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Weekly Mashup- A Pirate Bar, Bob Iger, Indiana Jones 5, Toon Town and The Mandalorian!

11/20 Weekly Mashup- In this episode we give you a tour of the famed Pirate Bar we stopped and had a drink at. We discuss Bob Iger's return to the helm of Disney. And what happened to Bob Chapek and was it really his fault? Also, big Indiana Jones 5 news, an updated Toon Town and the Mandalorian at Disneyland. Check it out now!


The Gab & The Crab Podcast is a show dedicated to paranormal phenomena.  We explore the unexplained in an attempt to make sense of events, stories and incidents that defy logic and reason.  We cover a wide range of topics from the supernatural to the metaphysical.  

Please follow along with us as on our journey into the unknown.  Some of the stories you may recognize.  Others you will hear for the first time.  We have a range of interviews and guests for you to meet along our way.  Is it real or is it all made up?  We'll let you decide...


Who We Are

Brian and Julie have been married for 14 years and have 3 children.  They have always shared a combined interest in adventure and the unknown.

Julie is a business owner and full time Spiritual Energy Guide.  She helps her clients find clarity and guidance by reading and interpreting their energy.  She aids her clients in unblocking, healing, and directing mental and physical energy flows that are hindering them.  Her clients consult her on matters of business, relationships, past trauma, and life altering decisions.  

Her clients include full time mom's to million dollar business owners.  She is known as "Julie B. Spiritual Energy Guide" and has a large local following.  She serves larger audiences via her website for group readings, as well as one on one virtual meetings.

Brian is a career firefighter, business owner, and coach.  He has been a firefighter for 16 years.  He owns businesses in fitness & wellness, money services, and durable medical equipment.  

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