CIA Spy Cats? What was "Operation Acoustic Kitty?"

Did the CIA attempt use cats as spies? They did. The CIA has been known for some truly fantastic spy plots. This one has to be one of the most outrageous, and hilarious. Check it out now! #spy#cia#funnybuttrue



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you know it's supposed to be a more of a

fun show


i kind of have to ask you a serious

question oh god um

have you considered

that your cat could be spying on you um


you know what

i am

a dog person so i think if i had a cat

i would be like this cat is like lurking

around the corner

like up to shenanigans

i mean

you should always be a little suspicious

of a cat like i mean they're always kind

of looking even dogs like even cece will

come in like hey what are you doing you

know you can always tell her attentions

right away you never know she is about

200 pounds too so it's kind of hard to


that but cats yeah i could i could see

i could see that you could definitely

see again

being a spy because yeah

believe it or not

there was a cia program

uh in the 60s

that was called uh operation acoustic

kitty of course it was in the 60s


according to all that is interesting


operation acoustic kitty uh was

developed so

uh stray cats could spy on


possible russians having secret

conversations in a park

and the theory was is that they would

wire up these cats with microphones and

antennas and transmitters and they would

set them loose in the park

and they would pick up on the russians

conversations and you can see right here

that there's a microphone inside the ear


uh the antenna goes down the the spine

and the transmitter is in the front

with power supply now granted

these cats aren't wearing backpacks all

right like this is a total

frankenstein's monster that they created

i mean i'm literally i'm like crying

right now

so i kind of wish he had a little

backpack that would be it that would be

like a little flounder by

you know little lunch fly backpacks

well the russians would see that a mile


or fanny pack that yeah but again they

would see that a mile away too but since

turns out here that uh spy movies are

not wrong the best way to have a

clandestine conversation is out in

public no matter how soft you speak

indoors there will always be a bug or

two in the embassy room which is why in

1961 the cia launched project acoustic

kitty to build a team of spy cats

so the spy cats be wired to pick up

sound and it worked sort of so they slit

the cat open put batteries in him wired

him up the tail was used in an antenna

of course it was uh it said they made a

monstrosity said victor marchetti an

executive assistant to the cia director

during the 1960s so this is not a nobody

no this is somebody so actually did that

that's kind of horrible yeah

so when it came time to test the cat uh

which they did outside the russian

embassy that's when it ended so as much

as marchetti tells it

uh they tested the cat again and again

they found he would walk off the job

when he got hungry so they put another

wire in to override that and finally

they got ready so they took it out to

the park bench and said listen to those

two guys don't listen to anything else

not the birds not the dogs not the cats

just those two guys

they put him uh out of the van and a

taxi comes and runs him over

and then there they were sitting in the

van with all those dials and the cat was



stop right now later a case officer went

back to scoop up the cat's remains into

a box and the cia's directorate of

science and technology wrote a purse

modem wherein it praised the scientists

involved for their hard work but

concluded that building spy cats just

wasn't practical


that was operation acoustic kitty so

okay so it was just like one cat

according to what they tell you okay who

knows i'm hope i'm hoping it's i mean

one is

that is horrible so

how much do you think


the u.s government spent on creating

a uh battalion of spy cats


i would say like one million dollars

close okay uh 10 million stop and that

was in 1961 money which means it was

about 80 million dollars today oh my


like who has their budget who has like

their allowance like how is this being

even allowed to be like hey i have like

here i have something i have a great

idea take this listen to my great idea

well it was the 60s i mean honestly like

i mean the

they were experimenting a lot with lsd

in the 60s and 70s before we'll talk

about that in a later episode yeah but i

can imagine that

well i can't imagine that who

who thought you come across to your your

boss's dad you're like hey i got this

pretty good idea about wiring up cash

for sound they're like well whatever we

have an unlimited budget and nobody asks

questions exactly like listen i know how

we're going to get the russians listen

to me you guys

this is how we're going to get them

we're going to take a cat


put an antenna and then make it to go

all the way up his tail

that is just diagnostic again oh yeah of

course let's see the diaphragm the

uh so yeah the microphone went inside

the ear canal

uh the antenna went along the spine and

the transmitter was in the front so how

did the cat know to go over to the

people like and that's the thing is they

didn't because it's just it's like a

it's probably like a sweet little stray

cat who's just like do do do do

well in this uh misfits and mysteries i

think it goes on to say that like it was

really tough to actually they had to

build all the equipment to specifically

fit the cat um

and then

they had to they didn't use dummies so

they used living cats um

and then they would just kind of see how

each one i mean each one just got like a

little bit better and better you know

and then but i mean you have to still

imagine that this cat's not going to act

normally with all this mechanical stuff

in it and then it's like how do you

train a cat i mean the answer you don't

you don't train a cat

you don't you don't like i have always i

mean see those videos of like people

trying to like bathe their cats and like

the cats are jumping out why you just

put like a sweater on the cat and it

makes sense like i would have put like a

sweater on the cat and then like miked

him up that way and then like hey here

you go like that's a really fancy cat do

you know that in kgb spy school that's

the first thing they tell you to look


is it early did you

did you is there cats and sweaters

seriously so that is the

i would infamous slash uh famous

story of the defunct acoustic cat

program of the cia that's insane

like honestly the people that thought

about they're just like hey you know

what hang on

i mean like you can do like do like a

well don't they have like honing pigeons

and like does i mean

strap something to their ankle and have

them fly over there

you know i would have them do that maybe

a whole bunch of birds and like strap

things to their ankles well whatever

legs what i would do is fire the cias i

would remove i would remove every park

bench in there and replace him with the

with my own park benches that were full

listening equipment


you guys who's going to go for the cia

swear to you so okay so here's the thing

if you were able to create a spy animal

without harming it like magically like

oh poof there you are like what animal

would you the best the best spy animal

the best to spy animal for out in public

what would you do

i'm somewhere between


i would have to say a dog everybody i

mean a golden retriever okay who doesn't

want to say hi to a golden retriever

all right but

i i would go for i would go for a


well like people like to feed the

squirrels in the parks

i guess it's not a bad concept like

listen so you're feeding like some

squirrels and nuts and you're like hey

here you go let's turn some deep

government seats like listen you guys

this is what we're gonna do

this is how we're gonna get him oh look

at the squirrel here eat

here's my master plan

they're like the squirrels eating them

just like happy as can be

like we got them

you guys

this is just this is what's happening


now so

well cats didn't work so they shut it

down at that as far as we know as far as

we know but

if you have a cat in your house or you

know someone who has a cat or a cat

keeps going around don't trust it always

always view it with a little bit of

skepticism keep it at arm's length i

like cats though i like yeah

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