know this card reading thismeaning seeing the picture andeverything elseyou know it's this guy's exhausted so ifyou're at a point right now in your lifewhere you're justtired and i get it we've all been therethere's like just take a minute andknow that it's not going to be the endknow that there is a way for you to kindof come out of it and even if this is towhere you need to sit and rest for aminutego ahead and sit and take a minutegather yourself together and keep goingumbecause it'sthis is determination he has threewounds in his chest but i mean he'sgonna get upso you know and i just kind of got thatintuit intuitive side of saying you knowwhat it's time to get up you guys timeto get up and keep moving forward intowhat you want and know that it's yoursand you can claim it so that's kind ofmy interpretation of the three of knivesso the next one we're going to dois going to be the gardenwell i like her i'm not going to lie butany girl that can go ahead and watersome flowers and heels and a skirt isfine by me and she got some pearls onthe garden make sure that you're takingcare of yourself and nurturing yourselfas best possible i know that's supercliche to say it's a girl and woman andeverything else but if you're not ableto take care of yourself and garden andyou know get up and get dressed andfeel good about yourself how are yougonna be able to take care of anybodyelse around you i get this message a lotwith my clients and it's a lot of timesof being and it's not even for womenit's for men too you know go out andtake care of yourself go to the gymyou know what you should be doing totake care of yourself you know youprobably should not be eating whatyou're eating especially if you want togo ahead and live the life that you wantto liveso why are you doing that you wouldn'twater guard you know you wouldn't putgasoline in flowers and be like ohthey're going to growno they're notso take care of yourself if you need togo out and garden in a skirt and someheels and some pearls do itand then tell me where you bought theshoes from so i'm going to go ahead andgrab the umthe what's it called the interpretationbecause again this is a brand new deckfor me you guys and i want to make surethat i'm giving it to youum as best as possible you know it saysif you're relating the cards likebecause the bottle representwhere your ancestors canin the tree right so to me it shows thatlike this dude's got some bad luckright right he's had three peopleprobably knows get close enough to himto knife him in the backandnow he's got a dog peeing on somebody'sgrave that he knows i mean that's justbad luck butyou know it's like hey you're layingagainst the tree your ancestors are hereit's going to be all right you know likeand then the next card you pull is thisone that's telling you like you got toget upyou got to shake it off you got to shakeit offyep so one of the things that i reallylove about hoodoo is that they actuallyincorporate a lot of biblical um quotesin their um in their readings so thevery top of this one there's actually aumi'm a horrible catholic you guys so isthis like a psalmuh it's from isaiah it's a chapter it'sa chapter in the bible in the bible youguys this is his book it's a book maybeyou heard of ityou guys have heard of it or notmom i'm sorry um so it shows the lordwill always um the lord will guide youalways he will satisfy your needs in asunscorched land and will strengthenyour frame you will be like awell-watered garden like a spring whosewater never fails so that's isaiah 5811.so this one is saying if the gardenappears in a reading something you knowyou've taken care of business it's timeto reap all the goodness that you'vesown count your blessingsif the query relates to gossip or rumorsthe garden can be trying to tell you tomind your own businessdon't be kind of worried about what'sgoing on over there keep focused onwhat's important to you water your owngarden water your own garden umand then there's even kind of questionsthat go into it but i think that'sreally kind of straightforward so wehave the three of knives the gardenthank youand the next one we have isthe mother of sticksso the mother of sticks um so again wehave the four different categories andthe sticks is going to representprimal energy power passion andauthority i mean kind of justwhen you have a stick card that shows upit's like hey own your space own who youare so the mother of sticks this one'spretty cool there is a woman who issmoking a long cigarette and i'm notsure if you guys can see it make sure ican get envisioned there's a bird she'sgot swag she's got some swag she's got acrownshe's showing a little skin she isconfident she knows who she isso you guys if you're seeing this cardtake i mean you know who you are youknow what you need to doi mean you could if you can if you canwalk into a room with a crown on and abird smoking a cigarette with youyou're doing all right so definitelykind of keep that kind of energy in thatvibe and i think this card deck is thiscard pulls i mean really just positiveandit's just full of just confidence soagain if you're getting this and you'relike hey this is kind of for meown your stuff own who you are own whereyou want to be and know that you're ableto do that all on your own this was thelast card you guys thati was shuffling them and it kind ofpopped up at me and i'm like okay let'ssee what this one saysso this one is the daughter of knivesthat's really interesting so againknives is going to be ideas thoughtsbeliefsso daughter of knives this one's goingto be a little dark so there's a womanand there are all of these ancestralspirits or arms kind of reaching out toherum it kind of looks a little sorry i'mtrying to get this in focusit looks a little edward scissorhandsyumand i mean she looks frightenedso if this is the card and again i waspulling this one and it showed up andi'm like okay let's see what this saysso for me daughter of knives is going tolet us know that umjust a second daughter knivesa lot of people are going to be wantingto reach out to you all the time you'rekind of exhausted because everybody kindof wants something for youi need this i need that help me withthis why aren't you doing this for mewhy aren't you doing that for mereally um make sure to be able to ownyour again so ideas thoughts beliefsbe confident in the thoughts and beliefsthat you have don't let anyone come into disrupt them because if you believeit and if it's something for you andyour higher good of who you arethen own that authority so i mean thisentire deck is just about speaking yourtruth and actually it's reallyinteresting the deck started the spreadstarted with a three of knivesso started with a guywith that was stabbed in the chest a dogis urinating on a tombstoneand now we ended with the daughter ofknives so this is this entire spread isletting me know letting us all knowthatif you're tired if you're exhausted keepgoing keep owning your spacebecauseit's meant for youand if you believe it then keep goingfor it and if anyone else is kind oftrying to knock you offyour path of who you want and what youwant then they're not going to be reallybest suited for youthat's my messagewhat do you think uh yeah i mean itmakes sense you know and um i guessas a total amateurlooking at the sequence of cards it'slikeyou know knowing what we know about thisthree knives means like this this guy'sdown on his luck you know but what it'ssaying is like hey your ancestors arethereyou you keep going it's gonna be allright keep going and then this one thenext one the progression wasyou know the garden andit's kind of saying like hey you need toget up you need to take care of yourbusiness you need to get out you need tokind ofyou know clean up the little messes inyour life make things grow start to putsome positive energy um and actions outthereand then once you do that you start togain this kind of confidence and youneed to attack the world with that kindof confidence getting out there makingit happen being yourself you knowpositive all that stuffand then this is just a solid reminderthat hey this is you're just going to beright back in the same spot there'sgoing to be people they're going to beafter you things are going to happenumpeople are going to want stuff from youdemand stuff from you you're going tohave bad luck but it's like you know youhave to you got to remember you startright back at the beginning again andthen you'll end up like this guyurinatingto this one so i meanwhat it says to me i mean the way that ithink is that you need to attack theworld like these two people because theother two are going to happen too it'sit's like the flip side to the same coinit really is you know and the thing isthat if you're able tostay focused with what you want and goahead and again reap your rewards ifyou're working hardi mean we see you i see you work hard goout and buy the shoes go out and ordertakeout go out and do something and takecare of yourself so that you can goahead and fill up for yourself fortomorrow um well if you look goodyou feel goodif you feel good you play good if youplay good you get paid goodi like that the venerabledeion sandersof course everyone knows them but yeahso that's kind of the card poll that'skind of what you're going to get whenyougo ahead and book a reading with me oreven join in in one of my facebook groupor my community and when i do card pollsand kind of just do the same thing withdifferent decks or this one if you feelpulled to itthat is awesome so that's pretty muchwhat we had for the show today we wantedto do something um a little bitdifferentbut something that relates back to ourmain topic which was who uh who do magicand then we want to also just give someexamples of exactly what it is and umyou know just maybe introduce it toeverybody a little bit but umyeah that is gonna be what we have foryou today we're gonna have some morestuff coming up we're gonna haveactually a really good story uh well wedon't want to give it to you a reallygood story coming up uh this weekend uhregarding hoodoo magic but yeah you canfind julie what's your website mywebsite is juliebspiritualguy.comand you can find us at uhthegabonthecrab.comand uh we appreciate you guys checkingus out and we will see you next timewe'll see you next time guys bye

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