Hoodoo Magic- American History, White/Black Magic & The Occult (Edited & Updated!)

Episode 1 (Edited & Updated!): Welcome to The Gab And The Crab Paranormal Podcast! In our first episode we discuss Hoodoo Magic. What it is, how it works, and how you can be casting your own spells and hexes by this afternoon. We discuss light and dark magic, rituals, and the evidence in our modern culture. Come along with us and explore part of our American history! #hoodoo#hoodoomagic#conjure

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Transcript hello everyone and welcome to the gab and the crab paranormal podcast the gab in the crab paranormal podcastis a show that is dedicated to paranormal phenomena we explore the unexplained in an attemptto make sense of events stories and incidents that defy logic and reasonwe cover a wide range of topics from the supernatural to the metaphysicalplease follow along with us on our journey into the unknown some of the stories you may recognizeothers you'll be hearing for the first time we have a range of interviews and guests for you to meet along our way is it realor is it all made up we'll let you decide welcome

so jumping right in our first episode that i really wanted to do and i wasexcited about um washoodoo magic it's really exciting because it goes back touh it's it's part of american culture it's weaved into the fabric of the american experience it was brought hereby slaves from africa back in the pre-colonial times colonial times andall the way up to pre-civil war times and it was kind of a mix of africanculture um native american culture and then also protestant religious cultureso really really interesting stuff i'm a huge history buff so i love this kind of thing i especially love pre-colonial warum or yeah the pre-revolutionary war and also the pre-colonial times as well asum civil war times it was just uh i think if there was gonna be a lot a lot ofmagic in the world that would have been the time for it oh gosh yeah a lot less people a lotmore unexplained so what we didbecause i'm a nerd i bought a book and um in that bookwe learned all about hoodoo it's called hoodoo for beginners i mean where else to start besides who do forbeginners right i mean if you can't get it on amazon well not to mention i mean it's not hudu for people who know aboutthis stuff it's who knew for beginners uh no this is a great book from angela billard and the thing that i was mostimpressive about you can get this on amazon we don't get anything for it it's just a great book whoops umthe really cool thing about it is that this stuff is like really practical like it almost reads i mean it doesn't almostit reads like an instruction manual like hey you can read this in an afternoon and be doing spells for yourself if you want toif you believe in that kind of thing yeah for sure by this afternoon by this afternoon depending on what time you'rewatching this you can you can get some genuine magic going in your life

so that being the case i wanted to bring up some of the more interesting stuff that we found in the bookum so she gives a pretty good whoops there we goshe gives a really nice um introduction to who she was her mom was a well-known um hoodoo practitionerum back in where is she from whatever state she was from so i think she was in missouriand my grandma was well known so she kind of learned everything from her grandmother who is uh the the lady who did who doaround their area but we talk it talks about the history of hoodooand so to describe hudu it's uh it's called conjurer or root work andit can be traced back to the arrival of enslaved africans here in america so she says when our ancestors arrivedhere the african practices that they came with merged with european and native american influencesafrican beliefs and customs met with european folklore and the botanical knowledge of american indians cametogether under one umbrella and they called it hudu and to me that sounds totally fascinating so people consulted withhudu doctors when they needed spiritual help whether it had to do with physical health or changing their fortunes forthe better hoodoo was always used to make the lives of the people uh easier and betterso slave owners however tried to vilify african spiritual practices calling it demonic or devilworship or witchcraft so if you ever heard anything negative about hoodoo that's probably where it all started so that was the kind ofthing i really liked about it too was that um it was all about making your life better it was all trying to change everything for the positive

you know itwasn't just like they said dark magic or trying to hex people which you can do in here by the way alsodon't recommend it but by the end of the book you will be able to hex somebody if you wanted to according to the book according to the book i think the onereally great thing that i loved what they did was that when they came over here they didn't have doctors or medicine because they were slaves rightso they literally were able to bring in their own beliefs and practices to help heal themselves which i think is amazingwell it's also you know again really practical because if somebody you know if i was kidnapped and brought into thecontinent and not told anything you have to figure something out you know so you talk to the you talk to thenative american you talk to the natives in the land you know you bring the stuff over with you that you know you kind of take a little piece from over here fromwhat you're being taught and then you kind of just mash it together to make the best thing that you can for yourself yeah and especially with that magic itkind of sorry even with that magic it really translates between different cultures one might call it root work anothermight call it something else but it all has the same intention with it which i think is really amazing well i thought it was cool because we'll get into thattoo but it's called conjure and uh conjure means that you're actually bringing forces and energy forward into your lifeto change things which i thought was cool just the fact of conjuring stuff so uh in hoodoo you create your ownpersonal magic using the knowledge you have of the various roots herbs and other elements it is about establishinga connection with the spirits around us it's a way of life um there is no devotion that you have toperform other than the physical rituals required uh for the results that you demand sowhat she's saying is that you know it's like if you want a certain outcome there's a ritual for that you just gotto do them do the thing and let the results come right and i mean that's just what we call intention putthe intention out there what you want right that's the same thing what they're doing which i think is incredible i like it because it takes a step further itactually puts like you know you don't just wander around wishing for something like you actually have to do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around you knowyeah so in the practice of hoodoo she goes on magic comes from roots stones bones andeven discharge from the human body such as blood sweat and so on by combining their power you are able totap into the force it produces and channel it to deliver the results you want your desired results can range fromhealing to jinxing love potions to money spells and much more you have the ability to manifestwhatever it is you desire all you need is knowledge and the right combination of these elements and acceptance of thepower that you possess um so and she says but most importantly youneed to acknowledge and have a reverence for the spirits of our ancestors so in hoodoo we understand that there arespirits constantly around us and those spirits can either serve or harm depending on how you treat themum so she said that later she says but has less to do with faith and more to do with changing fateso and then there's voodoo versus hudu so what's the difference umwell apparently they're not interchangeable according the book and she says that voodoo is a religion primarily practiced in haiti there's asimilar similar but distinct practice also called voodoo in louisiana practitioners of both forms of voodooserve i don't even know i said that lwapowerful spirits believe to control the physical world haitian voodoo is more religion than louisiana voodoo withregular congregations and initiated priests louisiana voodoo is less of what youmight think of as a religion but beyond that there's not much of a distinction between the two and thenyeah you'll meet people who practice voodoo in all kinds of ways so hudu is not a religion at all so that makessense so voodoo is a religion you believe in all these spirits that run around controlling everything and i guess that's why you have to likeappease the spirits okay um and then you can you know sickevil spirits on people you know yeah not a bad way to go like i mean i wouldnot want to do that definitely sound like a muffin basket uh it's definitely um[Music] i guess it's more of a religion a devotion to that as a religion but who do they're saying it's not a religion atall it's again it's it's very practical i guess it's just like anything else it's like putting something on the stove to warmit up you know if you wanted hot soup that's what you would do it's like ifyou want money or someone to fall in love with you or to get rid of a disease or something you would just you know do the ritual and that's the end okayyeah um so that's so hudu is not a religion at all and worship and service to the leewais not part of it so that's probably the best way to draw a line between hudu and voodoo if the lee were involved it'sdefinitely voodoo so i thought that was important to talk about because voodoo sounds a lot likevoodoo and is practiced by a lot of the same people so um and then she goes on to talk about who do in christianitywhich i wasn't amaze which i was actually really shocked to see that there was such a connection between the two because oneis so hush hush and you can't talk about it and christianity you know i was really amazed to see that there was acombination of the two of those well i like the fact that these people like umthey are open to just practicing this stuff without really getting crazy about the fact that it's like it's it's in theface of christianity or it's an affront to christianity it's like nah we're just mixing it all together like we're good people we're doing the best we can foreach other and you know all good through all channels even says here that mama estelle was adevout baptist took her to church every sunday after service she would see people talk to her grandmother quietlysometimes they would hand her grandmother small objects and sometimes she would they would hand her moneyum so for mama estelle and the people she helped there was no conflict between their her or their christianity andtheir belief in the power of hoodoo so it's more of a i think it's more prac like i said it's more practical it's like a tool yeahum so these are the and it goes to talk about the elements of huduand go through some of those and sothis i thought was really cool they talk about ancestral spirits so the practice of huda requires you totake um things a little further you need to know your roots and your ancestors are your roots and those who came beforeyou those with whom you share a blood connection of all the forms of magic available and this will really come to something we'lltalk about here in a little bit um blood magic is considered to be the most powerful the most potent and the mostdangerous blood contains a direct link to the people who came before you in a scientific sense your history is writtenin your blood this is how science is able to connect your dna with blood relatives and as dna can be traced backgenerations so ancestral magic goes beyond blood it refers to the essence of left behind bythose who came before you you came from someone who came from someone who came from someone and so on acknowledgingthis lineage connects you to the power of this linkage the truth is whatever whether youacknowledge your ancestry or not there's always a possibility that you are paying for something that your ancestors did it could be bad or it could be goodso i really like that fact how you know they're especially in the world we live in todaywhere it's all about me and everybody's an individual and all the rest of it you know it'sit has a lot to do with connecting you to your past and the people in your past and understanding that you come fromsomewhere yeah i mean and i and especially with all the spiritual work that i do hearing the phrase you knowancestral curse it's definitely a thing and now that now this makes complete sense in tying it inwith hudu well it's kind of like i mean yeah it's it's um or you'll hear peoplelike the vamp and you know families go and say something along the lines of this always happensto our family i don't know you know they kind of go into this cycle of bad luck or misfortune and you kind ofsometimes wonder if there is some sort of ancestral curse or some sort something that happened back a long long time agoyeah i mean and i think you can see it's even a silly reference i mean remember how they said the cubs the baseball teamwas cursed forever yeah and they were i mean it seemed like something always happened to knock them out of ituntil finally i mean enough generations went by and people stopped believing like that and talking like that and theychanged the energy and finally it seemed like they finally broke through you know yeah soit's stuff like that i mean and and even in families where you talk about you knowit's it's occurred this is a curse in our family a lot of times when i think of that stuff i think of like uh umaddiction you know yeah and it's like until somebody breaks that curse or breaks that energy it takes a generationusually to do it and then the kids beyond that don't have to suffer for that but it takes one person in theirlifetime to break that that cycle that curse so well and i really like what you said too and it's also abouthaving that intention of wanting to break that curse right to work forward instead of going like oh this always happens to me versus goingokay this is what we're gonna do like we're gonna go and win the world series is the cubsand that's a whole other topic so julie's from chicago by the way southside she lived on the north side stop it don't listen to anything he's saying you guys so this is why some people tend toexperience an unusual amount of luck it's not because lady luck is standing over their shoulder instead there is every chance that theirancestors did something that brought them i brought about a reward that is being passed from one generation to the nextunfortunately the opposite is also the case if your ancestor is known to have committed an offense so grievous andgrave that it attracted a curse the curse might be transferred to their descendants even beyond the transferenceof curses and blessings there is power linked to our lineage failure to acknowledge this power weakens itspotency over time until it feels almost non-existent soi thought that was cool because it's like hey if if you do something well or it seemslike there's a certain type of situations that always kind of go your way or just seem to become easy for you it's like you might want to considerlike that being your path in life you know it's like uh you're either good at math or you're not you know it's like ifsitting down and doing engineering work seems like it's your thing it's probably because it's been passed down from generation to generation to generationexactly but don't go trying to do that stuff if you're not good at it on the same token it's like if you italways seems like an anvil is falling on you or everything you try is hurting you or like just bad things keep happeningto you i mean maybe it is something that happened in a past life or it's been passed down to you and it'stime to start looking at like hey how do i change this how do i change the energy around here well exactly you know and itis that it's changing the energy to better yourself and your family and your future selvesbecause i think if you're always kind of looking back at what's going on and this is going to sound like a quote forfacebook but towards looking behind yourself you're never really looking forward to what's next because you're always looking back at that curse andeverything else so i think it takes a big kind of um forward-thinking momentum to get pastthat curses and just mental blocks as well well it's like uhbreaking the cycle of poverty you know it's been passed down to one generation to the nextuntil somebody says you know what we're not doing this anymore you know and you got to start to look for ways out ofthat again very practical because it takes action um but again i mean it's it's anancestral thing it's passed down i mean a lot of times it's passed down from one generation to the next and you knowthat's the way it is until someone says yeah we're not doing this anymore that kind of breaks the curse and then i mean if it was me i mean maybe we'll try someof this we'll go over it but it's like yeah you know what hey i'm gonna go to talk to the hoodoo lady andsee what she's got for me let's go check out some of those spell books right there see what we got so they talk a lot about your ancestors andi thought this was cool because we all have ancestors in our life you know and people that came before us that we knewmaybe grandparents uncles aunts you know fathers mothers whatever cousins that are gone now that we all reallylooked up to and so she says here that ancestral spirits guide us because they see things that wedo not see they have experienced things that have never that have happened before as they say history has a way ofrepeating itself uh who else is in a better position to prevent you from repeating the mistakes of your past if not your ancestorso when it comes to rituals that require their help a spirit with a direct link to you is usually more willing toprovide assistance than one that is merely drifting so what she's saying there is that you know what she's beensaying is that there's like i guess there's spirits all around us and who do they definitely want to acknowledge that all the timeand then you know i guess it's just like walking into a crowd at the mall it's like if you knew your awesome grandma was therewho wanted to help you like wouldn't you go find her versus you know just talking to some random person no especially youknow and especially with what i do it's you know i have you know my aunt and spirit who i talk with all the time andi'm like hey i need your help you know what do i do what's going on here and i think there's actual powerfrom that because in a way i look at those that have passed our um spirits you know they'reyour angels they're kind of watching out for you and they want the very best for you because if you can see something in the futurehappening of going you need to stop doing this you're going to hurt yourself or hurt anybody else or this isn't thebest benefit for you they're going to tell you and they know you better than anyone else doesyeah absolutely um and then she talks a little bit not about the book i didn't umhighlight it i should have but they talk about you know having like a uh like a little memorial to youran altar yeah you have an altar and then you kind of like put things on there that they like and things that they're intoto kind of uh to draw them in and also show them like hey i appreciate i appreciate that you're here i appreciate that you're helping me you know it's thesame thing you would do if they were alive i guess well yeah i mean and they do that in you know the hispanic latinculture in dia de los muertos where they have the altar and they have it all set up and you haveyour pictures of your loved ones you put bread on there their favorite things i mean even you know if they had afavorite bottle of tequila you put up there too it's just a way of respect because you know that they're always there with youum and you can an altar doesn't even have to be super elaborate it can just be a mantle in your home where all theirpictures are and if they had rings or jewelry that they wore or a bread or you know brush just a way foryou to show them respect and go hey you know what you're not here with us on this planebut i know that you're with us always yeah so moving on towhat kind of elements you need for hoodoo so i thought this was cool um again this is all very practicalso it's like so she talks about um how she wrote a spell in the beginning the book she taught she tells a storyabout how she had made a spell for someone and they wanted more money or they needed something like to clear up some debtsso she dug up earth near a bank and her reasoning for that was because the energy of a place tends to leak into theearth um so she says here that uh she used the uh she used the earth from the bank becausethe energy of a place leaks into the ground around it much like a sponge absorbing water a bank is a place thatdraws money to it and that money drawing energy is transferred into the soil so she says in the same way you can useearth near a hospital for healing uh or earth from a casino to draw luck you can use earth from the grave of an evilperson to draw evil to someone else but she says hoodoo is not all love and luck spells after allno it's not so yeah i mean it's that's very practical it's like you know if you wanted to makemore money you would part of what you would use is dirt from a bank i guess because that energy is going to getsoaked in there well no and you can definitely feel that energy all around you too so that was pretty cool and then we go onto graveyards so working in hoodoo in a graveyard honestly is not for beginners working with the spirits spirits thererequires a high degree of intuition that beginners usually don't have also spirits in the graveyard can be dangerous just like walking into astrange neighborhood some of the folks there may not be happy to see you and may wish you harm i agree with that 100and especially if you're going over there with an intention to it's first off it's their resting place and if you're going there with intentionto harm people you know they're just being like hey just let me be yeah what are you doing hereso i don't think there's much of a cooler term than graveyard magic to be honest but graveyard yeah graveyardmagic is like combining the power of ancestral spirits with earth spirits so you can imagine how powerful thatcombination is um but here she says graveyard magic is powerful but maybe not for the reasonsyou think graveyard earth is used because of a place of transition of endings and beginnings so if you'relooking to end a cycle in your life that has proven to be very disruptive and destructive graveyard earth might justbe what you need also if you have a relationship that has taken its toll on your mental and physical health youmight want to consider your graveyard earth so that's pretty cool yes and we'redefinitely not recommending going and digging up holes and dirts over in graveyards no don't do that please don'tdo that you will probably be arrested and the people might not whose graves are near might not appreciate it soget a whole lot of bad more luck coming at you but we'll let you know if we do if he does yeah i'm not going anywherenear that so this is cool too so when she actually gives you instructions idon't know if we'll give this here about go what you're supposed to do when you go to a graveyard and collect dirt all right butso anyways to find a spirit to work with you can use a method so she's saying actually go to a graveyard dig up dirtand you want to find someone to work with right you know i guess networking like anything else so to find a spirit to work with you canuse a method of divination like cards or a pendulum but i usually work by instinct and intuition since i've beendoing this for a long time she walks around the graveyard she takes her time to get a feel for the place and the spirits that live there andeventually she feels pulled to one graver in particular so she says before she strikes up aconversation she should suggest doing some research on the person who was buried thereuh were they a good person were they a mother father nurse gambler um you know she says againspirits can be dangerous do your research uh she also and then she talks about how um she makes offerings andstuff like that and then she feels the connection and um i guess her and the spirit work together i like thatnothing like a bribe um i thought this was cool too it was the crossroads so where two crossroadswhere two roads cross possibilities open up in hoodoo we visit crossroads for spells to open to new opportunities and to ridourselves of things we don't want in our lives like bad luck or bad people in hudu crossroads are associated withthe beginning of a journey therefore they are mostly used in protection spells like the graveyard a crossroadssymbolizes transition the main difference is that it doesn't carry the grim connotation of endingsso i thought that was really cool so let's take dirt from a crossroads just because it represents a transition in lifeum also crossroads considered to be the perfect place to dispose of the remnantsof a spell that you created i've heard of this yeah this is because a crossroads is a neutral place in magicso she was going to say that like you know if you have a powerful spell and you don't want anywhere near you or it'snot going to serve anybody anymore it's like you kind of put it there and then over time the neutrality just sinks in andneutralizes the spell yeah that makes sense so that makes a lot of sense andespecially like when you have crystals like if they break or anything that means that the energy and the crystals breakso you're actually supposed to go and bury them out somewhere far away and give it back to the earth so i candefinitely see that especially if all the ingredients in the spell are earth-based you're kind of giving itback to the earth yeah and neutralizes all that energy out of there yeah i like that so root work umas she noted earlier the alternative name for hudu is root work because many of the spells and magicconjured have a connection to plants and then um she gives a lot ofinstructions on the roots and her i mean i don't want to give everything away but she says basically the best thing youcan get it from anywhere but the best thing to do is to grow your own i guess yes i definitely recommend doing thatand i know they sell them online and everything else but if you can get the ingredients um purchase them yourselfbecause it's all about intention that's going to get you your best bang for your buck results results soroot capabilities she focuses on 10 of the common herbs that they deal with and we'll kind of go over some of those andwhat they do so my favorite one right off the bat bat is alfalfa and it'scommonly used to attract money um angelica rootkeeps dark and negative forces at bay i like this one too uh the black mustard seed i might actually get these on theway home no the seed of strife because its primary purpose is to create confusion in the mind of your enemies ilike the fact that she's assuming that you have enemies that you need to bluster so if you have a dispute with someonewho is constantly troubling you sprinkling some black mustard seeds on the path where they are known to walk can stir up confusion that willdestabilize and throw them off your path i love it that's fantastic uh chamomile is forpeople with sleeping problems and who do magic you use to neutralize spells you think have been cast against you soi didn't know that you also have to consider the fact that there might be someone putting some hoodoo on you well yeah for sureuh dandelion root if you have a spell you need to draw the help from some of your ancestors using a dandelion root canamplify your reach uh fennel is used to keep a ward off bad spirits ilike that uh ginger is helps it's like an amplifier for your power so until you become more practiced you have to chewon some ginger i don't know wow get the spices going i guess spicy yeah no thankshibiscus uh warding off dangerous spirits okay and i guess you know what i mean i guessit makes sense because if they're assuming that this stuff works and you're messing around with all this stuff and in graveyards and talking topeople and offering stuff to dead people i mean you have to assume that somebody's probably doing the same thing to you well i mean with everything itthere's you know there is good and there's bad so if you're going to do this good work you know where hoodoo was originally designed for was to help curepeople from illness and everything else yeah there's going to be people that are going to probably you use a hoodooto you know to hurt or to stop you from doing what you want to do or if they're just like hey i don't like youhere's a spell coming at you well i would also you know there's a kind of saying it says if you lie with dogs youattract fleas yeah so if you're doing a lot of spell work and you're actuallydealing with spirits and all the rest of it whether i mean some of these things might attach to you i guess yeah and especially well andespecially if you have such a strong energy people might actually even be intimidated by that so they're like okaywe want to go ahead and stop that person from doing whatever they're doing from causing good in theworld put x on you i mean it can happen so lemongrass is if you feel like you're sufferingfrom a curse or you've been jinxed and mandrake root it's a multi-purpose plant that can be used for different spellsand rituals so and then she i like that one so she goes on to give some differentspells we won't go into those here and then this was where it starts to get reallyinteresting um i mean not that it wasn't interesting enough but she talks about spiritual cleansingum and the big thing about it is that there's these ritual baths um and she givesinstructions on how to do it and what they are we won't go into too much of that stuff but you'll you'll get the the gist of it here sopurification baths symbolism and applications so a purification bath is meant to purify you for the ritual youwant to perform and open you up spiritually to create a channel that allows you access to the spiritworld where you can make your petition known by doing so purification baths increase the chance of your desiresbecoming reality but beyond open you opening you up a purification bath serves other purposesand i want to talk about a few of those right now so so doing the bathopens you up to that and it opens you up spiritually to create a channel that allows you to the spirit world sowhat it's saying is that the ritual itself of the purification bath opens up a channelto the spirit world where you can make your petition known so you're basically saying to the spirit world like hey thisis what i want good or bad this is what i want come to me the purification bath is the ritual that opens that channel tothe spiritual world makes you closer to the spirits right sofirst off that's a really creepy thing to say um it just is and second off it reallyum that's what set a couple alarm bells off in my head because something started tosound oddly familiar about that andwhat i came to think of and maybe some of you guys have seen this stuff in recent time butthere has been a rash this is madonna if you can believe that of pictures of these weirdo celebritieswho are into weirdo stuff and they're always taking baths and anybody who's been down this rabbithole before you'll know what i'm talking about but it definitely is one of those things and everybody knows thatmadonna's into some weird stuff yeah all right umso there's that and then there's eminem you know and these were the pictures ofmy because i'd seen him before just online or from whatever and it was like wait a minute like why is he taking a bath you know andthen it's like okay and it's blood right like it's weird andi think there's just something so just exposed of being in a bath like this andknowing that there's a ritual and there's just this energy for me there's just this energy aroundthem in this picture and their face and everything about it to where i'm like i want to get as far away from this aspossible well you know it's it to me it was like once you understand the rituali mean once you understand what you're looking at you can understand what it is that they're showing you yeah when youunderstand that you know there's a ritual bath i mean you even look in here too i mean if you read the bookthere's hibiscus flowers there's all kinds of stuff in here and this is all the stuff they talk about candles i mean once you understand the ritual and onceyou understand what you're looking at you can start to decipher what they're trying to tell you and in the beginning remember we talkedabout blood magic and how blood is the most important thing it's very dangerous it's connected to darkness connected to evilspirits uh well also evil spirits and all the rest of it so [Music]um very very odd that this is the symbolism that they would use you know now you canwrite it off as just being artsy and you know edgy and all the rest of it but that's i mean never been my idea ofartsy and edgy this is lady gaga who's a known known umdark magic aficionado i'll say she's just into it she is and there's imean there's a zillion pictures of her in a bathtub um there's a lot of this kind of likeyou know dark imagery the video is called judas you knowcrosses all this stuff i mean it's a lot of symbolism that's going on and i thinkif people were to recognize what it is i would also be interested to find out who was the actual artist that said that heyi think this is a good idea we're gonna do this um well that's the thing is i mean whoare the people behind this creating yeah who is behind this creating umbloodbath i mean and even looking at i mean even looking at the words written on the wall it'sweird right it's a very i mean you only see that so you'll actually see that in like movies like horror movies or scarymovies right where someone's gone crazy and they've written on the wall so right and going back to lady gaga and whereall this stuff kind of like what you're saying where this comes from and this is what also got me because there's there was a big story that came out that wasthe big story that never was i guess and that was how lady gagawas intimately connected oopsto this um artist artist and her name is what havei done hang on marina so you can see this one right here thatthis is on um this is her right here her name is uh marina abramovic and ifyou don't know who this is she is um it says an artist yeahand and she is i mean i'm sure she's an artist but she does a lot of this weird i don't even know oh she's with jay-z ohwait wait just wait till you see what i have for you next so i haven't seen any of this you guys umthey do these weird art shows you know it's all abouti'm not sure what you get out of it oh good we got a little whole bunch of this stuffso this is considered art i guess and people in bathtubsand reddish liquid on serving tables yeah sacrifice tablesthat's what i would think it is i mean i'm not sure what that's supposed to be this is just a random thing i justpulled up okay um but you know like how she has her handaround her arm too i mean you can definitely see even the body image behind it i mean there's even um what's it called like the bodylanguage yeah it's weird it's very odd it's reallyquite disturbing i mean anybody who makes you shave off your eyebrows and run around like that probably has anevil witch spell on you i mean she probably does so there's all that symbolism right andonce you understand what you're looking at that's when things start to get a little bit crazy in my mind it's likeyou know because there's no coincidences i mean obviously somebody means something whether it's actual black magic or not i have no idea right butsomebody thinks something about it and then if we look a little deeper into marina abramovicuh the artist we see that she's into something called spirit cookingand apparently spirit cooking involves um saliva of your liver yeah involveswriting words and instructions on a wall with pig's bloodi remember we talked about you know exactly goat's heads pig's blood this is actually written in blood thisone up here wow and this is this is considered art andif you look at it it says saliva of your lover mixed with morning dew collected from eucalyptus leaves so in thebeginning of the hudu book remember it talked about using bodily fluids right from the people thatyou want to affect okay so in my mind this sounds like kind of a spell it kindof sounds like a mat it sounds like a spell they're telling you to use you know the elements of other people right it's all along thesame lines you know root work right yeah i mean eucalyptus leaves slime so it's like literally and then it's telling youunderneath exactly what they want to do right with and once you went like i said i mean to me it was like you know there's not manycoincidences in the world it's like once you understand what you're looking at and once you understand what the ritualis it's like you start to understand this is what they're after you know and it's this is definitely really clearexample of you know this hoodoo that's been around for years and years and years brought overto help and heal people but now it's actually being transitioned to cause umwhatever the reason for this is and you know as you were talking earlier about having you know hoodoo for usingit for bad reasonings i mean this is this is really really dark and i knowthat a lot of from what i have been reading about huduthe african americans that their community is very against people almost exploiting this becausethis is what they came with this is this is their roots this is everything that they've that they've been able to come here to survive withand to be able to manipulate that i think is just awful well it to me it sounds like two sides of the same coinyou know light magic and dark magic you know like umobviously over time people understood that this stuff works i guess or it works for them or this is what they teach right and hoodoo is about makingyour life better somebody else's life better but they also said you can hex people with it and then to me it's like this is even like weird to readbut i mean it this is mix fresh breast milk with sperm milkdrink on earthquake nights no thank you no um morning urine sprinkle over thenightmare dreams i don't even know what that means but um i'm assuming that's allyou know it probably means something in in that world but i mean knowing what we know about who do nowthis is why it raised so many red flags when i when i was reading through and talking about the bath ritual like wait a minute this all sounds really familiaryeah only on a dark level you know so it's like and if you're wondering why this is such a big dealand what it's even worth talking about i mean you have to understand i mean marina abramovic whatever this lady'sname is she's connected to the biggest stars in the world yeah i mean that's influential leto or whatever his nameyes i mean and lady gaga eminem right i mean these are people that jay-z our kids are listening tothey're watching work you know we're being inundated with it so it'swhy why this message if she's connected with this you can be artsy and you can beable to have that kind of um want to be artistic butagain what's your intention why are these people talking to her right and it even gets bigger thanum it gets bigger than the entertainment industry i mean this lady was injohn podesta's emails they're directly emailing each other so if you don't know who john podesta isum he's one of the most powerful people in the democratic party he was hillary clinton's campaign manager john podestatony podesta's his brother he's like one of the biggest um lobbyists in washington i mean thesepeople deal not only in billions of dollars but also like the most powerful andpeople and decisions and i mean the decisions these people make uh risemake the the fortunes of nations rise and fall yeah and they're having directcontact with marina abramovic and she says in an emailbetween clinton's campaign chairman john podesta and his brother tony podesta and that's another thing we will get intothat later on but she says that i am so looking forward to the spirit cooking dinner atmy place do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joiningremember that she says i am so looking forward to the spirit cookingat my place will your brother be joining so they're gonna be doing some kind of crazy sick ritual that involves uh freshbreast milk with fresh sperm milk drinking on an earthquake nighti don't know i don't know i mean when you were a kid your parents tellyou like hey don't talk to the buggy man don't you know don't do any of that it's like thisboogeyman is literally right in front of us and apparently apparently somebody believesin the boogeyman somebody i whatever this is i want nothing to do with it no as you can telli literally picked up other crystal here so that was some i mean so it's it becomesvery strange you know it's it's it's written right there literally i would say in black and whitebut it's more in uh blood pig's blood which is gross um pretty sure the pig did not want tobe used for that purpose who knows who knowsuh but going back to the book whoop did i hit the wrong buttonso that is it purification bass symbol is an application she talks a lot about how to actually do a purification bathand then how to actually do a protection bath an attraction bath um an internal cleansing umand keeping negative energy away but we're not going to get too much into that again i don't want to give away all thisladies recipes no and you guys it's a really great book it's really affordable and there's so much information in thereit's 10 bucks it's 10 bucks it's worth it totally worth it uh like i said we don't get paid anything for it but not a dime uh conjure oils this was cool toothey're used a lot and it just kind of goes based off of um like the root work just because oils arethe essence of a plant and i guess they just it's a little more potent just because the oil itself is morepotent but the next part that was cool was i think we actually get in so theytalk about candles which is good but this is a big one that i want to talk about a lotwas mojo bags all right all right um these are really cool apparently theseare like your own little personal spells so it says in the general term a mojo bag is your own personal talismana mojo bag is hoodoo practice is a signature spell bound to you with immense power to drive a specificpurpose over a long period of time i like the way this lady writes too i know so like the standard spells basically goon errands for your desires a mojo bag is tied to a core aspect of your destiny for example there are protection mojobags um so this type of magic is not only about protecting you from evil spirits orthose who want to harm you but is essentially like keeping you on track when it comes to your purpose in lifeso definitely not probably pig's blood and no well i mean and i just yeah ijust read the article this morning about um a president actually had a mojo bag inhis was it uh wilson yeah woodrow wilson it was he wasat a congress and he was talking and he went to go take something out of his pocket and a piece of red flannel felland he made a comment and he's like oh he goes my mojo bag fell out and everyone was kind of laughing and hegoes it takes away um my arthritis and i mean even thepresident this time was using something like that to help with all of his little ailments which ithought was really fascinating well he made the biggest mistake which was he told people what it was evidently you'renot supposed to do that supposed to be a giant secret oh according to the book [Laughter]so mojo bags are powerful from the way they are created to the way they are activated in the way they are fed thereare critical steps you must take in conditions that must be fulfilled in order to benefit from their powerwhether or not you are spiritually attuned the second the power in your mojo bag begins to wane you will feelits impact because this is how strong the energy is that it projects that's that's a tall order so you wantto ensure that there's a balance of energy in this process and that the spell you are working with is well groundedthe potency of a mojo bag will amplify the intent you have for that spell and if you fail to get it right in thepreparation stage it will amplify the negative repercussions of that failure wow soit's like investing in a business you know go all in well not to mention like this can go really well but if you don'tdo it exactly right it's going to come back on you ten-fold it's gonna be miserable it's just gonna be more painum various uses for mojo bags she goes into that um so you can activate the power thatattracts your desires uh the power of protection to draw a deep inner strength and thenum she goes into making personal mojo bags so i don't know if i want to go to i don't want to i just don't want togive all this stuff no um so making a personalized mojo bag so onephrase i have used throughout this chapter and describing the mojo bag is how specific it is to a spellbut more than that it is also unique and specific to you this means that your mojo bag cannot be used by anotherperson you also not cannot allow someone else to see touch or know about it it'd be meant to be kept in a kept in asafe place on your person at all times so if anybody sees it i guess that takes away the magic welli'm kind of curious to see what happened to president woodrow wilson everybody told everybodyi mean yeah that's what happened to austin powers when they took his mojo so and then they get into spellcasting which was really cool and we'll go into some of those um maybe we'll even try some out here not on thisepisode but as we go down the line that would be a lot of fun but um i wanted to talk to you a little bitabout where all this stuff comes from

[Music] umit's just a video on youtube and this is a drone videoof a very small town called uh frenier louisianawhich is just outside of new orleans which apparently is right there in the gulfand frenier louisiana is a place where the one of the last really well-knownum kind of legendary who do practitioners lived and her namejulia brown julia brown i guess i should remember that um she was a hoodoo practitioner she wasa healer she was also an oracle and uh the story goes that over time shestarted to feel like the townspeople and umall of her clientele whatever you want to call them like they stopped appreciating her so much andshe cursed the town and said uh when i the day that i die uh the whole town's coming with me andthis is documented on record that the day of her funeral there was acategory four hurricane that came through and wiped out the entire town andjust by looking at this video i mean 200 people today sadly enough to say doesn't sound like it very much becauseit's like you lose 200 people a day in freeway shootings back then in 1900 i mean in a place likein that's very one small town yeah rural i mean 200 people is a lot of people it's still a lot of people don't get mewrong it's still a lot of people but i mean back then i mean that's a total tragedy and a category four hurricane there's no hiding from it on here you'reyou're gone no you know and she even told him like hey this is what's gonna happen yeah i mean talk aboutand you can't see these things coming there's no early warning system there's none of that stuff other thana quote-unquote crazy old lady who told you that i'm not calling her crazy i'm gonna wipe this whole town out when i goif i go you're coming with me yeah she's like listen what did you guys say yeah right sothat's for any louisiana and i think it looks awesome i think it looks amazing it looks it just looks hot though no i'dbe okay there yes i would it'd be fantasticso that's for any louisiana so we can talk about where did she goi'm tired of looking at that too yeah so the legend and the truth of the voodoo priestess who haunts louisianaswamp

so this is from a website called mentalfloss.com written by best lovejoyand she says at the manchak wetlands about a half hour northwest of new orleansso the waters pea green gray cypress trees all that stuff um but some say that anyone entering the swamp should beaware of more of a supernatural threat the curse of local voodoo queen julia brown and that's the thing i couldn'tfind the article um that i was looking at but they said she was hoodoo slash voodoolike she kind of did both um because she was a healer as well described as a local legend as a voodoopriestess who lived in the edge of the swamp and worked with residents of the town of frenier she was known for her charms and hercurses as well as for singing eerie songs with her guitar on her porch one of the most memorable and disturbingwent one day i'm gonna die and take the whole town with me wow uh back when brown was alive the turn ofthe 20th century the towns of rhode island and knapton were prosperous settlements clustered on the edge of lake pontchartrainsustained by logging industries so on and so forth um they had no roads no doctors and no electricity but hadmanaged to carve out a cohesive and self-reliant community which i think is great i think it's awesomeyeah i'd love to go back there right now with no road none whatsoever just how do we get there so[Music] that all changed on september 29th 1915 when a massive hurricane swept in fromthe caribbean in freney where julia lived the storm surge rose 13 feet and winds held at 125 miles an hour umso it says 25 people were killed oh a railroad depot collapsed whichkilled 25 people oh so we won't go into all the devastation but there was upwards of 200 200 people that gotkilled um they're saying you can hear cackling in the swamp all that kind of stuff whichis pretty scary but one of the things i thought was interesting too was this is onrancor.com um and it kind of gives a little bit of a different history so it says julia brownwas a healer but the locals were afraid of her so julia brown appeared to care for hercommunity using natural remedies herbs and nearby woods and basic medical knowledge and she likely acted as a town healer although the residents of frenerelied heavily upon her they reportedly began to take brown for granted uh they turned to her only when theyneeded her but avoided her most other times it's unclear whether she was an actual voodoo priestess butmany residents apparently believe she practiced dark magic so they might just be using voodoo as likekind of a blanket term you know what i mean because she might have been doing hoodoo she was a healer she was an oracle she was all this stuff butum she was also practicing dark magic or had the ability to which also who do you can do as well correct yeahyou know and it's all about intentions and if you're dealing if you're speaking with somebody that is a spiritual awareis who julia brown was i mean it's pretty you knowyou don't go make her mad so it says wary of brown's predictions alarge portion of frenier's population showed up for her funeral many attended out of fear but others were therebecause of guilt they wanted to pay their respects to make up for the various ways they had mistreated her so i thought that was pretty interestingum they also said that her being an oracle that she kept sayingthat the whole town's coming with me or you know i'm going to die one day and the whole town's going down so it might have been misinterpretedthat she wasn't trying to curse everybody she was actually trying to warn everybody of a giant storm coming ohthey didn't listen so well i guess i like your aspect of that one uh what wasn't mine it was on one of thesearticles i think it was this one okay so but she was a real person this is the swamp demand check swampum this is the hurricane here get a bigger version of this that wiped out the whole town i mean that's crazythat's insane that must be the railroad depot that collapsed i mean this must have been itoh my gosh well i mean if you can imagine either whether she's warning the community of what's going tohappen or if she's so angry about how people are mistreatingher she's like all right here you go well i would hope that she didn't curse the whole timei really hope not so this is also really cool this is something that's out of uh history

wetalked about what big history buffs we are so this is hudu um in st louisuh an african american religious tradition this is on nps.gov and uh this is at the gateway archnational park in the ulysses s grant national historic site and the ulysses s grant national historic site is actuallythe house he lived in um which is really cool he had slaves thereand slave quarters and then they actually found a bunch of hudu stuff they foundbuttons string and all the kind of stuff that you would normally find they found a bunch of silver coins which i guessare used in hoodoo as well so this is well documented that this was going on but also well documented becausein a book by what's this guy's namewilliam wells brown who's this gentleman right here umi guess he wrote his book my southern home or the south and its people brown wrote another account of an enslaved african name dinkywho was known in the slave community as the goofer king of voodoos on poplar farmowned by mr gaines in st louis county dinky was described by brown as a full-blooded africanuh brown wrote that dinky was well versed in voodooism goofering and fortune telling the practice of goofering is using goofer ingredientsand graham and ground into powder using goofer dust sorry goofer is apowder used in hoodoo for protection and sometimes to fix a person it is made of various herbal and other ingredients andgrounded a powder the practice of goofer uh dust comes from a central african among the bakangopeople and the word goofer according to scholars comes from the congo word for kufla meaning to diewow so dinky used a goofer dust on an overseer named grove cook at poplar farm who planned towhip him because he refused to work in the field to protect himself from a whipping dinky used conjureuh so i guess yeah to change your fate for the better yeah i think he closely inspected the snake skin around his neckand petrified frog and dried lizard in his pockets and rubbed himself all over with the goofer after thisdinky spoke to a spirit and asked that spirit to attack the overseer according to dinky the practice workedand he was never assaulted by the slave owner wowso this was that was pretty cool and i thought he told a story ofhow he talked to him and he said he already knew that he was cominghere we go so this is cool so sorry i read the second story first so here is the first story i thought that wasreally interesting so he says in his book uh william brown does i should have stated that beforeleaving st louis i went to an old man named frank a slave owned by mr sarpy this old man was very distinguished notonly among the slave population but also the whites as a fortune teller i found uncle frank seated in hischimney corner about 10 o'clock at night as soon as i entered the old man left his seat i watched his movement as wellas i could from the dim light of the fire uh he soon lit a lamp and coming uplooked me full in the face saying well my son you have come to get on to get uncle to tell you your fortune have youyes said i but how the old man should know what i came for i could not tell however i paid the fee of 25 cents andhe commenced by looking into a gourd filled with water whether the old man was a prophet or the son of a prophet ican't say but there was one thing for certain many of his predictions were verified i am no believer in sue sayingyet i am sometimes at a loss to know how uncle frank could tell so accurately accurately what would occur in thefuture among the many things he told us uh one witch was enough to pay me for all the trouble of hunting him up it wasthat i should be free he further said that in trying to get my liberty i would meet with several severe trials ithought myself i thought to myself any fool could tell me that so apparentlythis guy went there talked to an actual hoodoo practitioner soothsayer and a lot of his predictions came true so that waspretty cool that's very neat um but yeah that is that that's it forwhat we found on hoodoo and who do magic so umaccording to the book which was make sure i get the actual book nameright hoodoo for beginners working magic spells in root work and conjure withroots herbs candles and oils um it gives you a history of who do wherethis lady came from the author um the elements the actual rituals to go through beforecasting a spell how to make mojo bags which we should try let's make we'll make mojo bagsbut we can't tell anybody about it though we're not making them we're not making mojo bags we're not making mojobags and we'll tell you how it's not working for us or it is we won't know we don't know butthere are spells for love there are spells for money and luck and this is one of the things i wanted to end with hereso spells for money and luck um as with every spell i have described this type of magic will not create something outof nothing instead it works with as a magnet for the thing you desire however a more realistic expectationwould be the hope that your business so if you want money she's saying you know it's not just going to fall out of the sky no um you're not gonna there's notgonna be a bag of money on your doorstep tomorrow so she says a more realistic expectation would be the hope that yourbusiness will begin booming or that you will find favor with financially influential people um that would behappy to share their wealth with you or their or their knowledge or connections or whatever it may be

so her grandmother used to say that wealth is attained when you were able to fulfill the criteria for it which is agreat saying by the way yeah sometimes that criteria could be attracting favorbeing in the presence of the right person at the right time or generally attracting people who are able to fulfill your financial needs so hergrandma was a smart lady it is hard to describe how it works except to say that as my grandmother says money spells help you create theconditions for wealth when you are working on a money spell try not to focus on the house insteadreflect on the purpose that drives you and use it as an anchor to create the spell which is also really good adviceabsolutely um so we go on here and there's the luck draw mojo which ithought was great but the one i really wanted to talk about the money ball can't go wrong with that debt dissolvedso like visitso the purpose uh to attract successful relationships in business friendship and romantic life also toproject an aura of power and success this one is specifically for guys as a man it is important that you presentyour a game at all times i also i also like the fact that she talks in terms of like men and women and understands it's likehey as a dude you got to have your a game on all the time show up yeah exactly no one wants to seeyou're looking like a slob and all sad so um at all times however this is not alwayseasy the spell will give you a leg up and set the tone for the life that you are hoping that you will leadso she gives some ingredients is what you'll need and then you pour all the herbs into a bottle containing yourfavorite cologne allow them to soak there for a period of time she goes on to that but so you use this on your person when youwant to attract success rub it on your pillow and bedding is to attract romance so spritz a little on your wallet andhands for business success so i thought that was pretty awesome

so there you have it that is who do magicat least as much as we could tell you in a couple of hours again book is hoodoo for beginners byanjali ballard and like i said i mean it's it's very practical it gives you the nuts and bolts from front to finishyou can be doing spells and hexes in an afternoon if you want to but i would be really careful yeah disclaimer don't dothat please don't do that um there's definitely some weird stuff out there i mean you talk about ritual bass and whatdid you see out there in the uh uh media and entertainment world and allthe rest of it even government it just seems yeah right and it's like to me it's like there's no coincidences onceyou understand what you're looking at you can start to decipher what they're saying and it's like okay that's this is enough for me and a lot of times it'llactually even show itself to you and go and you're gonna sit there and you're going to go why do i keep seeing thingslike this it's because it's literally trying to show you like hey this is what's going on somethingyou want to touch real quick brian mentioned about uh with spells and everything like that it's one of the best things i think you can do iswhatever you're doing if it's a spell if it's meditation anything with hoodooit's all about intention for the best of yourself and i think that's really important to know thatit's like you can't control what everybody else is doing but i think you can really make the best situation for yourself and live up tothat level of where you want to be so all right well on that note we appreciate you guys checking in with usand uh we hope you enjoyed the episode and we will see you next time alright see you next time guys bye take care bye

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